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  • Adult day care
    Banner outside a gogo bar in Patong, my mate sent to me.156174_10150779539376198_623691197_9799462_1116333393_n1.jpg

  • Irish Rovers is now a fully air conditioned bar
    ITS HOT OUTSIDE .....but not in The Irish Rovers We have now finished our conversion work and made The Irish Rovers on Soi LK Metro a FULLY AIRCONDITIONED Bar/Restaurant and HotelCome and check it out enjoying a cool beer and a bite to eat while you watch Sky Sports News or listen to Pattaya 105 FM. As usual we show EVERY live sport game you can imaging on one of our 10 Big Screens of cours...

  • Central Pattaya “Knockout pill” Hooker Facing Murder & Robbery Charges
    Three Bangladeshi men members of Rotary International Convention 2012 who after they attended the Rotary Convention 2012 in Bangkok traveled to Pattaya where one of them met a prostitute. Later in their hotel room she gave the three knockout, stole their belongings and left the building. One of the Bangladeshis died and two others are still in coma. This tragic incident occurred on the night o...

  • Wanted: microwave
    Hey all - anyone with a second hand microwave that works message me or any suggestions of a store in patts that sells stuff like this on the cheap second hand would be great.

  • funny turkish ice-cream man at pattaya thailand
    funny turkish ice-cream man at pattaya thailandFrom:bboyorenViews:0 0ratingsTime:00:27More inEntertainmentSee The Video Here

  • Done Amari Orchid and Holiday Inn North Patts.....Centara Grand Beach Resort intel?
    Over the last few years, i've loved North Patts for my hotel stay, Naklua, Dolphin Roundabout etc, and generally set up base there on my trips, as i find it's the best of both worlds. (peaceful relaxing holiday / pure filth just 10bt bus ride away).I'm aware of the joiner fees, of Centara. Already did GFE in Holiday Inn and was treated like a king, GFE in Amari Tower was frowned upon, and jo...

  • Travelbag.com - avoid at all costs
    Gents - sorry for the length of this postJust thought I would warn you about an outfit called Travelbag.com will call them TB from now onLike most people I constantly monitor flight prices for my planned trips to ThailandI only fly direct with Thai Airways and up until Thursday last week prices were around £850 for my datesI perform my usual search with Skyscanner (as well as a few othe...

  • What times you like to fly best?
    Just booked my next trip. I have been used to flying the same times and into a routine.Now im arriving nighttime and departing morning. Was always the other way around.Im thinking this might be better as im normally fucked when i arrive but refuse to sleep.Leaving in the morning i can get a sleep before i go. I normally fly at 1am on the way home so have all day to kill.

  • LK Mansion!
    Pats vet interested in staying @ LK Mansion, near Soi Buakow & Pattaya Klang, next trip. Their Website is more Flash than Fact. (B800/night is well within my means). Have tried the Forum's "Search" function with little avail. So, I would like to put a few questions:Hotel itself: Staff agreeable? Facilities good? Photos indicate a lift. Is this in fact so?Is there a Joiner Fee? How about for...

  • Darkside Crawl - 5th June
    Darkside Barcrawl!Date : 5th June 2012.Meeting at 12:30 at Lolitas in LK Metro.Leaving at 1:00 returning around 11:00-Midnight. I will be hiring a minibus for this crawl. The cost of the minibus will just be split between everyone on the bus. If there is room you are welcome to get take away from the bars. Last time I spent 3 days on the Darkside touring the bars and it can be a lot...

  • What's with all the drug testing lately? Anyone been tested?
    I'm seeing more and more news about the BIB setting up roadside drug testing in Pattaya.Has anyone been tested at these?Are they more common these days?

  • Pattaya Stardice02
    Pattaya Stardice02งานเปิดตัวของ Stardice Pattaya ที่ตลาดเทพประสิทธิ์ พัทยาFrom:moneydrichViews:1 1ratingsTime:02:28More inEducationSee The Video Here

  • Info on a hotel in Phuket
    Hi forum hope Im in the right section as I cant find much info on hotels out of Pattaya, yes I know the site is called 'Pattaya addicts' but Im hoping to throw a week away in October in Phuket, we are looking to do the first week in Pattaya then down to Phuket for a week returning to Pattaya for the final week.My question is any advice on hotels in the Patong area, close enough to walk to Bang...

  • Skype calls from your mobile
    Anyone use Skype on their mobiles/cells to call back home when you're in Thailand?Seems like an easy and cheap solution but I wonder if there are any problems. I just got a new phone (HTC) and now have Skype on it so I'm planning on using that next time I'm in Pats to make calls back to the UK.

    imovieHAMEARTHJUNNEJIJUNNE EARTH ICHI AT HAMMY'S VILLA PATTAYAFrom:HamNattabhasViews:14 0ratingsTime:01:56More inComedySee The Video Here

  • Girls & ladyboys in Songkran video edit from Soi 6
    This video from Pattaya, especially from Soi 6 shows the Songkran Festival 2012. Do you recognize some of the girls & ladyboys?

  • Koi 114 sugar sugar?
    Does anyone have pics of Koi 114 from Sugar Sugar? I didn't get a chance to BF her because I never made it back to LK Metro until around 6am and they close at 3am. I will have to BF her on my next trip. Does anyone know her and have any pics. I tried there FB but I can't tell which girl is which on there.

  • Links To Pattaya Webcams Needed
    I would like to make a list of all webcams in Pattaya, can be street view, bars, hotels, universities, internet cafes etcHere are a few to start withFLB bar walking streethttp://www.ustream.tv/channel/live-from-pattaya-thailandFLB bar insidehttp://webcam.flbbar.com/Devils Den Thailandhttp://devilsdenthai.../ptzcamera.html

  • looking for my thai wife tee shirt !
    come say hi,when you see me round Walking Street, with my"LOOKING FOR THAI WIFE" ..........TEE SHIRT ON.tiger 1, hits Walking Street on saturday 26th of may LOCK UP YA DAUGHTERS

  • Walking Street Live Cam
    Not sure if anybody has already pointed this out recently, but I came across the FLB BAR Live Cam.FLB Bar is about Half way down W/S and if it is a live cam then its pissing down in Patts right now!http://www.ustream.t...attaya-thailand

  • maxxcentral
    im thinking of staying at maxxcentral but most of the info is a couple of years old and a bit confusing,can anyone that has stayed there recently give me some info on what it was like,thanks in advance

  • Amazing Thailand - Pattaya Beach and Walking Street
    Amazing Thailand - Pattaya Beach and Walking StreetBesteReise.tk Die besten Thailand Angebote. Sparen Sie bis zu 70% Ihrer nächsten Reise. Beste Reise - Beste Preise.From:BesteReiseViews:0 0ratingsTime:12:27More inPeople & BlogsSee The Video Here

  • Pattaya Stardice06
    Pattaya Stardice06งานเปิดตัวของ Stardice Pattaya ที่ตลาดเทพประสิทธิ์ พัทยาFrom:moneydrichViews:0 0ratingsTime:03:36More inEducationSee The Video Here

  • hostess from champaigne
    was in chanpaigne a few times during my last trip and got talking to a hostess girl who normally guides people to their seats. She was older id say in her mid 30's and had brown curly hair. Anyone have any info on her, i really regret not barfining her and have been thinking about it since i came homecheers??

  • Ladyboys - documentary series
    I watched the start of this new 6 part series on Sky Living in the UK last night.(It's a follow up to a one off documentary last year.)I felt it gave a very good and sympathetic look at some of the problems faced by ladyboys trying to gain a change of legal gender and also showed how some are managing to gain acceptance in general thai society through performing in pageants, singing and acting...

  • New York New York
    It might be a wonderful town, but the bar didn't strike us as up to much, when a few friends and I decided to try it out recently.New York New York is the latest bar on the jinxed site of the old Coyotes bar in Marine Plaza.We weren’t impressed when we went in – over-loud music, two or three ladyboy dancers mingling with the other female dancers, and a large ladyboy mamasan suggested this may...

  • You’ve Got to Lick It Before You Kick It
    Peter Lloyd’s recent story, ‘Pattaya’s Tourist Drugging Epidemic’ reminded me of a significant and important chapter in my now out-of-print book Pattaya, Patpong on Steroids. Yes, that book is still available as an e-book (http://www.amazon.com/Pattaya-Patpong-on-Steroids-ebook/dp/) and if you think I’m trying to plug it, you’re completely on the right track!Nonetheless, to prove this is not ju...

  • Latest Threads 05/15/2012
    Latest Topics Irish Rovers Golf Tours Coming schedule for Irish Rovers Golf ToursTuesday 22nd May 2012 – Emerald Golf Course 2300 bahtTuesday 29th May 2012 – Siam Country Club, Old Course 3200 bahtTuesday 5th June 2012 – Laem Chabang C... Forum down? I've not been able to login all day and am fe...

  • Irish Rovers Golf Tours
    Coming schedule for Irish Rovers Golf ToursTuesday 22nd May 2012 – Emerald Golf Course 2300 bahtTuesday 29th May 2012 – Siam Country Club, Old Course 3200 bahtTuesday 5th June 2012 – Laem Chabang Country Club 2500 bahtPrices include green fees, cart, transport to and from the Irish Rovers on Soi LK.Golf clubs available for hire. Contact bar staff for more details.

  • Forum down?
    I've not been able to login all day and am feeling faint

  • Pattaya Stardice05
    Pattaya Stardice05งานเปิดตัวของ Stardice Pattaya ที่ตลาดเทพประสิทธิ์ พัทยาFrom:moneydrichViews:0 0ratingsTime:03:23More inTravel & EventsSee The Video Here

  • Electrical Storm May 15, 2012
    Electrical Storm May 15, 2012A sudden and energetic electrical storm moved into Pattaya tonight...flashes of lightning every few seconds...power out all over the area. See some of the lightning in this videoFrom:FLBPlaylistViews:1 0ratingsTime:01:04More inTravel & EventsSee The Video Here

  • Protesters demand legal action against Map Ta Phut factory
    A group of protesters Tuesday gathered outside the Government House to call on the government to take action on a recent factory explosion in Map Ta Phut industrial estate in Rayong province and provide more assistance to those affected by the chemical fire.View the full article

  • Red-shirt pavilion burnt down in Songkhla
    The village pavilion of a new redshirt village in Songkhla province was burnt down early Tuesday, hours after its opening by redshirt leaders and supporters in the South.View the full article

  • Activists demand amendment to lese majeste law
    Members of the Activists for Democracy Network along with some 30 relatives of political prisoners gathered at Government House Tuesday demanding that the prisoners be released and the lese majeste law be amended.View the full article

  • New artists can show works at Thailand Cultural Center free
    Department of Cultural Promotion (DCP) opened the Thailand Cultural Center for new artists to present their works to the public.View the full article

  • Pod 11 year in the life of a former street kid in Pattaya
    Pod 11 year in the life of a former street kid in PattayaThis video follows snapshots of a young boy of 11 years from the time he was living on the streets of Pattaya. The video was previously uploaded to our other YouTube account 'don900' www.slumkids.orgFrom:pattayaslumkidsViews:5 0ratingsTime:04:28More inPeople & BlogsSee The Video Here

  • Pattaya Stardice04
    Pattaya Stardice04งานเปิดตัวของ Stardice Pattaya ที่ตลาดเทพประสิทธิ์ พัทยาFrom:moneydrichViews:0 0ratingsTime:03:18More inEducationSee The Video Here

  • Police officer arrested, warrant out for superintendent on cash-delivery truck robbery
    BANGKOK, May 15 - A police officer was apprehended for involvement in the March 26 cash delivery truck robbery in which over Bt4 million was stolen and one employee was wounded by a gunman after his arrest warrant was issued by the court.View the full article

  • Kids dancing at the Pattaya Street Kids slum kids party.
    Kids dancing at the Pattaya Street Kids slum kids party.visit our webiste at: www.slumkids.orgFrom:pattayaslumkidsViews:2 0ratingsTime:07:53More inPeople & BlogsSee The Video Here

  • MERCY Home kids dancing.
    MERCY Home kids dancing.Kids from the MERCY home Pattaya dancing at the 2012 New Year Party This video was originally posted on our other account at: www.youtube.com Visit our Blog at: pattayakids.blogspot.co.uk and our website at: www.slumkids.orgFrom:pattayaslumkidsViews:2 0ratingsTime:01:17More inPeople & BlogsSee The Video Here

  • Condo for rent, Pratumnak, Thailand
    Condo for rent, Pratumnak, ThailandStudio condo for rent, pattayaFrom:propertypattayaViews:2 0ratingsTime:02:44More inFilm & AnimationSee The Video Here

  • Pattaya Stardice03
    Pattaya Stardice03Pattaya ThailandFrom:moneydrichViews:0 0ratingsTime:01:28More inTravel & EventsSee The Video Here

  • 2 Million Baht's worth of Buddhist Amulets stolen from shop in Chonburi City - Pattaya One
    2 Million Baht's worth of Buddhist Amulets stolen from shop in Chonburi City - Pattaya OneFrom:PattayaOneVideoNewsViews:0 0ratingsTime:00:37More inNews & PoliticsSee The Video Here

  • Body of man found underneath Pier at Bang Sarae Port in Sattahip - Pattaya One
    Body of man found underneath Pier at Bang Sarae Port in Sattahip - Pattaya OneFrom:PattayaOneVideoNewsViews:0 0ratingsTime:00:28More inNews & PoliticsSee The Video Here

  • Headless corpse found floating in waters off Samaer San Beach in Sattahip - Pattaya One
    Headless corpse found floating in waters off Samaer San Beach in Sattahip - Pattaya OneFrom:PattayaOneVideoNewsViews:0 0ratingsTime:00:29More inNews & PoliticsSee The Video Here

  • Iron Club Lady
    I was in Iron Club last month and on my last night bar fined one of the girls who stands out front and also serves drinks. Her nameis Kob? I beleive the spelling is correct. she was a great lady I hope she is still there when I come back in Aug said she has workedthere for 3 years. Just wondering if anyone knows or has been with her.. Trying to upload some pics

  • 40 Democrat MPs to question budget bill
    The Democrat Party has allocated 40 MPs to question the government's projected spending for the 2013 fiscal year, chief opposition whip Jurin Laksanavisit said Tuesday.View the full article

  • One injured in gunfight at disputed palm plantation in Krabi
    A gunfight between some oil palm plantation security guards and Khlong Khanan Samakkhee residents, who went to seize the concession-expired plantation Monday evening, resulted to one injury in Tambon Khlong Khanan of Krabi's Neu Khlong district while police later reportedly arrested five people.View the full article

  • Suspect in drugging and robbery case of Bangladesh Rotarians caught by Pattaya Police
    Police have now arrested the female suspect accused of drugging and robbing three Rotarians from Bangladesh who visited Pattaya for a day following a Rotary Conference in Bangkok. In a joint...[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]View the full article

  • Body of man found underneath Pier at Bang Sarae Port in Sattahip
    Police were called to the Bang Sarae Port early on Tuesday Morning following the discovery of a dead man underneath the pier. The body was recovered and brought onto the pier for an initial Police...[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]View the full article

  • 2 Million Baht’s worth of Buddhist Amulets stolen from shop in Chonburi City
    Over 2 Million Baht’s worth of Buddhist Amulets were stolen from a shop specializing in the religious images in Chonburi City on Monday afternoon. The shop was closed for lunch and according to...[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]View the full article

  • Pattaya Stardice04
    Pattaya Stardice04งานเปิดตัวของ Stardice Pattaya ที่ตลาดเทพประสิทธิ์ พัทยาFrom:moneydrichViews:4 1ratingsTime:03:07More inEducationSee The Video Here

  • Angry Python makes a house his home in Plu Ta Luang
    An angry Python decided to make a house in the Plu Ta Luang area his home on Tuesday morning. Rescue Services who specialise in removing dangerous animals from populated areas, were called to the...[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]View the full article

  • Charlotte feeding the Rino's at the Khao Kheow Open Zoo, (edited)
    Charlotte feeding the Rino's at the Khao Kheow Open Zoo, (edited)This is the Kheow Kheow Open Zoo located just north or Pattaya, Thailand. It is a fantastic large zoo where you can have the fun of feeding most of the animals.From:TheRob270Views:0 0ratingsTime:00:15More inPets & AnimalsSee The Video Here

  • Rights group: No culpability two years after Bangkok crackdown
    Not one soldier or official has been held culpable for the violence in Bangkok street battles two years ago that left 102 people dead and 2,000 wounded, Human Rights Watch said Tuesday.View the full article

  • Indonesian police refuse permit for Lady Gaga concert
    Jakarta - Indonesian police said Tuesday they had refused to issue a concert permit for US pop star Lady Gaga, citing objections from conservative Muslim groups.View the full article

  • Thailand+Pattaya+Haus+zu+vermieten+House+for+rent+mieten+Thai+Happy-House+Foto+Privat.MOV.mp4
    Thailand+Pattaya+Haus+zu+vermieten+House+for+rent+mieten+Thai+Happy-House+Foto+Privat.MOV.mp4TELEFON: 0049 (0) 911 / 148 7963 30 MAIL: [email protected] Paradies THAILAND, Traumhaus für URLAUB, läng. Aufenthalt, Hochzeiten, Feiern, Firmen; komplettes Haus incl. allem für NUR 80 EURO pro Tag/Nacht, 3 SZ, 4 Bäder, Büro, Küche, 4 x Klima, Safe, Swimming-Pool, Teic...

  • Soi 6 Bj
    I got a kitchen pass and just had to stop in on Soi 6. Rose from MFY was an ok bj. Nothing I would write home about. I could not find the more recommended girls.The whiners about the rooms are just wrong. The room I went to was just fine.Bj's in the bar room is wide open. I prefer beds myself.No pics but Rose is not too hot. But what the heck, it was only a BJ.

  • Epic Pattaya Time
    Epic Pattaya TimeNot as "epic" as expected.From:FF7XionViews:0 0ratingsTime:06:46More inEntertainmentSee The Video Here


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