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  2. expatdude

    Khao Soy

    I wonder if she's the same one I knew over on the darkside. (She's disappeared from there.) Any picture? That's the soi with the post office right? And the market is pretty much every day in the evenings, or do I have that wrong?
  3. At my condo the cost is 30 baht a unit. When I questioned why it was higher than the 21 baht a unit I was told that they added the additional amount to cover the electric that is used to pump the water to the storage containers up on the roof.
  4. petemoss

    The Manchester United thread

    With 3 upcoming fixtures against mid table opposition (Saints H, Palace A and West Ham H) and the form we were in last night, 3 wins is a distinct possibility which would leave the last game against Leicester a 6 pointer with a possibility of finishing 3rd or 4th. Also have an FA Cup semi upcoming and a virtual certainty for a Europa Cup QF. Could still be a very rewarding season for us. Onwards and upwards indeed. The form side in the league since the break.
  5. Think you have an error 35 to 50 baht is common for a condo for water. The standard rate from what i know if you own your own dwelling and have a bill from the governments it about 21 baht per metric unit. Jurristic office added there bit to cover maintenance / pool and etc. even thought the cam fees should
  6. Yesterday
  7. That lamb looks absolutely awesome. For anyone that is a fan of chicken cordon bleu, I am a big fan of Robin Hood Tavern. I am a fan of Nathan's, never had a bad meal there, love to have a tapas feast from their starters menu. Keep meaning to try Aquapazza, just them not having menu displayed outside could be a setback for missus, I am sure I will get by but she can be picky.
  8. Yes, Tinnies great pies-and sausage rolls. Also, their brisket is excellent. But all overpriced. Which is maybe not a bad thing, as I visit only a few times a month.
  9. SiamDreamer

    HOOTERS. What’s the deal?

    Hooters seems to have been losing money ever since they came to Thailand. I'm beginning to think that The Thai individuals or families that own the Hooters license/brand in Thailand are probably so wealthy, they don't care if it makes money are not.
  10. Jack Frost

    LHR-BKK on Thai

    I hope this is the case but there court case & Bankrupt restructure could mean anything could happen. Love Thai Airways but after years of abuse they are like 2 Billion US dollars in the shit.
  11. Baxidar ba

    The Manchester United thread

    Another excellent performance tonight, Fernandes & Pogba were awesome & Greenwood leaves (ex Liverpool keeper) Pepe Reina looking like an expat stumbling around soi Buakhao after 1 too many Changs.
  12. Dave Hedgehog

    Ed visa without leaving Thailand

    Which agent say they they can get that? I've had an offer of a transfer to a volunter visa with leaving the country for 52,000THB but my school says they need the borders to open for an ed visa.
  13. Been revisiting a few of my favorite restaurants over the last week or two. We went to Aquapazza tonight. IMO some of the best fresh Italian seafood in Jomtien. I ordered the fish of the day and it was very good. Apologies for the pic, as I spaced and ate about half of it before remembering to take a pic. We went to Sandbar a few nights back. The GF ordered the Salmon over Spaghetti with Thai spices. She said (pet mak mak (too spicy)). When she, an Isan lady, says that, I do not sample. I had the Chicken Cordon Bleu. Despite being a frequent flyer here, this is the first time I had tried this dish at Sandbar. It was very good. They prepare it in the same style as Akvavit (I like their version as well). That is the chicken breast is butterflied and then filled, closed back up, breaded and fried. This is opposed to the more common version where the breast is rolled up before frying. IMO the rolled up version is too thick and tends to lead to the chicken being over cooked and dry. Anyway the Sandbar version was pretty good. Last weekend we went to the recently reopened Cafe des Amis. This is one of our favorite splurge places, well more truthfully said one of my favorite splurge places. We had the order that we frequently do. It was great to be back here and enjoying things with others. They had a decent sized crowd and all were smiling. My lady likes the roast duck breast in cherry sauce. I am partial to their Rack of Lamb. I like their steaks as well, but was planning to cook Steak au Poivre at home in a few days.
  14. The Lamb Pie in Tinnies is delicious - though expensive. I limit myself to 2 per trip. The takeaway salad (50 baht??) is an option I often go for as part of a light lunch in the condo.
  15. I had a similar experience! Nothing like "free money"! Speaking of, following up on my post above, the AMEX small business credit worked great! I bought two $15 gift certificates at my local ice cream shop and had a third purchase for $15 (2 shakes - $13.98, rounded up to $15 with tip). On my upcoming statement, the $45 was credited vs my $250 annual resort credit, I got $15 in small business credits that will apply to other charges, AND I got 315 Honors points ($45 X 7). Can't complain about that!
  16. I am not sure if you have heard, but it looks like the Pig & Whistle has closed. Tinnies is open and I hear that they have very good pies. That is not something (I am an American) that I order very often, but I will try theirs someday before too long. I am pretty sure that the Thai GF will be looking at her plate with a very puzzled and disappointed expression if I order one for her. Natan's is probably the most disagreed about and debated restaurant on this board. Some guys like it and some hate it. I used to be in the like crowd, but have moved over to neutral. Their fresh seafood dishes can be good. IMO their Farang dishes tend to be disappointing. They screw up on the small touches much too frequently for me. I was brought a plate with cold mashed potatoes not too long ago. Basically, IMO, they are a crap shoot on any given night.
  17. I have tried Oregano and liked it, especially the prices. It is certainly not at the same level as Gian's or Aquapazza, but still a very good value. Problem for me is that there are so many very good Italian restaurants in the Jomtien area, it is difficult to carve out a schedule to cover all of them. Especially, since my cholesterol levels occasionally get a "start to lay off of the pasta" comments from the doc and I enjoy making pasta dishes at home as well.
  18. Little Evil

    Long Haul Business Class for under $2K (Long Post)

    I'm going to be some crazy 2 week billionaire if I get there in 2021 seeing as though I'll have missed at least 3 trips (1 to BKK and 2 to SJO) this year that were all well budgeted and funded for already. I guess I should be happy that I got out there in Feb before things exploded, but that consolation isn't really helping my current situation. I'm jonesing like a junky for some legit travel. WTF am I going to do with my time off at the end of Aug now? Not doing anything domestically out of fear of the COV. Not willing to jump through medical testing hoops to go to the Caribbean. This all sucks on a level that I didn't know was possible.
  19. brownmanc

    LHR-BKK on Thai

    Thai Airways resumption of service delayed to Sept20 LHR-BKK from 1st Sept daily 777-300ER
  20. Kickoff

    Currency Exchange Rates

    31.26 for USD
  21. Kickoff

    Newbie Guide to Baht Buses

    Miss hopping on this thing. Such good value at 10 baht.
  22. Kickoff

    Jomtien - my very rough guide

    ^ good stuff.
  23. While we're on the subject of trip cancellations and changes, here's my most recent experience. I was supposed to be flying out next week for six weeks in LOS. I was booked CX F with an AA award. Called AA to cancel a while back. There was no fee to cancel and redeposit the miles. Funny thing is, that award ticket had $105 in taxes and I had a $100 airline credit from my Bank of America Premium Rewards credit card that was applied to it. AA refunded the taxes in full, but the travel credit wasn't clawed back. So, I came out $100 ahead in that one. Obviously, I'd much rather be going on my trip than have the $100. After six weeks in Thailand, I was flying back to my sister's city for a one week family visit and from there I was flying home on a paid Delta ticket. I had the option to cancel for an e-credit valid for more than two years, but I was holding out to see if the flight would be canceled. It did get canceled a couple of weeks ago. So, I was able to get a cash refund instead. Regarding hotels, besides points which don't expire, I have one IHG reward night available from a credit card which I would have used on this trip. Under normal circumstances, it would expire next March, probably unused. However, IHG has added six months to all credit card award certificates, so I should be able to use it if I can travel next summer. All in all, no harm, no foul regarding money and points. It still sucks not being able to go, but what are you going to do. Regarding LE's comment on multiple booking reference numbers when getting an award on a partner airline, I did have one instance where there was a single number. It was using BA Avios on JAL. Maybe the reservation system used by the respective airlines; one using Sabre, another Amadeus, for example, plays a part in that. I think Americans like myself are fucked for the year with respect to getting to Thailand. As far as next year goes, I won't even venture to guess. I'll just say I hope we can all get there at some point in 2021.
  24. For a grade-B locally developed condominium, yeah that is high. For a better comparable, ask an owner at a condominium developed by a publicly-listed, professional developer for a copy of their detailed budget, which are published for condominium owners review and approval Have you requested a detailed copy of the budget? .. in English, as I understand, the developer is an English-speaking foreigner; Has the Condominium Association approved it? .. as is their right; Has the Condominium Association even been formed yet? .. and have the owners voted and approved the CAMs? Is the building fully complete and approved for occupancy? Are the title deeds in the hands of the CAM-paying occupants? .. until which are they obligated to pay CAMs at all? Jeez, have the residents passively conceded all control to the developer and just trusted him to what he says is standard practice? Maybe I have misunderstood the situation there, but this sounds no good no good .. I'd be asking some questions about what they are doing in with respect to the Condominium Act regulations, not what the developer might be merely arbitrarily declaring.
  25. Pattaya- The Pattaya Water Authority, in a post on their facebook page, warned this week that although Pattaya had recently suffered flooding and isolated heavy rains that reservoirs in the city remained low on water. PWA Pattaya office chief Chaithas Eedsaeng stated in an interview with associated local press that the city water supply, although […] Pattaya Water Authority warns that despite rains, water supply remains low -=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=- The Pattaya News - Real. Unbiased. Impactful. In the moment. Click To View The Pattaya News Website
  26. Went to that Oregano restaurant Rompol market a few nights ago, was busy, most tables taken outside, was a nice cool night. I had the Amatriciana, was nice, although the bacon was 50% fat, think it was a reasonable 180B. Staff nice, friendly and efficient. I did intend to have a few beers around Rompol but was depressingly quiet.
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