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  2. LuvThaiPussy

    Grocery specials and CC priced deals

    Saw some cream cheese at Siambury the other day that looked pretty cheap. Not sure what the flavour/quality is like though.
  3. KhunChang

    Grocery specials and CC priced deals

    Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Buy one get one free @ 189 THB valid till 26 of October. Seen @ Foodland Terminal 21, Best before date: end of January 2020 Bought 8 boxes, used to be my favorite for breakfast but i stopped eating it because i found the price outrageous.
  4. @Rocketboy posted a while back he checked with Bangkok Bank and was told four free ATM withdrawals from another bank's ATM/month. The elimination of transaction fees happened March, 2018. Scrapped digital fees to hit banking income
  5. I like to try out different hotel in pattaya, can anyone can name hotels around the LK Metro or the Beach road area that: 1. The guest have to leave their ID at reception (and guest friendly, of course) 2. If guest want to leave without you, reception will make phone call to your room to ask if that's ok. Thus far, I know that the Dynasty Inn, Sea Me hotels, and D hotel does both. Thanks for the help. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. 35yo Canadian. I don't have any desire or drive to have kids, and don't want to spend my evenings cohabitating with a woman. Thailand once a year for 3 weeks or twice a year for 2 weeks keeps me content and cost isn't a factor. There are some horrendous women locally, but sometimes ill find a cutie and put in some effort, maybe think about doing the wife/kids routine but it usually falls apart in a month or two and i come back to my senses. Ive had some moments of weakness and fucked some fattys too, but those were in dry spells and i don't feel those urges when i've been to pattaya in the past 6 months/ will be going in the next 6 months. Not a lot of incel talk here, i think the reason is anyone who can afford to travel to the other side of the world can get it done in their own country
  7. During my last trip I fucked one lady for free... but I had to pay her barfine to get her to my room. Does that count?
  8. Mongster

    coco fitness

    My guess is 1500b each on the couples...
  9. Its too much work back home because there is too many horny dicks swinging about totally ruining the sexual market. Making average 5/10 female profile on any dating service is a real eye-opener, you get mass-spammed instantly.
  10. I stayed at the A25 Hotel Mac Ti Bui in District 1. I got the Deluxe Double room with Balcony. I thought the room was quite nice and the staff were excellent but for the same price you get much better in Thailand. I read somewhere that you can take girls back there, just can't remember if I read it here or elsewhere online. I didn't take any girls back though. I just did them in the rooms proved in the hostess bars. The A25 Hotel is really close to a bunch of hostess bars and the Apocalypse Now nightculb. It's not really walking distance to Bui Vien, maybe a bit more than 30 minutes. Probably only take a few minutes by moto-taxi. The hotel is also located around 30 minutes walk from Nguyen Phi Khanh st which has a whole bunch of Hot Tocs on it. I'm assume that you are aware that Hot Tocs are blowjob bars disguised as hairdressing salons. There should be some other threads here with other suggestion for hotels.
  11. BigSqu1d421


    I kept the neckbeard trimmed but otherwise sported a beard during my trip. It never seemed to be a problem and never came up in conversation/banter. I went down on several ladies with no big issue. Maybe it would be a detriment if you were trying to pick up non-freelancer girls in BKK, but in Pattaya? No problem
  12. James99x

    coco fitness

    I was just looking at the prices for coco fitness.... seems the current pricing on their facebook page is 1599 for single membership or 1500 for a couple for a month. Anyone used this couples promotion yet? Are there any daft restrictions in that you can only attend as a couple etc? Is the price 1500 for two or is it 1500 per person as it seems a bit weird that it is cheaper for 2 people than it is for just one?!
  13. Captain Dave

    Pattaya’s Chronic Flooding

    No, as I pointed out during construction when many were speculating about this, it is actually on a high ridge with sharp slopes down to north, south and west. As you enter the underpass from either end you are actually going uphill even if the optical illusion of the sloping sides makes it look otherwise. Water, even in Pattaya does not flow uphill. The one they are proposing for the Pattaya Tai interchange is another matter.
  14. talung66

    Bamboo Bar Ladies

    no issue i didn't even make it in once.
  15. Me? Or hioctane? I don't want to fuck a post-op LB. I would much (much) rather have a girl. Like in - I don't want a post-op. I did have a happy ending massage from a hot LB, who I mistook at first for a hot girl, and I do think about that experience quite a bit. (very confusing) That being said, I am not ready for an ST or LT with a LB. Although if the right hot LB, indistinguishable from a hot girl came along... and I was drunk... Who knows?
  16. Today
  17. For this one I think we will need a little help... I may have walk along all beaches in the Naklua-Pattaya-Jomtien area and can't remember of such "buoy yellow tower"...??
  18. ahhhh… okay, that makes sense. ya, definitely want to avoid that. Change of topic.... any recommendations for lady friendly hotels, or bad ass air bnb's walking distance to Bui Vien? Had an awesome huge Airbnb lined up, but the price skyrocketed on me, and I find it a nightmare looking up places there. 100x the choices compared to thai, I find.
  19. Biennial

    Bangkok or Pattaya for NYE

    Neither - Phuket - Patong beach. Spent 2 NYEs there and it is wild! So many lanterns on the beach and fireworks. And we had dinner on the beach and it was not too crowded.
  20. per anum

    Pricing in US strip clubs

    Recalling my University days, it was actually quite fun (considering we were teenagers)! Mind you, this was Salt Lake City, so no full nudity in Mormon country back then! The girls were topless (with pasties ) The clubs were bound to shut by 1am. A pitcher of Bud was only $1 and only dancers....(no contact). Many dancers claim to be students as well but I doubt it very much.....perhaps Community College types! The strip clubs in NY were far more mercenary.....they were never shy about offering extras at exorbitant prices......dreadful actually!
  21. sorry, I wasn't clear. no filling paper work when leaving. you have to fill in paper work on arrival if you don't already have a visa. but I still had to show my eVisa printout when leaving.
  22. usexpat46

    Pricing in US strip clubs

    Also from Sacramento and for my 50th birthday my friends took me to a juice bar and had me up on the stage sitting in a chair handcuffed next to the dance pole where one sexy dancer was all over me, very enjoyable. Also a few of the dancers we got to know at a topless bar had business cards where they also performed at bachelor parties. After the performance on the upcoming groom there was private activities in the bedroom for those that paid extra. At our favorite bar one of the dancers would dance to Billy Idols White Wedding wearing a white negligee which would end with her only wearing a tiny white tong. She was a porn star who was from Sacramento by the name was Danielle.
  23. Thanks man. ya, it's 1/2 the price for the e-visa rather than going to the embassy to get a passport stamp. Weird, I don't recall filling out any paperwork when leaving, on the visa I got in December, it was easy to get in, easy to get out. Maybe depends on where you're flying from. I came in to SGN, and left via Da Nang.
  24. My negative about the restaurant are the opening days. It's closed on Wednesday and Thursday. Very inconvenient. I rather see them closed (if at all) at Monday and / or Tuesday.
  25. Starfighter99

    Bangkok or Pattaya for NYE

    Out of curiosity, two questions for you: 1. When do you leave Thailand? 2. Why have you decided to go to Pattaya?
  26. That's a big deal breaker for me -- I don't know know why, but water on the bathroom floor REALLY bugs me! It doesn't sound like it's at that level, but "Thai style" bathrooms are a complete "no go" for me.
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