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  2. ok I checked out Bronx Pizza last night on soi Diana, tried the Hawaiian and the italian sausage , here are my thoughts: first, the place doesn't deliver, which sucks but not a prob for me since i'm a 10 minute walk away secondly, the place did not seem very hygienic. The guy serving me the pizza was drench in sweat and was coughing alot. Was scared to eat pizza given the recent coronavirus thing going around. as for the pizza: the Hawaiian pizza was good, but I wouldn't nominate it for any rewards. The sausage was just average, wouldn't buy it again. oh and lol at their takeout wrapping, they just put a slice in between 2 paper plates , truely ghetto bronx style I think the pizza is a step above the pizza company but I'm looking for something better
  3. Lonhro1

    Beer Garden is picking up

    I went in there close to 18 months ago now on my 1st trip to Patts. I grabbed some of the coasters for show and tell with the lads at home. They were absolutely dumbfounded with such a simple idea being so good! Not sure if they’d work at our local RSL club too well...
  4. deano4598

    Cure found for Coronavirus...

    This thread can stay as a lighthearted look at the situation, discussion about the outbreak etc should be done here https://forum.pattaya-addicts.com/topic/341208-2nd-case-2019-novel-coronavirus/
  5. Pheat

    Beer Garden is picking up

    Yep only since it first opened many many years ago 555
  6. Eagerly anticipating getting back in a couple days. Really glad it worked out being able to get in a few more days because if I’ve being completely honest with my self and this will surprise no one..... 3 days is way to fucking short lol.
  7. Meerkat

    Beer Garden is picking up

    Certainly six or so years ago it was as described above. FLs were reasonable and I partook once just as a box-ticking exercise, really. I did also pick up a waitress who in the room was initially reluctant before going off like a frog in a sock. Happy days. She didn't want any money, but 'let' me buy her a new handbag . . .
  8. jennings

    The Chinese are Here!

    Got noisy about 7am this morning. As they were setting off fireworks at the lot on 3rd rd. & Soi Xcite. Lasted for a few hours.
  9. Pattaya- Pattaya City Law Enforcement reported that at 11:00 AM yesterday morning a 45 year old Thai man suffered serious injuries to his right leg after tripping on the sidewalk near a construction area not far from Mike’s Shopping Mall on Beach Road. An iron bar had caused the damage to his leg, according to […] The post Pedestrian injured on Beach Road after falling into construction area appeared first on The Pattaya News. Click To View The Pattaya News Website
  10. Dr No

    The Edge

    Today, just a different angle.
  11. khwan

    The Chinese are Here!

    Let's hope they don't start munching on bats 2.mp4
  12. Lonhro1

    Beer Garden is picking up

    Well that’s a shame to hear that the beer garden has gone that way! It was a ripper idea with the drink coasters and probably made it a lot easier for 2 parties to hook up. 1. The guy didn’t have to leave his seat 2. The girl knew who was up for P4P The setting there was great as well with nice breeze, cold drinks, good food and relaxed atmosphere.
  13. striderman

    The Edge

    yesterday those front facing rooms at the base condo are now rapidly losing the view to the south
  14. Ipsa est veritas

    Expensive Buffets

    Yes it's pricey. The night I went the food was exceptional as were the staff. A place like Royal Cliff will never be hit and miss.
  15. Ohyesuare

    Thai friendly

    Ya don't waste your or their time unless you're already in Pattaya.
  16. Ineverbb

    Beer Garden is picking up

    I'd like to see the FL's at Bamboo shift to the PBG. I guess the ladies like the live music though. PBG has been dead for years. Everytime I go, no matter what time of day or high season or not, it is dead. The food is ok though.
  17. they have now installed a sign so you can see the place on the walk up from buakaow. before it was tricky to spot
  18. Pattaya- A homeless Thai man was found dead on Pattaya Beach near the entrance to Soi seven yesterday morning around 11:00 AM. The man, who appeared to be in his fifties, was found near construction work that is ongoing in the area lying down. A passerby called police after noticing that the man was not […] The post Homeless Thai man found dead on Pattaya Beach appeared first on The Pattaya News. Click To View The Pattaya News Website

    Is Thailand still good value?

    Not everything has got more expensive. Air fares are cheaper and (many) hotel prices are the same as they were 10 years ago....oh the baht bus price is the same too.
  20. striderman

    The Chinese are Here!

    i expect it will be a noisy morning early saturday esp in south pattaya. a number of bars/gogos walking st tree town etc etc have decorations up. bad time to be a duck right now
  21. QuotaMan

    Kev-in-Thailand update

  22. Today
  23. gazO

    Is Thailand still good value?

    I am talking about eating out in Pattaya pub grub equivalent UK, not eating at places like Beefeater and Patrick's in Pattaya
  24. Luv2Phuket

    Late night arrival

    Welp...I always try to avoid late night arrivals, but sometimes they can't be helped.....like TODAY when I found out I had to scramble and re-do my travel plans for NEXT WEEK! 5555 Now arriving at BKK at 11 p.m., instead of around noon the next day (was coming in from China, but that biz trip was cancelled due to coronavirus issues/hassles/fears). I already had planned to stay in Bangkok the first 2 nights of my trip, so I just used some hotel points to make it 3 nights. Building on some of the suggestions above (or perhaps it was in another thread?), I reached out to a former BF in Bangkok and will try to make plans to see her my first night. Don't know that I want to go out & try to find something new at around 1 a.m. Worst case scenario, I get a decent night's sleep and then wake up early to watch the Super Bowl.
  25. deano4598


    Guys, this topic is here https://forum.pattaya-addicts.com/topic/341208-2nd-case-2019-novel-coronavirus please do not start any more threads on it.

    Is Thailand still good value?

    Seriously? Frankly anyone that is doing it has a death wish or something else wrong with them. I grew up during the scourge of aids and am part of the generation that was told HIV=AIDS=DEATH. Use a condom = Don't die a horrible death.
  27. Chonburi- An alleged brake failure led to an oil tanker truck crashing into the back of an eighteen wheeler on Motorway 7 outbound near Laem Chabang yesterday afternoon in the Chonburi area. The driver of the oil tanker truck, who was not identified to the media, was slightly injured in the accident but due to […] The post Alleged brake failure leads to oil tanker truck crashing into back of eighteen wheeler in Chonburi appeared first on The Pattaya News. Click To View The Pattaya News Website
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