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  2. The money I sent to Philippines, the day after the lady sent back some photos of a massive bag of rice and some canned food. I can't imagine what it's going to be like for people who don't have help to fall back on.
  3. Quick summary of my observations: 1) DOW (22327) is at the same level as it was in Sept. 2017. It has rallied in last few trading sessions. 2) German PMI 45 , a reduction from Feb, but better than most of the previous year i.e. recession possible anyway 3) French PMI 42.9, big drop, previous 12 months all above 50 4) 3.3mil new claimants for unemployment in USA in one week. Previous record was 1982 (700K). 5) UK officials hint that lockdown could go on in some form for 3 - 6 months and possibly longer My conclusion is that the market is not acting according to recent data. Could be due to actions taken by governments e.g. $2tril stimukus package. I'm happy to still sit on the side lines.
  4. Wingeing Pom

    Favourite Thai Girl Quote

    For many years I was friendly with a girl who worked on the beach .. a chair / umbrella business. I used to get a foot massage just to enjoy her smile and the banter we had. Took her for meals sometimes. She spent about 8 hours a day on the beach (in shade) but was employed for only about 3 hours. Spent much time waiting for a customer. I felt for her .. how boring it was .. to earn less than 1,000 a day. Fancied her a bit too. So I bought her a nice personal radio and headphones .. I saw in England. Set the pre sets to Thai radio channels and gave it her. She was so excited and grateful. Then ...after trying it out ... she asked where I bought it. I told her England. She went quiet ... looked very very confused .. and said I not believe ... it is playing Thai music ... not falang music. She just could not understand no matter how I explained. Gave up trying .. when she insisted .. "You joke me .. you buy Thailand"
  5. Not the best place to eat anyway . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Withnail

    COVID-19 discussion

    Certainly give the numbers per area out but i don't see the benefit of giving gender and certainly not nationality. Looks like playing to the farangs are spreading it narrative. Very dangerous. I don't know how people are going to get through this in Pattaya. Business owners are going to have support themselves with their own savings if they are lucky. Eventually i think Thailand will put a spin on this and let tourism return. China seems up and running again and will want to send tour groups when allowed. Thai's will take a chance just to earn some money. The question is will US, EU etc come when this is allowed. Very sad.
  7. I offered one of my favourites some money if she needed it She waited 3 weeks before asking for help Just a small amount to pay for room why not help if you can afford to made me feel good as well Transferred thru the moneygram app easy to do lol too easy actually Just be level headed about it
  8. Kiss restutant now closing shop. I don't know if they will be doing take out.
  9. Bangkok An official from the Thai Government’s Covid19 Administration Center addressed the public today and said in an agreement with Bangkok officials at this time they feel there is no need for further lockdowns, a stay at home order or shutdowns in Bangkok. He also gave a warning on April Fool’s Day, which is tomorrow. […] The post Government Covid19 Center says no Bangkok shutdowns, curfews or lockdowns needed at this time, warns against April Fool’s day jokes appeared first on The Pattaya News. Click To View The Pattaya News Website
  10. This is the one opposite Tuckom, right?
  11. Today
  12. This was @0857 this morning. I was in the area and thought I'd take a look! No line on Soi 5 like in the 0810 video. I have to do my 90 on or before 20 April. 20200331_085738.mp4
  13. Ranovertheborder

    Unable to finish boom boom

    I tend to stay off the alcohol until the deed is done that way I don't have any issues.
  14. Not quite , living with his mum back in his bedroom . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Ranovertheborder

    Thai Girl Clevage

    Feel free to post some pictures, I would but my wife would slap fuck out of me 555
  16. likeaking

    13 customers in one day!

    Last week had a girl, 40 years old, tall, slim, flabby belly, said she had been working bars in Pattaya since she was 21 years old. She'd worked Telephone, Bar, King's Club, Le Poste recently. Did some conservative calculations indicating she's done around 5k+ guys. Her pussy was still fine.
  17. Read the title but you can buy it if you want.
  18. Here's a few pics didn't get the bathroom bloody camera packed up again anyway if your interested best have a look, the couch was due to be recovered but they cancelled but will be done or i will get a new one soon.
  19. I found bagels today on the ground floor of Central Festival. I went to Tops grocery store and when I was finished shopping - I checked the little bakery diagonally located from the checkout cashiers. I bought 3 for 135 baht. That was around 3:00 PM. The rest of the mall - as most of you already know - was closed - with tape across the entrance to escalators along with security staff standing there to monitor it. However: if you need to go up to the Fourth Floor (As I did.) to visit particular branch - I had to go to THAT Bangkok Bank - the security guard would let you use the elevator to get there.
  20. Those hours are only observed in big stores and supermarkets, plus the occasional 7-11/Family Mart. TIT
  21. PS: to my earlier comment above as to why you consider this good news? What I mean is that apart from the fact this edict is very unlikely to make any measurable difference, it certainly isn't good news to the additional thousands of Thais who have now lost their jobs (a dozen or so personal friends of mine) and many of whom will presumably now have to leave for their home towns and villages - thus increasing risk of spread - and all of whom, I'll bet, are far poorer than you. If you don't understand why they will have to leave for their home villages, you clearly don't understand anything. Apart from that, how on Earth is it the 'powers that be' feeling the need to increase restrictions can be considered good news. Surely good news would be when (hopefully in a few weeks) they feel able to relax them.
  22. Just to be clear, this was at Jom Tien immigration at 8:10 in the MORNING? The end of the queue cannot even been seen from the video. Surely the government is working on a solution or visa exemption. That is only the folks waiting to get into the building, that must be a 5+ hour wait???
  23. Well in response to the request I got for 5000 baht. I ended up sending it. I have given her that much to her on her birthday before. So if she doesn't pay me back. I'll just write it off as her birthday present. I also wanted to be able to see if I could do a money transfer from back home. So it was a bit of a test run for me. I was able to put my Thai sim card into my phone, and receive the one time passwords from the Thai bank I was sending the funds from. I also found out I can use the USSD codes to extend my sim expiry date. So even if I don't get back to Thailand for a long time. I can keep my sim card running.
  24. Joethescot

    Is there any woman who has asked you for help yet?

    I have a purely platonic friendship with a girl who works in the metro sports bar. I have known her since my very first trip 4 years ago. When I come to Thailand I always spend a little time with her have a few beers in the bar,cinema,meal,Muay Thai and other things. She speaks excellent English and has never asked for anything in all the years. I would obviously pay her barfine. Anyway last five trips she has become a very good travel companion when I am fed up with Pattaya. We will head off to many place with our last trip to Chiang Mai I obviously pay for the flight,food and accomadation which I really don’t mind as she adds to the trip. I just find her enjoyable and nothing is expected on both sides. Anyway a first trip and many other occasions I have tried to put a few thousand in her purse and she has got severely pissed off says she doesn’t need money and taking her to nice place for food and small breaks is more than enough,she gets proper fucked off and won’t speak to me for an hour. In the end the cash always ends up back with me. This does annoy me as she isn’t rich more a smart cookie with any money she has I always think being a bit older also her son who she used to provide for is now working so she doesn’t need to send cash home for him. Her two sisters take care of dad so her money is her own. We stay in touch just shot the shit now and again and just generally have a laugh.She was telling me about the issues in Pattaya and how she is staying as doesn’t want to go back and make her dad who is very old and ill. Now I was surprised when she was saying even she is gonna find it tough over the next few months and she has applied for the 5k government cash. I have a good safe job and am well paid and live alone. So with the fear of being shot down and her being angry I offered to cover her rent until Pattaya comes alive again. It’s not a lot 4k for the room and I said I would stick an extra 500 in for her electric and water to help. She has to be honest a pretty nice room behind the August suites for the money large, air con,fridge,good size balcony for drying her clothes and can sit on. To my surprise she except the help with no arguing or such. I am sending it via TransferWise and she greatly appreciates the help and I don’t mind helping one little bit as there has been plenty times she has helped me when I have been a bit under the weather or just being a good pal. She and I have agreed that once she gets her first pay from the bar when it opens again be that whenever I won’t send any more cash. Its only £115 roughly. It’s a little help for some I believe needs it and deserves it.
  25. Flashus

    Thai Girl Clevage

    maybe this thread should be changed to My Wife Cleavage as all post are related to the one lady, don't see any other photos posted
  26. markland1510a

    COVID-19 discussion

    ^The Thai girl who sent it is in Issan now. She says she is going back to Pattaya soon because she is bored (she does not need to work, she lives in Pattaya with her farlung husband). So, seems she is not too awful scared.
  27. keepitfun

    Unable to finish boom boom

    Goodness, so many issues. All understandable I guess. In all my 53 years I have only failed once to finish ....that was with a work colleague after possibly the most alcohol I and she had ever consumed in a nasty pool bar in Denver. She was thrilled that a female exec was “allowed out” without being hit upon because of all the Denver Hillbillies. I did what I normally did and challenged the local hot shots. Oooh I was rewarded....just didn’t spurt....maybe she did. i do remember waking up in the morning, finding the condom....still on my cock ....and fucking her soundly .... I know it’s nasty but it was what it was. enjoy the moment.
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