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Forum Rules relaxed regarding Marijuana


Members, The current situation regarding marijuana/weed/ganja whatever you call it is in flux in LOS. Given the widespread availability of the stuff currently, the Forum owners wish to move (carefully) with the times. The rule on drugs has been modified and is reprinted here below.

n) Discussion about buying/selling illicit drugs or specific directions/names of where to buy illicit drugs and topics purely discussing them in the public area. We will however allow: 1) Topics about weed/marijuana only in the designated part of the advanced area of the forum, 2) Warning people about users 3) Having it in advanced area trip reports and in relevant stories;

So discussion will now be allowed on the locations, availability and use of marijuana (both CBT and THC) ONLY in a new sub-forum within the advanced members area. We will NOT permit any business or individuals offering sale/supply of the stuff. The sub-forum will be heavily modded.

If and when the situation is clarified by the Thai authorities, we will take action to modify permissions or remove threads as required. We will remove the sub-forum in toto without notice if the Thai authorities deem recreational use to again be illegal.

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