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  • Suggestions for 1gig 3G with minimal talk

    Hey Guys,


    Sorry if this is kind of a repeat question, but I know my exact requirements and was hoping someone can just give me a quick answer. 


    Will be in Pattaya for a week. I need a 3G micro sim...

  • Visa question - help please guys

    When I've visited Thailand before, I've always gone for 30 days, so no visa required. This time, I intend to also travel to Cambodia for maybe 1 week of my stay, within my overall stay of 30 days. I know it is straight forward to cross int...

  • Bar with decent pool table

    Any bars in South Pattaya/Buakhow that have a decent pool table? Most of the tables in the bars I have visited this month have been crap. Decent looking girls is an added bonus but not essential.

  • Visa services, Credit Cards accepted, 10% discount

    Get Visas without leaving Thailand.


    Our former UK embassy staff can help with your UK Visa refusals.


    For a limited time we are offering a 10% discount on any Visa service. Credit Cards are accepted for...

  • Jealous Boyfriend Shoots Man After He Aad Affair With His Girlfriend
  • Psychotic Man Arrested After Abusing An Under – Age Girl
  • Elder American Dies From A Heart Attack At A Barber Salon
  • 2nd Lucky Winner Of Dine ‘n’ Fly Campaign At Hilton Pattaya

    Published : July 30, 2013 :: 15:07:58 [ 40 views ]

    2nd Lucky Winner Of Dine ‘n’ Fly Campaign At Hilton Pattaya

    >                  <p style=Above Photo: Police Figure at the top of Khaosan Road

    Bangkok authorities have yet again announced that they will no longer tolerate vendors who clog up Khaosan Road, a high-ranking official h...

  • bike rental on soi12/3/4/5?


    Can anyone recommend a reliable motorbike rental shop on soi 1/2/3/4/5? or close a-one hotel?

  • Hit Movies That Lost Money (And How They Did It)

    Above Photo: The Joker – But now Hollywood’s humble accountants are the real movie heroes.

  • ummm translate please?

    i got this messenge from my tgf and i have been trying to use google translate and some other sites but i cant make up what the hell it says lol would really appreciate if someone could help me out! 



  • Unlocking a Iphone 4s CDMA network, any luck in Thailand?

    Hello, I have an American Apple 4s Iphone. Its set up to work on a CDMA network; but has a micro sim card. Has anyone brought a similar phone to Thailand and attempted to have it unlocked there. Any luck?   



  • Trying to find name of bar?

    Does anyone know if there is a bar in Jomtien called the Office? 

    Someone i know in England has a mate who owns a bar in Jomtien, he thinks its called The Office. Has anyone heard of this bar?

    His friend is from Durham in Eng...

  • Glucosamine and fish oils?

    I need to take this everyday now, for my dodgy shoulders. Is there anywhere i can get this cheap over there, or should i bring my own?


  • WS Gogo Reviews for March-July 2013

    Here it is again. For many who haven't read my first round of reviews, the link is below. That round was for my trip during January 2013 and here is an updated version. 


    Wanted dive computer

    Anyone have or know of anyone who has a dive computer for sell?

    Need one for October, liveaboard dive tip to the Maldives.



  • Concrete barriers set up at Parliament today
    Security at Parliament and Government House beefed up Monday as a precaution against protesters once the controversial amnesty bill is tabled next Wednesday.


  • Update on opening a bank account?

    Hi all,


    Going to Pattaya late Oct and my friends are saying to maybe open a bank account and I see the threads on how easy it is. However I have another friend that says its not easy anymore, Thai banks are charging fe...

  • Police prepare for possible major protest or riots over amnesty bill
    Police have staged three days of anti-riot drills, from Saturday till Monday, in anticipation for anti-government protests in coming days as when parliament will debate bills such as a controversial amnesty law.


  • tr 2013 patts koh chang patts

    get back to patts around 8 at night via bell bus stayin at peace resot again grab a feed from the bar and i really cant be fucked goin out tonight but when in patts must at least get a shot off so its soapy time


    i stroll do...

  • Shinzon in "Babydolls a-gogo" - hot pix!



    Babydolls is one of the more popular and appreciated gogo bars among the Pattaya Addicts members and always rank high on the toplist of places to visit in Walking Street. It is located in...

  • soi six corner bar?

    I dont get this place can someone explain the attraction does not have alot of girls yet it is always packed why? 

  • Trick for cheap airline flights?

          I wouldn't normally post here about something not directly about Pattaya, but I've seen similar threads here, and since virtually all of  you have experience flying into BKK from overseas, perhaps you can hel...

  • Pattaya Hospitals

    Wondering how you guys rate the various Pattaya hospitals.


    I know the Pattaya Bangkok hospital is considered the best but they charge farang like wounded bulls. So how about the other hospitals? I'm looking for one that's g...

  • Sailor Restaurant, Soi 8 - Yuck!
    The Sailor Bar and Restaurant is well-known for its cheap drinks and food. Since cheap booze in and of itself isn't a big attraction for me, I've never had a drink there and can't comment on the bar side of the business. But I have eaten twice in...

  • U.S. Aide Says Laos Markings Remain Puzzle in M.I.A. Issue

    Above Photo: Mysterious never-properly-explained markings on the ground in Laos during the Vietnam War.

    Full article here:  

  • Renewal of passport. Best way to inform D.I.A.C. AUS

    Hi fella's the time has come for my missus to renew her passport before it expires.

    It is the first time for us so we are a bit uncertain on a few thing's.She hold's a (granted provisional) resident visa in Australia Subclass 309


  • Will quality of girls improve come high season?
    Quite a few disturbing reports lately of low quality of BG's in Pattaya now. Is there usually an influx of better quality Bar-fineable (i.e. more attractive) young ladies come Nov/Dec?? Or is this as good as it gets?

    In that case, is it...

  • Do you book more than one hotel....?
    When planning your trip do you ever book more than one hotel; then cancel the one you don't want just before your trip?

  • Signs of declining economic security in America

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Four out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives, a sign of deteriorating economic security and an elusive American...

  • Finding work in Thailand?

    I am about to finish a double major B.A. in Finances and Economics. I was wondering what level of work I could find in Thailand / Asia?  I would like to work...

  • Going to Pattaya and how much money should I carry daily?

    Hi Everyone,


       Here is a topic I have read about and the answers have varied.


    I am going to Pattaya for 9 days...obviously 3 of those days are for travel back and forth to the States. So I wi...

  • Cash/TC

    Going to Patts in Nov for the first time.  :07:


    I plan to take abut $1700 CDN with me in cash and then $3000 in TC's


    Will I get better/different exchange using TC's vs cash....??



  • China Southern vs Korean Air - need help deciding

    I am planning my first trip to LOS for Feb 2014 and wanted to get some opinions from the PA community. Here are my top two flight options (economy class) so far:


    1. CHINA SOUTHERN $1080 USD...

  • Omnicom and Publicis seeks merger
    Paris/New York (dpa) - US-based Omnicom Group Inc and France's Publicis Groupe SA on Sunday said they would merge into the world's biggest advertising agency.


  • Hun Sen's party shows narrow win
    Phnom Penh (dpa) - Prime Minister Hun Sen and his ruling Cambodian People's Party (CPP) would win Sunday's national elections but not with nearly as wide a margin as predicted, preliminary results showed.


  • Private Car hire Bangkok

    I am looking for a private car and driver for a day in Bangkok? I don't like the tour bus thing, so I want to use a private service to take us around to the local attractions. I would appreciate any recommendations and approx cost. Thanks

  • really Soi 6 Is pattaya's hottest area ?

    i Search On Net And many Forums And other Places All says soi 6 is pattay's wildest area and soi 6 girls are very modern and they do everything for you which you want  is this right. ???

  • Pharmacy next to Tim's Cafe

    Anyone have updated news about the pharmacy next to Tim's Cafe? Do they still sell steroids? I have always had positive experiences with the lady and It will be such a a disappointment not even finding some tes vials.

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