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Pattaya Bay Resort


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Recently spent nearly 2 weeks at the Pattaya Bay Resort and can give it a big thumbs up on nearly all counts.




I had arranged for them to provide an airport pick up for me from Don Mueng (1500bht). Driver was fast where possible and didn’t scare me too much so no real problems on that front. 2 issues with the driver. I had several items of luggage and was using a walking stick but he didn’t offer to help carry anything up the stairs at the airport. He also didn’t know where the Pattaya Bay Resort was in Pattaya. You would think if a hotel organizes for a car to pick you up and take you to them than the driver will know where he is going. He didn’t. I ended up having to call the hotel from my mobile, passed the phone to him and they gave him directions. I don’t think that this is the regular driver for the hotel though. The driver I had from the Resort to Suvarnhabumi (1200Bht)had a nice Honda, spoke great English and was fast and safe.


Upon arrival the car door was opened for me, I was ushered inside and the security guys/porters brought my luggage in for me. I was welcomed by 2 extremely friendly staff at reception. Was handed a cool towel and an orange juice to drink while check in formalities were sorted. They both spoke excellent English and answered all my questions clearly and concisely. My luggage was placed on a trolley and I was escorted up to my room on the 7th floor. I had requested a deluxe, non smoking room on a higher floor with a sea view and that’s exactly what I got. The room was extremely clean (spotless), huge and everything seemed near new as you would expect from a hotel that hasn’t been open for that long.






A tiny bit of Girl A




You have to put your key in a slot for the power in the room to be turned on. Take It out and the power goes off. For some reason the power and plug in the bathroom are on a separate circuit so if you have something you want to leave charging when you go out plug it in the bathroom. There was a little electric clock radio sitting next to the bed but I unplugged it after a couple of days as I had to reset the time on it every time I came back to the room.


There has been some comment in other reviews that some people found the beds to be a little hard. I found them to be firm but extremely comfortable. The beds are also King size (massive!!)


There was a big flatscreen TV and DVD player in the room with the usual choice of cable channels.

Big fridge with 2 free small bottles of water a day. Apart from that it was empty so no mini bar as such. I see this as a positive as I like to stock the fridge with what I want and you don’t get stung with extortionately high prices. . Did this on my first day. There was also a microwave and a coffee machine. I personally would have prefered an electric kettle to the coffee machine. You can use the coffee machine to heat the water but it wasn’t as hot as I would have liked and the water had a plasticy taste to it. Next time I stay there I’ll probably just buy a cheap kettle at the market.


Bathroom was average sized and again spotless. Plug for shaver/hairdryer next to sink. Shower over the bath with shower curtain. Toilet with bum hose. Came with the usual tray of complimentary shampoo, soap, toothbrush, shower cap, cotton buds etc.






Nice balcony with 2 chairs and a little table and a sink as well. Curtains at the balcony window were thick and kept the morning light out extremely well.


View from Balcony of some near by construction.






On the 7th floor there is an air-conditioned well equipped gym which is open from 7.30am til 9.00pm. It has great views over much of Pattaya.









The swimming pool is located on the roof (8th floor). It looks smaller in the pics than it actually is. As per everything at the resort everything in and around the pool (except for me) was spotless. The chlorine levels seemed fairly low so my eyes didn’t sting. Towels are available at the pool side free of charge. There a large amount of deck chairs available. Only complaint about the pool was that it closed at a relatively early time. I can’t be sure but I think it was 6.30pm.











On the same level as the pool there is a small but covered outdoor dining area (with power points and wifi) and inside is the Cherry (on the roof) Restaurant. The restaurant is run by the same people who run the Cherry Restaurant on Third Rd which is one of my favourite restaurants in Pattaya. All room service food (served from 7.00am til 10.00pm/menus in each room) comes from here as well. I ate there on a couple of occasions and found the food to be superb but some of the items were a little on the pricey side. There are however items at all price ranges. I suppose you get what you pay. I could not fault the food.


The restaurant only serves breakfast from 7.00am til 11.00am. As I never got up before 11.00am I didn’t get a chance to sample any of the breakfast items. I know that many other boardies and mongers staying there are late sleepers. I think they might get a bit more breaky business from people staying there if these timings were expanded a little. Having said that I never asked for breakfast items and there is a chance that they would have cooked them out with the times mentioned. The staff at the restaurant were extremely friendly and helpful.


Security was excellent. There is a CCTV system with cameras on all floors (you can see the monitor at reception) and a key swipe security door to get from reception to the lifts. There were always at least 2 security guards at the front door and one in a little booth at the car park. These guys English wasn’t the best but they were always friendly and courtious. If you bring a guest back for the night her ID will be taken and copied. If your guest leaves without you then you will receive a call informing you that your guest is leaving and asking if everything is okay.


Ever prescent Security Staff/Tuk Tuk Drivers/Porters



There was a small safe located in the wardrobe. Not big enough for a laptop but fine for most valuables. The safe wasn’t in anyway secured in its location. At one stage when drunk and unable to remember the combination I moved the safe from the wardrobe to the bed and tried to open it there. If someone were to be able to gain access to the room they could just pick up the safe and leave as its not very heavy. They really should be bolted into place.


I found the staff to be well informed, well trained and very friendly. The reception staff who took/returned the girl’s ID’s did so in a very friendly and polite way. They were genuinely nice to everyone I bought back. They were the best at this as I’ve seen.



One girl in particular with excellent English was a great laugh, extremely helpful and a true asset to the hotel. Very cheeky.



Now for the location. Pattaya Bay Resort is located between 2nd Rd and Soi Buakhow , Soi 15 next door to the Mercure hotel. This area is a little out of the way. I walked from 2nd Rd to the hotel several times during the day and once drunk at night. Late at night I would not recommend the walk especially from the Buakhow end. This isn’t a problem as Pattaya Bay Resort have a Tuk Tuk which will come and pick you up free of charge from 2rd Rd or Soi Buakhow. Just call the hotel and a minute later you will be picked up. They will also take you from hotel to the same points. I believe that you can now walk from 2nd Rd via a new shopping Mall but I never tried this.


Tuk Tuk at hotel



Tuk Tuk Picking Me up at 2nd Rd



If you don’t want to head out on the Tuk Tuk and are heading further afield there are some Mororbike Taxi drivers ready and waiting at the entrance to the hotel. Tell one of the security guys that you need a taxi and they will wave to the rider who will come to the entrance.


Motorbike taxi



There is quite a bit of construction going on in the area which will mean some noise. Up on the 7th floor where I was I didn’t hear a thing. I couldn’t comment on the lower floors. With construction comes construction workers. In this case many poor Cambodia and Burmese workers. I never saw or heard of any problems with them in that area but be aware that they are there and I really wouldn’t recommend walking past some of their living area(towards Soi Buakow) late at night when drunk.


Wifi was reliable and quick and it never dropped out on me during my stay. I believe that they have 2 of these per floor.



There are also 2 PC's available in the lobby available free of chafge to guests.


There is a reading room on the second floor but I never managed to get there.


I was paying 1200Bht a night for one of the deluxe rooms. These rates are part of their Grand Opening Special rates. There is also a stay seven nights get one night free deal on at the moment. Don’t know how long this deal or the grand opeing rates will continue. The normal price for the deluxe room is 1800bht low season/1999 High season All prices can be found on Pattaya Bay Resorts Website


Overall I really enjoyed my time there and apart from a few very minor point as mentioned above found the place to exceed my expectations.


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Great review! I was thinking of staying there on my last trip but always end up in the Walking Street area. I have some freinds who are coming over and dont want to be too close to the action, and I will definetly recommend!

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Great review Shuggy, sounds like the original taxi driver may have been using a free-lancer (very common) and the construction work you mentioned is the new shopping complex "The Avenue" the hotel Pattaya Bay Resort should be very popular when thats finally finished with it being central to everywhere and only 5 minutes from the beach


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A great review - the place looks very nice. Aside from the location, a few reviews have mentioned very thin walls in the place...any comment ?

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A great review - the place looks very nice. Aside from the location, a few reviews have mentioned very thin walls in the place...any comment ?


I heard the TV in the room next door one night but thats cause i had the balcony door open and so did the guy next door.


BM Woody who was staying on the same floor as me had a big problem with the noise. He had a room that has an interconnecting door to the room next door and the person in that room had the TV going loud and late. Woody told me that it kept him awake and really annoyed him. can't remember the details but after complaining and threating to leave he got moved to another room.


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Staying at Pattaya Bay Resort on 17- 19 August and it's certainly a nice hotel. The hotel staff are friendly. The room is clean and we never hear any even with the construction nearby.


The short cut through the new shopping mall to reach the second road is easy to use and no matter what time, we usually take that short cut.

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Thanks for the Great Review Shuggy :D


Looks like a decent place to stay . Do you know if they take Credit Cards ?

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Thanks for the Great Review Shuggy :rolleyes:


Looks like a decent place to stay . Do you know if they take Credit Cards ?



Hi Mate. Long time no speak. Where you been hiding? Yep, they take credit cards as that how I paid. They did take a cash damage deposit (3000bht i think) from me as well. It was returned to me when i checked out which was lucky as i'd totally forgotten about it.


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Hi Mate. Long time no speak. Where you been hiding? Yep, they take credit cards as that how I paid. They did take a cash damage deposit (3000bht i think) from me as well. It was returned to me when i checked out which was lucky as i'd totally forgotten about it.



thanx Shuggy for a good and informative report.

i just sent an email to them for room availability.

hopefully we will get lucky for those dates.

central location/guest friendly/ free internet/ swimming pool/adequat fitness center. how can you beat that!


i will let you know if we get to stay there.

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good review shuggy

I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly.

Winston Churchill

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Very nice detailed review! I'm staying there in November. My original short list kept narrowing down with no vacancy replies so I thought I would check out the new place. I'm a bit concerned about the "thin walls" comments but thats not enough to make me change by plans.


Airport Pickup is 1200THB from BKK (Suv)

Deluxe Room 1999THB High Season

500THB/night deposit required on check-in

PBR said that the shopping center is now open and only a couple minute walk away (anyone been there yet?)

Joiner Fee Info cut & pasted from their website: "All of our rates quoted are for 1 or 2 persons sharing the same room. Therefore, if a single guest brings back a joiner, there is no additional fee. If you have a third person in the room, there is an additional charge of 500 baht per person, per night."


I'll be sure to post some pics and vids of the hotel and the location in November.


One sign of a true 'pattaya addicts' addict is a picture of their laptop in the bathroom with this forum on the screen! :Busted:

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Great report Shuggy. Its good to know about the safe not being securely fasten. This is one factor when I choose a hotel. Thanks for sharing your detailed write up.



Judging by this picture, I guess this was your "Office".

Look, your even on PA.... do the other members know you were on the shitter while on shoutbox? LOL ....... :D



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Great report Shuggy. Its good to know about the safe not being securely fasten. This is one factor when I choose a hotel. Thanks for sharing your detailed write up.

Judging by this picture, I guess this was your "Office".

Look, your even on PA.... do the other members know you were on the shitter while on shoutbox? LOL ....... :Cry3:





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thanks for the exellent hotel revieuw mate, will try it sometime in the future..

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i want add something

alot of ants i had in room

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Some of my personal observations.1) Odd numbered rooms face the sea but you can only see it at the top floors (so the view at room 307 is of a construction site), even numbered rooms faces nothing really.2) There is construction all around. This is why the rates are so cheap right now and I believe why they have 15:00 check in (less noise level then so it seems better at first). Again, even numbered rooms will be less noisy but there still will be noise. Odd numbered rooms on the lower floor, noise unacceptable unless you are a really deep sleeper and you don't mind hammers banging away all day.3) Location is ok because of the mall where you can cut across (directly opposite of Soi Yamato). If not for the shortcut, it'd be an inconvenience although I found the shuttle service reliable. 4) Make sure you talk to the older looking lady with the bobbed haircut in the pic above. She knows what she's doing and will be of help.5) I stayed in standard, no problem. AC nice, hot water, tv fine, bed is hard but I like it that way. There is a personal safe, but it is not tied down to anything and weighs nothing so keep that in mind.6) American breakfast (150b) is not to my liking. Thai food is good as expected.7) Pool area is real nice, haven't tried the exercise room.8) Staff no problems.9) Internet connection acceptable for Pattaya, reliable.Forgot to mention they did take 3000b cash deposit from me too for a 7 day stay.

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anyone know if they charge extra for a second lady ?

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anyone know if they charge extra for a second lady ?



Joiner fee for the 2nd lady is 500bht per night according to thier website. Not sure if this is negotiable or not.


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Been staying there in july this year. Had a standard room for 790 THB !!!! (grand opening rate). Had just opened so very nice rooms with nice balconies, smell of paint in there though. Could not say anything negative about this hotel except the joiner fee for the 2nd lady. The normal rate in high season for a (rather small) standard room is a bit expensive though in my opinion: 1300 THB with a high season starting quite early and lasting quite long : october 15th - april 15th... I do not think I would stay there again during their long high season, there are better deals around.

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Thanks for the review Shuggy. I've just booked a standard room for late September and tried to negotiate the 3rd person joiner fee with no luck. Not to worry as it still sounds like good value and i'll pay the extra 500bht for any threesome action :P


Here's my email and reply i just received:


Dear Boem,


Thank you for your prompt reply.


I have been reading some reviews of your hotel and understand that there is some construction work going on next door.


Can i please request that my room be an odd numbered room on a high floor level to help reduce the noise and possibly get a sea view?


I also understand there is no extra fee for one guest to stay overnight but if there is a third person in the room, there is an additional charge of 500 baht per person per night.


Can you please tell me if this fee can be waived or negotiated?


Best regards,





Dear Mark,


You have been assigned to Room 601 as requested. The highest smoking floor with standard rooms.


Low Season, Standard Room, Internet Daily Rate - 790.00 baht per night, for 1 or 2 persons. The rate includes: daily room cleaning, bottled water, fresh linen and free wifi and internet. A 500.00 baht per night refundable security deposit is required upon check-in.


We take VISA and Mastercard.


Please let us know if you would like us to meet you at the airport. We can send one of our private, air conditioned resort cars to meet you. The cost of the trip is 1,200.00 baht - about the same as a beat-up old airport taxi !!


Pattaya is going through a construction boom and there is building everywhere. I do not know of any major streets that do not have a large building going up right now. Luckily, the new mall across the street from us has recently finished its construction and all the workers have moved away which has minimized the noise in our area.


I do not believe it is an issue with our guests as we are currently almost fully booked through mid-October and have a very high number of repeat guests, especially from Bangkok every weekend. All of our monthly rooms have been booked solid for months and we have a long waiting list.


Your understanding of our guest policy is correct and we are not willing to change it.


Please make sure you bring your passport or a copy of both your information page and your white departure card with you. We are required to report this information for all arriving foreign guests to the Thai Immigration Police every night. Thai driver's licenses or identity cards do not meet the requirement.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.


We look forward to your arrival.



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Great review...I just returned from a 10 day stay myself and was very happy with room, service, cost etc....I believe girls handle the guest issue very well but I personally had an issue with one girl who made it clear she was a little miffed....I decided not to say anything and I also paid a 3000 bht dep for my stay but got alot of it back when I left...the location away from the immediate action has good and bad points but with the new entertainment centre that has just opened, u can walk thru and be on 2nd Rd in minutes and in a bar soon after so for me no hassle and I found a nice beer bar on Soi 12 - Lusie Beer Bar and also took a lady from there on my last nite and dropped her off on way to airport....see Eddie who is a really nice guy...just my thoughts....

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Great review thank you, the room look good and spacious.

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