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Mamasan Koy's Birthday Party at Babydolls Friday 19th June 2015



Sweethearts Agogo 8th Anniversary Party Saturday 20th June 2015



Sexy in the City and P-A trip to Ban Chang Sunday 21st June 2015



Gerry's Birthday Party at Sapphire Club. Monday June 22nd 2015



Bangkok Invaders at Sapphire Club. Saturday June 27th 2015



Farang friendly Thai live music club hits pattaya. Opens 5th June 2015



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  • Hotel Diana Pattaya

    Has anybody stayed at the HotelDaniaPattaya.com on soi buakoaw? looking for a room for xmas and they have rooms for 700 baht with a balcony,...

  • .. NONG GIFT's STORY - Sold Into Prostitution by Mother
    The story is true .. witnessed first hand by my daughter .. it describes repugnant behaviors still too commonly practiced here. It says much, when viewed in context to Thailand’s cultural values .. survivalist, f...

  • Watch out! This could happen to anyone!

    'Pray for Anna' She is totally paralyzed, unable to speak and move, while visiting Thailand.



    Terrible, terrible, isn't it?



  • September - High Season?

    Hi guys!


    Just got back from Pattaya. Had a great time! 


    I'm planning to go back in September. However, talking to a few bargirls they say that september is High Season...

  • My Beach Road Ladies - Number 2, Porn

    Okay guys, here we go again.  This time how about accepting the story for what it is and not a serious document to be studied, analysed and dissected.  If the content doesn’t agree with you then fucken ba...

  • Amount of homegrown bar girls originally from Patts

    We always hear that most of the hookers in Patts are from the northern provinces, it certainly seems that way based on the girls I've talked to.


    But at some point you would think some girls wou...

  • Leicester Players involved in orgy SACKED!

    The 3 players from Premier league club Leicester City have all been sacked, as we know they are owned by a thai owner, would they have been sacked if they didn't have a thai owner? even the managers son was sacked...

  • My TGF from Las Vegas to Bangkok

    After reading so many wonderful stories from this Board, I decided it was time to post one of my own.  Since I have not yet actually experienced the marvels of visiting LOS, I thought I would relate how I beca...

  • Wimbledon with female company
    Well I've got 11 days until I leave for patts and I've landed lucky.. Wimbledon starts or the same day so I'll be able to see the full tournament but what I'm wondering is what bars you guys would recommend I can watc...

  • I'm free

    Holy tits. After having a live in for a little less than a month it feels great to send her back to the village to be with the family. 


    No more having to immediately shower after the...

  • bjs ? Bj bars?

              Last time I was in Patts I was satisfied but I did not ge...

  • Phone?

      I am in the states and have a verizon phone so i cant just put a sim card in, I phone 6. I have to buy a phone. I thought id just get a cheapy like last time on my first day. I am guessing the mall is the pl...

  • Canadian reports being cheated by Pattaya Travel Agency

    I feel bad for him, be wary of these types of places.



  • It's still 1k baht LT!
    Contrary to some reports and threads I commented on before coming to Patts on this current trip (4days in) I can confirm that my 3 LTs so far have all been 1k baht. 2 from Ibar and 1 from marine. Now I am anything but...

  • The world's average penis sizes


  • Who is Stickboy
    Stickboy bangkok is an amusing site run by a Scots expat in bangkok. Lots of photos, some recycled news and the odd bit of gossip. He's active on Twitter too.


    Anyway, he's had a bit of a rant and outed himself...

  • Posts that make you think WTF?
    ......My first time barebacking a TG, but If it wasn't for the elaborate shower, I wouldn't have done it........


    A genuine post from this board (not me!).


    Part of me thought brave man for writing this...

  • Sharky Viewed By Thais

    While I was browsing Thai videos on Youtube, this popped up. I clicked it only because the title was in Thai. I'm sure you have all seen it on the farang news sites and on Pattaya-Addicts, but this is actually a Th...

  • Many lady-boys, few gentlemen-girls

    Has anyone noticed an abundance  of lady-boys and yet few of the reverse, which I will refer to as "gentlemen-girls"?


    Is the reason for the cultural thing, economic (more opportunities for...

  • My Beach Road Ladies - Number 1, Fon

    I’ve probably been with several hundred ladies from Beach Road and over the years I’ve become very close to many of them.  I thought that even though it’s not really a topic for a discussion thread some of the...

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