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Here's my review,   I stayed here for 19 night over christmas and new year(my fourth stay with Dave) I was in room 4A and it was spacious and had everything you needed in it! There was a small probl

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This sumptuous book takes readers on an insider’s tour of the natural and manmade wonders of the "Land of the Free Man" (the English translation of the word "Thailand"). Over 500 spectacular color photographs demonstrate the natural paradise that is all the more exceptional for its rare pristine quality. Readers meander along pure white beaches and dip their toes in crystal-clear waters, forge their way through dense Jungle, and scale mountains overgrown with rare and exotic vegetation. In dramatic contrast, readers are taken into the enchanting city of Bangkok, the heart and soul of Thailand, where photographs linger over the intricate details of the gleaming gold temples and lead us into the bustling markets. Integral elements of Thai culture, such as dance theater, holidays and festival, and, of course, the delectable cuisine, are explored as well, through both lively text and super photographs. What emerges is a portrait of a place of brilliant color, vibrant multi-faceted culture, deep-seated spirituality, remarkable architecture, and hospitable people who have, for centuries made Thailand a fascinating magnet for travelers around the world. As colorful and vibrant as the country it celebrates, this volume presents a well rounded portrait of an exotic country that will appeal to world travelers and armchair travelers alike.


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Bangkok to Ben Nevis Backwards: A journey through Dementia, from England to Scotland, India, Thailand, and back again by Phil Hall of Pattaya 2020 fame...https://amazon.com/Phil-Hall/e/B078V5H9G3/ref=dp_byline_cont_pop_book_1


Canterbury Tales Guesthouse ... email; [email protected]



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The Thai Soup Secret: Transform Your Health with Thailand's #1 Superfood.....by Craig Fear 

One of a bunch of Brand new books in stock ....

The Thai people have a well kept secret. For hundreds of years, they’ve known about the healing power of their traditional soups. Over the course of several trips to Thailand, Nutritional Therapist Craig Fear, realized there were so many simple, delicious and healthy Thai soups that were unknown to most people in the West. He set about sampling, photographing, and collecting dozens of soup recipes that are easy re-create in western kitchens. The result is the Thai Soup Secret

The Thai Soup Secret includes 40 recipes for medicinal broths, congees and authentic soups, all of which will help you progress towards a healthier life. Best of all, of the recipes are designed to be simple, without hours of preparation or long lists of hard to find ingredients.  

Besides being geared towards health and wellness The Thai Soup Secret is also for anyone who just loves Thai food! If a trip to Thailand is not on your agenda anytime soon then this book will be your next best option for discovering the wonderful world of Thai soups!

Broth-Based Soups

The Thai Soup Secret focuses specifically on broth-based soups that work on a deeper level, promoting healing from the inside out. Imagine a warm bowl of soup, infinitely customizable, and filled with anti-inflammatory herbs and vegetables. Thai soups can be enjoyed at every major meal. Healthy, delicious, and versatile – does it get any better than this?

What You’ll Learn

When you pick up a copy of The Thai Soup Secret: Transform Your Health with Thailand’s Number One Superfood, you’ll learn:

The restorative power of real broths and why Thai-style broths are easier to make than western-style broths.

The many health benefits of Thai herbs including 3 traditional Thai soup ingredients with powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can fight even the toughest gut bacteria.

How to easily find Thai soup ingredients. There are no exotic, difficult-to-find ingredients in this book! You will learn to easily find Thai soup ingredients right where you live.

How to make mouthwatering, nourishing Thai Soups including recipes for tom yum, tom kha and many more!

How to make medicinal drinking broths (which have potent gut-soothing benefits) using a variety of simple Thai herbs, roots and spices.

How to make delicious congees which are simple, rice-based soups commonly eaten for breakfast throughout Asia. You’ll learn how to whip these up faster than a boring old bowl of oatmeal!

How to make every recipe taste incredible. You’ll learn to season your soups to your personal liking, just like they do it in Thailand.  For example, if you don’t like spicy, no problem! You’ll learn how to alter each recipe to what you like.

Well Loved Recipes for All Skill Levels

If you’re looking for recipes that support your journey towards a healthier life, this book is for you. In fact, this book is designed to fit into busy schedules and the average kitchen setup. Every essential ingredient you need can be found very easily, and there are specific instructions on how to get started. You’re covered every step of the way.


Canterbury Tales Guesthouse ... email; [email protected]



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MOM (Magic Circles) Paperback – April 24, 2020

by Collin Piprel ...Colin other books in stock such as Kicking dogs, Bangkok Knights, Bangkok old hand etc..

MOM is the mall operations manager - the greatest intelligence in history, a machine awakened to self-awareness at a time when the last few human survivors have withdrawn to the last two remaining refuges on Earth. Quarantined from the global nanobot superorganism outside the malls and from each other inside, the mallsters are utterly dependent on MOM for everything — including the only, evermore suspect information they have about the world Outside.

Now the malls are crumbling.

Praise for MOM, Book 1 in the Magic Circles Series:

"The extra-sensorial journey, the unspooling of the central mystery, and the story's moving climax are byyond mind-blowing"

        - Paul Dorsey, The Nation (Bangkok)

"MOM is a big bang of a novel with many big ideas... Old Asia hands, sci-fi fans, and readers of quality fiction who enjoy complex and entertaining yarns should enjoy MOM."

        - Kevin Cummings, Thailand Footprint

"This book will take you on the craziest trip you've ever been on. And it will make you question everything."


Genesis 2.0 (Magic Circles) (Volume 2)

A nanobot superorganism lays waste to the Earth. Is this the apocalypse? Or does the world's end harbor new beginnings? Life will always find a way. Though some ways are better than others. Evolution on steroids - the most significant development since inanimate matter first gave rise to life. You can't predict novel evolutionary developments, you recognize them only after they emerge. Then you have to deal with them.



Canterbury Tales Guesthouse ... email; [email protected]



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Only Fools and Stories: From Del Boy to Granville, Pop Larkin to Frost

by David Jason

 In his first book David Jason told us about himself from his early years training as an electrician through to making it as one of Britain's greatest actors.
This autumn, in a follow up autobiography, he tells us about the many other lives he has lived – his characters. From Del Boy to Granville, Pop Larkin to Frost, he takes us behind the scenes and under the skins of some of the best loved acts of his career.
And in the process he reflects on how those characters changed his life too. The result told with his characteristic charm and wit is both funny and poignant, honest and heart warming. 

s-l1600 (26).jpg

Canterbury Tales Guesthouse ... email; [email protected]



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Romanitas - by Sophia McDougall 

In 2756 AC, magnetic railways span Roman territory from Persia to Terranova, and mechanised crucifixes are ranked along the banks of the Thames. As the story opens, Marcus Novius Faustus Leo, heir apparent to the Imperial throne, is mourning the death of his parents.


Canterbury Tales Guesthouse ... email; [email protected]



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The Map and The Territory by Michel Houellebecq..

The most celebrated and controversial French novelist of our time delivers a riveting masterpiece about art and money, love and friendship, and fathers and sons.
Jed Martin is an artist. His first photographs feature Michelin road maps, and global success arrives with his series on professions: portraits of various personalities, including a writer named Houellebecq. Not long afterward, Jed helps a police inspector solve a heinous crime that leaves lasting marks on everyone involved. But after burying his father and growing old himself, Jed also discovers Serenity, a deeply moving conclusion to a life of lovers, friends, and family, and filled with hopes, losses, and dreams.


Canterbury Tales Guesthouse ... email; [email protected]



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