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German Dental Clinic, anyone been?


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I haven't been to see a dentist for 8 years, because of my fear of pain and also because my economy hasn't allowed it!

I thought there were nicer things to do with my hard spent money! :ILoveSex1:


Anyway, over the years my tooth fillings have fallen out and tooth are breaking off, to the extent that I can't any longer postpone a visit to the dentist!


I pass by the German Dental Clinic, Thappraya Rd.(Silvermetallic front building) on bathbus going to Chomthien many times a week and I have also read only positive comments about his place, so I finally decided to give it a try today.


Stepped in and the cute receptionist took my name.

Was then lead up the stairs and entered the office of the German owner Mr. Michael Schlatter that welcomed me and wondered what I needed.

I told him I hadn't been to the dentist for many years and wanted a check up and price evaluation,

then a girl took me to the X-Ray room where they made a scan of my teeth, took just 2 minutes.


Then I was asked to go back to the office again, and Mr. Schlatter looked at my X-ray and did sound somewhat shocked of what he saw, after a couple of minutes he told me I needed 10 caps!!!

I had thought maybe 6 crowns or the worse scenario 8, so I was quite shocked as well!


He then continued to quote different price options, these are the total all inclusive prices:


a, 10 X Ceramic crowns with Nickel Chrom base at 67.000, baht.

b, 10 X Ceramic crowns with 51% Gold Palladium base at 111.000, baht.


c, 10 X Zirconia non metallic crowns at 156.000, baht.


I had counted on a max budget for my dental work at 100.000, baht, so option c, is already out.


Only difference I can see with options (a), and (b) are the material and the prices.

I'm probably opting for the cheaper alternative (a), as I will save 44000 baht that can be used for much more enjoyable things!


Only hesitation about this is that I have heard that some people develop allergic reactions to Nickel, this makes me a bit worried!?

I have one gold crown already that haven't been giving me any problems.


Good thing with this Clinic is that they have their own Lab for making crowns, so the whole procedure shouldn't take more than 3 days according to Mr. Schlatter, while it make take weeks in other places.

They also have 5 years guarantee on their work, it's also a wellknown and long established clinic.


What makes me somewhat hesitant and confused is that although the exam was free, I had expected a full inmouth inspection by a dentist and not just a few minutes look at an x-ray plate,

to determine the damage!?

What I've heard is that Mr. Schlatter himself is more of a lab technician, and have a stable of Thai female dentists working for him doing the actual job.

I hope if I choose to use them the real dentists will do a proper asessment what is needed to be done and not just follows his recommendations.

I got a feeling that he was just out to sell as many caps as possible!

Hopefully I'm just being paranoid and totally wrong though!


I would love to hear what other people, who has used this clinic, has to say and how their experiences has been using them!




When no money... she no give honey! 


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A friend had some very extensive work at this clinic, cost over 200,000 baht !! Yes they are probably more expensive than some but very professional and very good result. It helps i think having their labs on site. Can recommend them. Go for the best you can afford.

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I read that Titanium is the only metal that the body doesn't reject?

You have too many doubts mate, get a second and even third opinion.

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I'm a bit disappointed because I had expected a thorough exam with a detailed report of everyone of my teeths condition, and not a quick glance at the X-ray and then hear that I need 10 caps without even have looked in my mouth!?

It all seemed very unprofessional to me!


On the leaflet that they supply in the clinic it states free tooth-examination, maybe to get a full normal examination you have to pay, but he didn't mention anything about it, I would gladly have payed, that was what I expected anyway before I got there.


Maybe Mr Schlatter misunderstood my intentions and thought I was only in for the quick free consultation?

I don't know, I was just so nervous that I was glad to get out of there, and didn't start to think properly until back safely in my room again!



I've been considering going to Dental@Beach in Central Festival for a second opinion as well, but although mostly positive remarks I also heard some less positive about gay/katoey dentist torturing his patients!?


Another option is the Pattaya International Hospital in Soi 4, but I have heard some mixed reviews as well lately and that the famous "singing dentist" Dr Aree is no longer there?

Also read that they have long queues and prices have gone up.


Positive things with a place like "German Dental Clinic" is that it only takes 3 days to complete the job, while in other clinics without their own labs it might take 1-2 weeks, that would save a lot of agony for me to have it out of the window so I can calm down and enjoy my last month in freedom without having to worry about dental problems!


Will see how I feel after the weekend!



When no money... she no give honey! 


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Haven't gotten any second opinion yet, but have been scouting the Internet for info about dental crowns, pros & cons for different materials and prices at different dental clinics in Pattaya.

I have come to think more and more about to use the top material for dental crowns at the moment being Zirconia, that is said to contain no metals and to be impossible to break, only drawback is the price!

Seems to me that the standard price at most clinics is 13000 baht a crown for Zirconia, whilst German Dental Clinic wants 15600 baht (after discount),this means I'll save 26000 baht for 10 caps!


I'm also thinking why make all at the same time, I could do the most urgent half now and rest when I come back to Pattaya in January next year, then it wouldn't hurt so much financially.

Problem is only to find another reliable and trusted dentist, preferably on South Pattaya Rd since that would be most conveinient within walking distance from my hotel.


Any suggestions?

How about this place?

Anyone been?


Pattaya Smile Dental Clinic





When no money... she no give honey! 


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hej plahgat

jag har varit på något som heter centralpattaya dental clinic och tycker att dom gjorde ett mycket bra jobb,trevliga unga damer bra pris.det var ett år sedan.har inte haft något problem sedan dess.


hi plahgat i used the central pattaya dental clinic and i think they did a good job,nice ladies dentist and nurse,.good price.it was last year.havent had any problem since then.

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hej plahgat

jag har varit på något som heter centralpattaya dental clinic och tycker att dom gjorde ett mycket bra jobb,trevliga unga damer bra pris.det var ett år sedan.har inte haft något problem sedan dess.


hi plahgat i used the central pattaya dental clinic and i think they did a good job,nice ladies dentist and nurse,.good price.it was last year.havent had any problem since then.




Tack för tipset!

Skall kolla upp dom imorgon!

Thanks! I'll check them out tomorrow!



When no money... she no give honey! 


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My search for a trustable and cheap dentist continues!


Went to the famous "Dentist@Beach" http://www.dentistbeach.com in Central Festival a couple of days ago for another free examination and consultation, but they just said I had to book the meeting on their website!?


I thought it was just to more or less show up and go in for the exam, didn't see any queues or people waiting as well, just saw a dentist on her way out saying she's off for a lunch.


They seems to be slightly more expensive as well, with Zirconia crown going for 13500 baht.

So, I guess they are off my list for now!



Next one to visit was "Central Pattaya Dental Center" http://www.centralpattayadental.com up on Pattaya Klang Rd just after Soi Bua Khao junction.

They have also received lots of good comments on the Internet, and I believe they belong to the same group as "Dentist@Beach", but have cheaper prices, with Zirconia Crowns at 13000 baht.


Went there today and was lucky only had to wait 10 minutes for the dentist to call me in!

Was shown into a small room with a dentist chair and 3 "dentists" just standing there hiding their faces behind their mouthcovers!

No one said a word, and it felt a little bit awkward, had expected them to great me and tell their names at least!


After having found a place to put my backpack I sat myself in the chair, and while my feet was going up the ceiling and my head down towards the floor, I started to get a bit worried about the silence, so I kindly asked the chubby little male dentist if he spoke english?

The answer was a nervous "No" !


OK, Strange place I thought!

They advertice for foreign customers in magazines and Internet, but their dentists doesn't even speak english!?


Anyway I tried to explain to the dentist that I hadn't been to the dentist for 8 years and only wanted a free exam and consultation.

One of the other dentists then tried to translate and first then I heard it was a ladyboy!


What happened next was that they covered my face with a red sheet with only a small hole for my mouth, and then the male dentist started to go through my teeth.

He used some instrument to beat on my teeth now and then and asked if it hurt!

Luckily I didn't feel a thing.


Finally he took the sheeth off my face so I could breath, was starting to get low on oxygen under there!

Gave me a handheld mirror and started try to explain tooth by tooth about my problems, and with the help of the ladyboy translating.


The diagnosis was a totally different one from the German's verdict from last week, that told me I needed 10 caps!

This dentist said I only needed 2 crowns and 3 fillings, but that I needed 2 root fillings as well!


It sounded much better and cheaper, but when I asked how long time it would take they stated it would take longer than a month!!!

They must use a specialist for the root fillings and another one for the caps!


So that means I can forget about this option as well!

I had hoped for one week up to two weeks max, to fix my teeth.


They wanted to fix my fillings and do a cleaning immediately, but to their disappointment I told them I wanted to wait I needed to think about it more.

Before I left I asked the dentist for his name he mumbled something like "Mr Ton".

When leaving the place I almost regretted that I didn't let them do my fillings and rinse after all, think it would have cost me 3800 baht or so.


This dentist gave me the impression of being unsecure and nervous, they also didn't X-Ray my teeth, but solely depended on eyesight.

I would have prefered a dentist that used X-ray as well as visual exam, to make a final verdict!


So, my experiences with the Thai Dental care is somewhat confusing now, with two so different results!


Well, tomorrow is a new day!

I have made an appointment with yet another clinic for a free exam and consultation, this time with "Pattaya Smile Dental Clinic" http://www.dentalpattayabeach.com situated opposite Kasigorn Bank on South Pattaya Rd., another well acclaimed clinic with good reviews from the Internet Forums!



When no money... she no give honey! 


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Today after the morning-rain stopped I walked the short distance from my hotel to "Pattaya Smile Dental Clinic" opposite K-Bank on South Pattaya Rd.


I had booked my appointment at 11:30, but was already in the dentists room at 11:20, which was great because I hate waiting-rooms!


Small simple room with dentists chair, and a happy smiling female dentist without a mouthcover on greeting me!


I immediately got some nice vibes from her and this place, she told me her name was Dr Jay.

She spoke perfect english and directly gave me a feeling of confidence, seemed like a fun and joyous person and all my anxiety and nervousness disappeared!


No heavy cloth was put on my face as in the other place, and during the examination she told me very clearly what she saw and showed me in the mirror.


Before she even had diagnosed my problems, I knew this was it, I had found my dentist at last!


I have been checking my own teeth before my trip to try to get a picture of what is wrong and what could be done, I'm ofcourse no dentist, but I was very happy when her diagnosis was identical to my own!


So this is what is going to be done:

I will be having 6 new Zirconia Crowns, one rootfilling and some minor fillings.

Crowns will be done for 13000 baht each all incl.

Rootfilling will be at 6000 baht, but I will not have time to have the crown fitted this trip so

she will do a temporary filling until my next trip next year.


She counted on 2 weeks to have the job done this trip, she doesn't want to do all the crowns in the same day.


She expects the total costs to be around 85000 baht, which is within my limits of max 100000 baht.


I could have opted for the cheaper Nickel-Chrome based crowns at 7000 baht each, but I prefer the best and longest lasting quality Zirconia.

If I was a retired pensionist or older I might have gone for the cheaper standad crowns, but I expect to live at least 20-30 years more! Hopefully!


Only some minor complains about todays visit:

Aircon in the room was freezing cold!

X-ray is obviously not included in the free exam, but that is probably the same for the other cheaper clinics as well.

She didn't mention or notice that I have some minor stains at the back of my lower front-teeth, and

also didn't say anything about my upper front teeth that has chipped edges and also scratched and worn enamel.

She also didn't mention anything about cleaning of toothstone, although I brush and clean my teeth every day there should be something to clean off after not going to the dentist for 8 years!

Maybe she saved it for my first real appointment tomorrow, will also ask her about guarantee.


So tomorrow the "work" starts at 10:30 in the morning, I'm in for X-Ray, Tooth impression and small filling.



When no money... she no give honey! 


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Glad you appear to be sorted!

Mention you issues to her in conversation?

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Another dark,gloomy and very humid day in Pattaya.


Stayed in last night, hard to sleep and nervous for the coming visit to the dentist today!




It went better than expected!


I was the first patient of the day at 10:30, they are open 10:00-20:00.

Started with the X-Ray, Dr Jay didn't notice anything new on them than she already knew.

Made 2 jaw impressions one upper and one lower in some kind of fastdrying "clay".


Then she drilled and filled a smaller cavity on a premolar in lower jaw, changed the old filling to white composite that looked much better and more natural than the old Amalgam!


She then continued to drill out and clean the tooth that she expected to do a root canal treatment on.

I didn't feel a thing even without anesthetic, and since it looked much better after removing the caries and since I didn't feel any pain, she came to the conclusion the nerve and pulpa was still intact and alive without infection and hence I would probably not need a root filling after all!


She filled the tooth with a temporary filling and said just in case that we should wait about 2 weeks and if I haven't had any pain during that time she would fix the filling permanently and I wouldn't need any rootfilling or even a crown on that tooth after all!


She said that after a root filling the tooth is dead, and might sooner or later get loose and fall out, so better to try and keep it alive as long as possible.

Will also save me 13000 baht + 6000 baht, so I keep my fingers crossed!


I finally asked her about my chipped front teeth, but she didn't think it was too much, and also said a filling wouldn't last long, she simply polished down my teeth a little bit at the chipped edges, and although slightly shorter than before they still look OK and natural!


This visit lasted about an hour and total cost was 2000 baht!


Tomorrow is going to be a hard day though!

The Dentist will do the teeth that needs crowns on one side, 2 downstairs and 2 upstairs!

Drilling and removing of caries, then some rebuilding to support a temporary crown.

She counted on at least 2 hours work.


Then she's off for a few days Holiday, so my next visit will be 5 days later, when she will do the two last teeth for crowns on the other side.

Then maybe wait another week to get the permanent Zirconia crowns fitted.

I forgot to ask about how long I will wear the temporary crowns, will know tomorrow.


I might take a few days "holiday" as well and go to BKK 11-13 of May!

Will see how I feel after the visit tomorrow!



When no money... she no give honey! 


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Interesting reading. Keep it up and hold in there. Looking forward to see the total amount of cost on this.

Can not wait for the 13th of jun. Than im back in Pattaya. Must time go away fast and slow down when im in Pattaya

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Just came home to my hotel from another visit to "Pattaya Smile Dental Clinic".

... and my teeth are aching as hell, feels like one side of my jaw is going to explode!!!



.... I was in for a some extensive work today, they worked on my teeth nonstop from 11:30-13:35


Dr Jay changed the plan a little though, so instead of fixing 3 teeth all on the same side, she decided to work on 2 lower molars on one side and an upper molar on the other side.

Next visit she will do the reversed.


Today she gave me anestethic with a big needle, didn't feel the injection much though.

Troughout the drilling I hardly felt anything, felt a little chill at the end when she was polishing that's all.

It was constant work for her and her two assistants, first she had to drill down the caries and cavities and clean up the teeth and then rebuilt hem again and reshape them into a cone, then she made the moulds that will be sent to a lab, and lastly she fitted some temporary crowns for me to wear until the final Zirconia crowns have been made.


So there will be at least 6 crowns after all, but could have been 7 if she had done the root canal yesterday.

Cost for the teeth all incl. is gonna be 6 Zirconia Crowns X 13000 baht = 78000 baht.

I payed for the work done yesterday another 2000 baht so all in all it will be 80000 baht.

I did a small down payment today of 12000 baht, but was up to me if I pay little by little or all at once.


About guarantee for the Zirconia crowns it will last for 2 years, so if something happens to the teeth within that timeframe they will fix them for free!

Although the Dr seems to be quite confident that nothing will happen to them.


I will probably need another 3 visits, next visit isn't until 16 of May since Dr Jay is going for holiday.


After I left the clinic today and the anestecia worned off, I have had quite a painfull day, especially on the side where she fixed two teeth next to each other!


Will stay in tonight and take a few painkillers and hope it feels better tomorrow!

If so I might go for a 3-days "Mini-Holiday" to Bangkok myself, while waiting for my next visit to

"Pattaya Smile Dental Clinic"!




PS next report won't be until the 16 of May

When no money... she no give honey! 


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Just a small update.

The pain in my teeth disappeared during night so now I only feel a slight chill when I drink cold water.



When no money... she no give honey! 


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Thanks for this thread, it's really informative.

I'll need dental work too (probably a crown) and I've been digging through old reports for pointers - it's great to have current intel!

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I want to thank you too for this thread, I need an implant and a crown so I'm quite curious how your experience turns out overall. I'm wondering if the prices are cheaper in Pattaya or Bangkok. Did you ever bother to look into that?


I really really hope this works out for you long term. Good luck with the rest of the treatment.

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Big thanks for sharing your experiences Plahgat. Really appreciate you taking the time to write long details of the different dentists and cover their good/bad points.

I need to get some stuff done on my teeth too, so on the strength of your reviews, I will try to get in and see Dr Jay when I come next month, she sounds like a good one.

Thanks again mate. :)

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Hi guys!


I'm back in Pattaya again after 3 days R&R in Bangkok.


Today it was time again for another visit at "Pattaya Smile Dental Clinic".

Dr Jay was supposed to start with my 3 last teeth, but ...

my first 3 new Zirconia crowns were ready and back from the lab, laying on a tray waiting to be inserted in my mouth!

So it took 6 days from imprint until finished product back at the clinic from the lab.


After som thorough cleaning and minor adjustments to make a perfect fit, my new Zirconia crowns were finally glued and attached to my old stumps in my mouth!


This vist lasted about 45 minutes to put in 3 crowns.

I did feel some discomfort and chilling when she cleaned and blowed my teeth before the crowns were glued on, but it was very temporary.


Next visit will be on Friday, when she will start work on my 3 last teeth, and then a last visit to fit my last crowns 6 days or so later on.


That is not the end of my dental works though, I will still have at least 3-4 more crowns to be done in the future, hopefully next year, just need to save some more money first!


I have taken a few before and after pictures of my teeth that have been done so far for comparison!


A warning though of the graphic nature of these pictures! crazy.gif

This is a before-shot of leftside of my lower jaw to show the damage, as you can see there was almost nothing left of my second inner molar.


post-4442-0-86121900-1337169193.jpg post-4442-0-24421700-1337169213.jpg


This is the after-shot with my new Zirconia crowns fitted, also had a white composite-filling on first premolar.

There is still work to be done on my second premolar, in the future hopefully next year I will put on another Zirconia crown here.

Still quite a remarkable change and look!



Here are the before and after-shots of my rightside upper jaw.

As you can see there still needs to be done at least one more crown and maybe also change my old fillings to white composite.


Also shown is an old standard porcelin/metalbase crown, that I might consider changing as well in the future to fit better with the more natural color of the Zirconia crown that doesn't contain any metal.




post-4442-0-47294700-1337169282.jpg post-4442-0-14012700-1337169312.jpg



So, that's all for now folks!

Will keep you updated with a new report on Friday!



When no money... she no give honey! 


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Great info man and jesus how it looks before ?You had to have pain there before? I getting pain just by looking at the pics hehe.Looks great after.Thanks for your time to write about this, I will go to her asap.She do a great job the way it looks.Skål och tack för infon(cheers and thanks for the info)

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I'm keen for any tips for a good BKK dentist. Veneers and a couple of wisdom teeth to do.


Bangkok smile i think they are called. Asoke and also on sukhumvit with an outlet. Had some work done there in 2009 and apart from decent prices mainly impressed with the complete painless process (even after)

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Plahgat, are the new crowns look great. How are working out for you with regards to eating?

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Plahgat, are the new crowns look great. How are working out for you with regards to eating?


Today is one day after and so far it feels very good, no pain or chills when eating or drinking, much better than with the temporary caps!



When no money... she no give honey! 


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Great info man and jesus how it looks before ?You had to have pain there before? I getting pain just by looking at the pics hehe.Looks great after.Thanks for your time to write about this,


Only had some minor chills when eating before my old cracked fillings finally fell out, once they were gone I never felt anything!?

I was afraid that maybe the roots would be inflamed and dead, but luckily it seems like they have survived.

But I doubt they would have made it for another year though!


The other molars of my mouth not yet showned, are as bad or even worse!

So be prepared for some more nasty pics later! :GoldenSmile1:



When no money... she no give honey! 


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Once again back to my hotelroom from a visit to "Pattaya Smile Dental Clinic".

Right now I have a pounding headache and I can feel my heart beating in my jaws and teeth as well!


Today was another "Marathon-session" in the dentistchair!

Dr Jay was supposed to work on my last 3 crowns today, but I decided to have yet another one done now instead of waiting until next year, and since she had time over she agreed to do it as well.


So today it took a total of 2 hours and 45 minutes of nonstop drilling, polishing, restructuring, making impressions and fitting temporary crowns!


I was offered a "pee-pause" halfway if I wanted to, but I denied it and prefered to have the job done quicker instead!


She used the big needle to inject some anestethics, but still was a bit weak on one side, so I did feel some chilling pain when she "polished" my teeth at the end, but prefered to not interupt her working and just took a steady grip of the chair and tried to think about something nice those few seconds!


Anyway, now the worst work has been done, and there will be a full week of nicer "things" to do until next Saturday when she will finally fit the last 4 Zirconia crowns!


After that I expect one last exam at the clinic for Dr Jay to inspect her work, and she will also make a last filling to the tooth that she first thought needed a root canal.

I still don't feel any pain in that tooth so I hope it will make it!


Since I opted for yet another Zirconia crown, my total bill is now up to:

2000 baht + 7 X 13000 baht = 93000 baht


My initial max budget was set at 100000 baht, so I still have another 7000 baht to do some minor job at the end if I so wish, like changing old Amalgam fillings to Composite.



When no money... she no give honey! 


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