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Devils Den website hacked

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Hmmm... 130 kilos... I wonder who that could be. Has he lost weight?:)

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Ok we are working on fixing the site, we believe it was a group of anti-porn religious hackers that have carried out both assaults. May their god bless them, as he probably needs the souls :GoldenSmile1: I just love these, holier than thou, pricks.


Surely they'd be better occupied using their considerable technical skills to earn good money. Money they could spend on saving lives and generally making the world a better place?

I'm sure if you gave jesus a choice between saving lives in africa or hacking websites...


But then again i'd never make a good religious fanatic, I ask to many questions and have some stupid notions about helping my fellow man.




The important thing is they are better than us and trying to save us.

It may seem like they are being pricks right now, but thats because we're ignorant heathens who don't know better and should come back when we've learnt not to ask questions, even if it does seem like they contradict the key elements of their core religious texts.

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Good to hear your back up and running. All that work for you and to what purpose? What did they gain? Nothing.


As as been mentioned, maybe some positive work actually helping people in need would yield more benefit than this.

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sorry to hear about this problem. I enjoy visiting your site and plan on making a trip to your establishment this coming November. The laws should be tightened up a bit for these Pricks, nothing would make me happier that seeing them get some serious time in the Monkey House.

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