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A House just completed in Barn Saray, South of Pattaya


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Very nice place! Enough space for a couple of mia noi too :P .

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Very nice alan, how long did that take to build and what was the damage if you don't mind me asking?

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I'm jealous, very nice. I hope its watertight, and I don't mean the roof

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Looks like it could do with a house-warming party :P .... I'll be around in April ;-)


Nice place. Congrats

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WOW what a nine pad. That hear in London would be worth milions sort of place you would find in Hamstead, whgich is one of the most up market areas in London.


Could you hold off the house waming party July/August


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Thats not a house mate that's a bloody mansion!!!


Now show us some pics of a house, like a normal average farang could afford!!


Beautiful looking place though mate.


If i win tatts i will give you a call.............................dream on hey.

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Looks nice...when does the pool and landscaping get finished? I'll bring the ribs n beer!


Id love to build in Thailand someday, but Im not willing to risk the title being in a girls name, even if she was my wife (no f-in way)...id have to find a way to have it in an offshore corporation or something...if not, guess Ill always be a renter there.


Cheers, Alex

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Hi guys thanks for your comments cost 4-7 mill plus some extras- 4 and a half months start to finish .he’s getting a koi carp pond made at the front of the house with stepping stones going to the house (his idea) will post pics of the finished garden latter, thanks again guys ,

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Hello there Guys.


I’ve Enclosed a few pages from the plan. The plan has the steel sizes used in the roof, footings and structure.


If you look carefully it is all numbered and letter coded. The client did however modify windows and door sizes.


Windows = White Grade ‘A’ Aluminum.


Glass = 5mm Green Tint.


Downstairs floor = 60cm by 60cm Granite Composite Tiles.


Upstairs floor = Mai Padoo.


Walls = 10cm thick (red brick)


Roof tile = C-Pac Monier prestige


Water Tank = Standard (7000baht)


Paint = TOA 4 coats in all


This house took 4 and a ½ months to build with a 9 man team, and contractors coming in to do electrics, windows, exterior non-slip floor, Wooden flooring, gypsum board and painting. All our contractors have been with us for 8 years now.


The house cost 4.7mil plus a few extras. the client who is a former property developer from the UK is very pleased with his new home and we are looking forward to our next project with him in the near future.


Thank you for all your interest, be it positive or negative, I always take it all in.




























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Wow Alan this is a dreamhouse!!!! A great place to live in with your family. Thanks for the photos buddy, I love the style of your house. It's amazing and especially once the garden and the pool will be finished. Congrats mate as your ship is sailing in.




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Fucking beautiful home! May look you up when it is time for me to build.

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Looks like you did a good job there, that is a lovely looking place and for that money wow!


I especially like the dark wood flooring on the upstairs gives it a nice touch.

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A wonderful job you've done there mate. Thumbs up, it has become a Palace.

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i want that place!

experience is the mother of wisdom

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I want the money so i could afford that place...........................lol.


Great looking place though mate...........................congrats!!

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the house is great, but it ant his it's only on loan, we have all heard the cry of some one whos house has gone. the goverment say you cant own the law say the same, if your lady has it in her name and she cant prove where the money came from it could be lost to all. We still seam to leave our brains on the plane and think were at home.

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I'm a builder myself (in South Africa) and that house is a pleasure to behold. Nice straight lines and beautifully finished. Excellent job..KUDOS to Alan!!

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Very nice indeed Alan. Being somewhat novice at understanding the details of Thai construction, can you answer a couple of questions?


1) In the 1st picture, is that the water tank collecting rain water or a water purification system or a septic system? (I don't think they have true sewer systems right???)

2) I didn't see the small individual a/c units and I don't see central air ducts. Is the a/c already installed or is that done later?

3) It seems to me with the amount of sun/heat and the cost of electricity, that solar panels might be considered in construction. Is that still cost prohibitive?

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