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News Years Eve Countdown Party at Sapphire Club 31st December 2015



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Latest Topics

  • day trip to see river kwai

    has anyone tried the day trip to see river kwai ? Is it worth the time ?

  • Is mongering genetic?

    First off my father who is 70 years young and one of the most conservative men I've ever known and I are out hunting yesterday and we start talking about my upcoming trip to LOS.


    He's asking wh...

  • Bar music playlist

    after my first trip, it seems like all of the pubs and gogos played much of the same music, does anyone have a playlist, or an playlist on spotify or similar ?

  • What BM would you have sex with?

    The recent Sie Tweedle romance got me wondering. Has anybody ever met a fellow BM and had sex? Maybe only the gay ones or maybe a female BM, no need to kiss and tell names and scare away female members, but a simpl...

  • Automatic STD check before heading home?

    I don't bother if I haven't got any symptoms. Any of you guys do it as a routine?


    who remembers booking with them and coming on there trip to pattaya..

  • H boutique
    Anyone stayed here could give advice on hotel looks nice but would appreciate some members views cheers

  • H boutique
    Anyone stayed here could give advice on hotel looks nice but would appreciate some members views cheers

  • Some observations from peak season 2015/2016

    Some fear the "young and handsome" crowds. I think that there is no need do that. Whenever I see a bar girl stunner with a customer it is mostly a 50+ fallang. Many also seen with nerdy Japanese/Korean guys. Young...

  • Less farm fresh and better English?

    When I came here first time in 2010 I remember many times that I met girls that spoke close to zero English and often had to resort to sign language. Now it seems that all ladies I talk to speak at least some Engli...

  • Motorbike rental
    I'm in Pattaya and looking for some good suggestions to rent a newer bike, I no about hallmark but what are some other we sites for companies you have used to rent? Any advise is much appreciated

  • Your future is in your own hands.....
    ...and maybe explains why so few politicians suffer prostate problems.   'An orgasm a day could keep prostate cancer away, scientists c...

  • Visa questions again

    Got a 2 month visa from London by post just before they changed it again last time in December. so if I want to stay 1 month more what do I have to doo and how much is it going to cost me? oh and happy new year in...

  • Monk Scam



    This monk did not take it well when a Chiang Mai man refused to give him a donation.
    Photos of a mad monk giving...

  • what are your tips for not getting sick in pattaya ?

    I have never come home from thailand not  sick.


    The last time i was in hospital for months with some sort of mystery cold flu death virus..  


    Reasons why I think...

  • Does Anyone Post While Skunked Out of Their minds on BOOZE?

    I say this is me 37.859% of the time I am on Pattaya Addicts. However despite my combatitive and fucked up state of mind I somehow haven't gotten banned, nor am I asking for it,... carry on ye folk carry on


  • What's your Favorite Soi?
    I'm sure this was posted in the past, but I was in a conversation and I'm curious. There is no wrong or right answer, just curious what your favorite Soi is? I've only been 5 times and have yet to visit all the...

  • Thief shot and paralyzed.

    Sounded by the video that it happened in TL. On one hand whenever someone commits a crime against a person you never know how that person on the other end will respond, the thief could get away with it, the guy cou...

  • Thief shot and paralyzed.

    Not sure if it's in TL, sounds like Thai in the video. On one hand whenever a person commits a crime you never know how the person on the other end of the crime will react, might be three possible outcomes; the thi...

  • Thai music in bars?

    I was listening to some R Siam on my way to work this morning and it reminded me of being in Ruby Club of Soi 6 one time trying to play Thai music. Ruby Club is my favorite bar so I don't mean to talk bad about it,...

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