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Anyone collect or believe in Thai Amulets

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Don't feel bad, many make that mistake. Forty two in the last week alone.


Here in the state of Queensland sending Cane Toads high into the air with a number 8 Iron is considered de rigueur amongst the rural sporting set. 


But, to my own eternal discredit I prefer to collect them in the early evenings and drop them one by one into my Garden mulcher which fires their minced up remains 

across the valley here.

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I have one that I received from an English speaking monk this last trip in Pattaya, after spending a couple of hours discussing Buddhism with him - and making a sizable donation to the Wat :)


I wear it here, at home, whenever I leave the house.


I don't believe it possesses any INTRINSIC supernatural powers - I'm a scientist.  However, it's heavy, and I can feel the weight of it when I wear it.  When times become stressful, or the omnipresent suffering seems as though it's becoming too much to bear, I think of the amulet around my neck, and teachings of the Buddha - a momentary repose - and dial back my feelings of pain and aggravation.  I remember that all of existence, including my present suffering, is both expected - the natural order of things - and temporary.  


So while the amulet itself is just metal ensheathed in glass (probably plastic :D), it is indeed quite powerful.  It helps to regulate and shape my thoughts, and as such, regulates and shapes my behavior, which in turn regulates and shapes the entire world.

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It channels the external chi of all ambient beings within a certain spiritual distance, tuning the force of the wearer to the same nodulistic margin while at the same time dislodging plaque from the teeth. Quite fascinating stuff.



Oh cool.


I assume 'Quantum' something and 'Gravity Waves' feature in there as well?

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How anyone could believe in an amulet is quite frankly astonishing but if it was Father Christmas.............


When someone believe in something....it will be a great support for their live....if they fail, they still have something to believe to go on..

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My own preference is to wear an under garment made of 482 tanned foreskins ritually circumsized from prepubescent Jewish boys by an ordained Rabbi.


The ongoing problem is, that I'm always closely followed everywhere I go by female Dogs on heat......


What a coincidence, I have a coin purse made from foreskins. Rub it a little bit and it turns into a briefcase.


As far as amulets, it sounds like superstition to me and I believe it is bad luck to be superstitious.

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