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First solo trip...advice on this please


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Coming over soon for my first solo trip. Ive been afew half a dozen times before always with my mate. Generally we just laze about during the day round pool and hit the bars at night finding a suitable lady to enjoy the night with. Thats fine for a couple of weeks but am doing three weeks this time.

It may be my last trip for a while so I would like to see a bit more of Pattaya (aint ventured past Walking Street towards jomtien even). Any avice on the following would be appreciated....


1 Hiring a motorbike to explore during the day (hopefully if i drive safely ill be ok)

2 Jomtien,Buddha Hill.....worth a visit?????

3 Always wanted to do the River Kwai trip......but alone????

4 Any other recommendations for something to do or see that will make my trip memorable.


Plenty of other things i want to try but will leave them off this forum !!!!.....cheers for any advise

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Hiring a motorbike....if have experience riding one at home go for it,if not dont bother its to crazy and to easy/cheap to get where you want with different modes of transport.

Jomtiem and buddah hill are both well worth a look.

You are going for 3 weeks so loads of time to go kanchanaburi,i would do first week between bangkok and kanchanaburi then 2 weeks in patts,and travelling alone can be real fun you will defo meet people on your travels aslong as you are not so shy to say allright to someone.

By the sounds of things you are looking into doing more than just fucking so would do as i said above and use the first week doing bangkok and kanchanaburi(not sure if you have done bangkok yet)loads to see and do.How old are you?if your young i would suggest maybe to do full moon partys and islands aswell.

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Cheers for the advise. regards the motorbike i aint ridden one before but been on the back of my mates in pattaya and on numerous motorbike taxis so know the way things are there.

been to bangkok before wasnt really impressed.....thought about just doing the trip to River Kwai from Pattaya....the one where you get one night in a hotel in bangkok. Any thought on this

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1 Hiring a motorbike, just make sure u rent from someone whos got a proper insurance!!

2 Jomtien,Buddha Hill, I wouls say that a trip to the big buddah is ok, also make sure you go on the other side, there is a wery nice wiev point, if ure hungry u should try saigon restaurant on the 23 floor(i thing) outside balcony dining

3 River Kwai, bring a girl:-)

Hope u have a great trip

Nok Ka Wao

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Hiring a motorbike - there's a place on Second Road run by a farang. You can get insurance for little more too which I've never seen any of the Thais provide. I've never been stopped but I've been told an international driving licence is a good idea. If you get the bike, the Big Buddah will be straightfoward. Always worth a trip to look down on Sin City in awe. I've done numerous sidetrips out of Pattaya but the one I most enjoyed was to Koh Samet on a bike with a girl.

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