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Room for one week B500/night or less

bt trav

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I'm looking for a room to rent in Pattaya for one week for B500/night or less.


I don't need amenities like swimming pool, cable TV, room service, restaurant, gym, tour desk, etc. I don't have a car or motorbike, so parking facilities are not necessary. Don't need it to be guest-friendly either (but I'm not looking for a "homestay" type room in somebody's house). Prime location is not super important (Naklua, Jomtien, 3rd road, Sukhumvit, Darkside all ok--though of course closer to the action is always good).


The main thing I'm looking for is QUIET (no bar music, temple loud speakers, noise from nearby schools/sports venues, etc., and minimal street noise). Also, I need a clean place (no cockroaches), private bathroom w/hot shower, aircon, and internet in the room. I don't speak more than rudimentary Thai, so a staff with enough English for basic needs is also a must (don't need them to be proficient enough to give me travel advice, etc., just enough English to communicate about check-in/check-out, room cleaning, etc.). Found a place before that met most of those needs, but it had a really hard bed that I ended up not being able to sleep on, so I guess a soft bed is also something I can't do without. Of course in a relatively safe-at-night neighborhood, too.


Things that would be nice but not necessary are a room on an upper floor, windows, a balcony, internet included in the price of the room rather than charged extra, and desk/chairs. Would also be nice to have restaurants, bars, and something like a Big C/Foodland in the area--but again, those are bonuses, not necessities.


Haven't seen places that fit my needs on sites like Agoda or real estate websites, so that's why I'm posting here. Does the kind of place I'm looking for exist in the area?


I've made a few other posts/comments in this forum that I hope can sort of return the favor of any advice given here and I plan on posting a trip report after this trip with some detailed, up-to-date info on breakfast buffets and other things I check out on this trip.


I'm looking to stay from Sunday January 29, 2012 to Sunday February 5, 2012.


I'm really grateful for any advice.

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Guest houses are going to be cheaper than hotels. There are plenty in Pattaya. The only problem is trying to find one that has rooms available during high season.

The time you are coming.


This link may help you out.



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Most Guesthouses cannot use Agoda due to tight margins on low cost rooms.


However, Agoda runs on capacity and you should check back frequently as some times/days there are real bargains to be had.


Let me give you an example -


In November 2011 I booked a room at April Suites via Agoda for 3 nights @ $11 a night. When we went back a few hours later to book similar for a mate it was back to $45.


Many people often complain that Agoda "isn't the cheapest" but forget that prices there can change very rapidly. Its a website well worth bookmarking and checking frequently.

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500 is too little if you want a quiet, clean place. There is a sign on 2nd Road near Soi 13 that advertises rooms for 200. It is likely a ST hotel, but it might fit your needs. If you top up to 900 you can get a very nice guest house on LK Metro or Soi Bukkaow.


RCon Residence on Bukkaow is passable for 800 a night.

Siam Sawasdee on Bukkaow is passable for 850 a night.

Skytop on 2nd Road is in the 7-800 range.


Walk around Bukkaow - you will find your place, but maybe not at 500.

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Thanks for all the helpful info. http://www.pattayaguesthouse.com/

is really good. I'll check some of those places out. That's really good to know about Agoda, too. I rarely use them, but I'll definitely check now to see if there are any bargains to be had. Thanks for that. And, after walking around and checking around, I think robio is right that B500 is just not enough to get a quiet, clean room. I've seen a few around Bukkaow for around 500, but I think music/street noise would be a factor there. I'll report back when I've chosen and stayed in a place. Thanks again for all the help.

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Tornado bar on Soi 6 is 500/night. Some bugs/insect (mainly ants in the bathroom) and bed sheets are shit though.


big room, aircon, cable tv, king size bed (but crappy small bed sheets), fast internet (but drops out frequently)


I'm paying 650/night right now for The Lord nelson, Soi 6 (their daily rate is 800 High Season, 700 low). Clean, no bugs, fast internet, aircon, cable, king bed, good clean bed sheets.


Even for other ones that advertise for 700/800 night, just go in and ask if they have a weekly rate and it might be cheaper.

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Try the New Star on Soi Honey, they have rooms at 400 baht per night

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loads around but seldom advertised on the net.


best to get here and hit the streets definately do-able.


also, consider a condo also within your budget try dianaoasis osoleil.com and Dancewatchers.com.


i paid 11k pcm at diana estate,and 15k pcm at diana oasis WITH EVERYTHING INCLUDED breekky,wifi,2 pools air con etc

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You can try PJ inn. on Pattaya Klang , soi 12 (about 150m from P. Klang road). They have rooms for 400b or 500b... Good is you dont have card and a/c can run all day (ONLY IN CHEAPERS ROOMS)...hotel is not so bad (older furniture) and is safe. I had laptop with me and stay few times for long time there and never had problem..

Safe box is in the recepcion (take your own lock), elevator,rooms have balcony,a/c,wifi,refrigator, tv ,good beds....rooms clean and friendly stuff....opposite(few meters) is Family mart non stop open....

Can recommended this hotel....

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Completely full over your dates.


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I stayed at the Roof Garden Inn a few years back at the prices you are looking for. Here's their website: http://www.roofgardeninn.com/


The rooms were very good quality for the price. I believe the hotel is located between South Pattaya and Jomtien and it is quiet at night.

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cheers guesthouse opposite mityon garage, it's behind where bob bbq used to be, near 3rd road

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