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Tiger Temple near Chiang Mai


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When I was looking at National Geographic TV shows I always found myself thrilled by the beauty and strength the tigers have. So when I arrived to Thailand I knew I must go to pet some tigers and so I did. One important thing I had is to make sure this place is no acting in cruelty and don't drug the tigers. That's why I prefer to go to chiang mai and not to kanchanburi when i heard that they locked in chains and are dosed. the price is not cheap (1000~ baht for infants and mature tigers). I must say this was one in a life experience. the tigers, both big and small were active. When I saw a sign that tells visitors to report if they see any kind of violence or cruelty I knew I find the best place. I saw also one the small tigers cuddle in the leg of the operator. Here some images you can impress by yourself.











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I was at the Kanchanburi Tiger temple in December and can recommend it highly. The drugging stories are a load of bollocks. If you go in the morning you will see how awake and lively they are. Part of the program is exercising the cats where you get them to chase toys attached to the end of a 12' bamboo poll. Its an amazing experience. Simple fact is the tigers the same as your house cat turn into sloths in the afternoon to sleep for their evening hunting. When you arrive some of the juvenile tigers are bought up collared and chained in the main temple area so that you can interact with them. But it is not like they are chained there all day in fact from there you get to walk them down to the washing and exercise area. Lets face it your not going to have 10-15 (45-60 kg) tigers roaming around up there without some sort of restraint. I would be the first to complain if i saw any signs of animal cruelty but it is really obvious that the staff and the monks care a great deal for the animals there and are passionate about the conservation of these beautiful animals.


The program I did was "breakfast with the monks" it was expensive by thai standards at 5000 baht but worth every penny. The funds raised go to continuing their conservation work. Here in Oz at Dreamworld a 15min session with the tigers and a photo is $495, I know what i think was better value.

Blue Sky Group Ban Chang 0861415944 



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