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After a few weeks in Thailand, i tried a different rooms from Pattaya Marriott, I'll post here a few pictures from each room type i've been in between 24 dec and 3 january 2012.


First, this hotel was Girl Friendly : in most rooms you have to pass in front of lobby : in this case, it's ID card at front desk from your friend (but no supplement). But in Terrace suits : in these you can pass from the back door on beach road and move directly to your room with no ID card check up.


First day, i took deluxe room. As you can see from the pictures, it's ok room, but lacks a good view and is little dark (photos took at mid day) because vegetation from the garden. price range are in the 5-6k bahts for peek season.


The hotel is very well centered (5min walk from Walking Street, close to soy 13/2, access to beach road and second road, malls etc.) and most of all (my top priority, because i have very light sleep) it's very very calm! it's like an island of calm in the middle of a crazy city. (i tried dusit d2, but couldn't sleep after 6am, because noises from the soi)


Personnel was always helpfull and smilling and guards are at every entrances (giving you military salutes with big smiles, which i liked much:) )


In the garden, there is a big pool, wich can help pass time during the day waiting for night life if you are low on energy :P


Finally, in every rooms, the safe was big enough for my laptop (13"), papers, money and cameras.


The room cleanup is a little slow (often after 3pm), but it was ok because i couldn't wake up before mid day anyway :D






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Next is the terrace suit.


It's perfect for privacy (you can go there from garden without passing in front of lobby), is very wow effect for girls (especially the bathroom) and you can stay with your girl in the terrace for mid day breakfast in the middle of vegetartion.


however, it has drawbacks: first, it's very mosquito friendly! i had to be very cautiouos because i found those mosquitos seems to like me so much!

and second, the room is very dark (because in middle of vegetation).


But you can access pool directly from room (its just ahead), you have aromatherapy in every room (light up by room service during end of day, so you arrive in sweet smelling room with your girl during the night). and here also, it's very calm and refreshing (being in the middle of the beautifull garden wich always gave always a 'wow its so romantic!' from my nightly new friends ;)


Here are some ictures from Terraces suit :














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Terrace room looks awesome mate! Look forward to seeing the other lodgings

"Bucking and Rogering in the 21st century!"

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finally, after a little break in Bangkok before 31 dec (much needed, lol, no more power), i return to Pattaya for 31 dec upto 3 january.


As the price are now rocket high (8k normal basic room, instead of 4k, terrace suits : 16k, and top suite 24k) i choose basic room.


Upon arrival, however, surprise!! manager upgraded my room to top floor, bay view 3 rooms suits! cool!!


So i can post a few pictures of this as well!


The room is very well agenced, and the bath tube is just perfect for more night games fun with your girl(s) :P


And here, on 10th floor, no more mosquitos battles lol :P but it's pricey a lot (15k with breakfast/drinks/internet all day long).


All in all, a great hotel, which is too pricey probably but nothing beats the location of that and the absolute calm of the rooms.














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I stayed at the Marriott on my visit in December and really enjoyed myself there. Perfect location in my opinion and I really like the tropical feel. The rooms look great after the renovation although the outside seems a little dated.


The suite you stayed in at the end looks VERY nice. I'm a platinum member so maybe I'll get upgraded on some trip but I can't see me paying 15k Baht on a room that is far bigger than what I need. Especially since I try to spend very little time there, anyway.


Thanks for the pictures!

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you're welcome, maybe we saw each others there :=)


when i go back to Pattaya, i probably stay in terrace suit again i find them better for room space and decoration and for privacy also (because no ID card check up).


Top floor 3 room suite was fun because i payed normal room price for those, but it's big too much indeed for me too (and the normal price for those is a bit too much also..).


Staying in these suites also give access to 'executive lounge' : free breakfast/snack/cocktails and internet in the room.


But for breakfast buffet, you have to wake up before 10:30 (which i managed 1 time in all my stay, if i recall.. :P )

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Thanks for the info and prices. Looks very nice if you got the coin to spend


Bit out of my price range for pattaya.

Farang = Walking ATM. TG's push the right buttons and money comes out. PIN = BBBJ

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Rather than leave a separate review, I will chime in on your review, if you don't mind....especially since I foolishly forgot to take photos of my room!


I LOVE the Marriott in Pattaya -- I have stayed all over the World, and I think it might be my favorite hotel....of course, a LOT of that has to do with the fact that LK Metro and Walking Street are both just a short walk away! 55555!


The staff is amazing. As you noted, no hassles whatsoever and very girl friendly.


I love the pool area and tropical feel that it has. I think that it gets a nice breeze because of the shape of the hotel and how it opens towards the water. Whenever I get to the front desk to check in, I feel like I am truly on vacation.


I also like the renovations. I first stayed at the Marriott in November 2009, while the renovations were ongoing. My room had not yet been renovated. When I got back there last November (2011), I was very surprised to get the EXACT same room! I was able to see the big difference, but they also kept quite a bit of it intact.


I HIGHLY recommend the Marriott to anyone going to Pattaya!


Later in my trip (after moving to the Holiday Inn), I came back and snapped a few photos of some of the public areas. Here they are:


Marriott garden.jpg

Mariott pool.jpg

Marriott lobby.jpg

Marriott lobby 2.jpg

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Great hotel. I've stayed there many times. As mentioned, the deluxe rooms which are predictable -- nice and comfortable but typical of a Marriott. However, the Garden rooms are spectacular -- very spa-like. And the access to the Pool and the private exit to the beach makes it the perfect set up.


There are some rooms that are not listed on the website that are really great too. I had reservations for a Deluxe room and the receptionist asked if I would like one of the "End Rooms". I could tell by her smile I needed to say yes. It was on the end of the hotel nearest the beach. It had a huge terrace overlooking the pool and the ocean. Very large atrium like windows. It's probably the best room I've had in Pattaya.


I think the pool is the best pool I've ever been in. And the gardens are amazing. Food and drink prices at the pool bar are predictably outrageous.


I loved this hotel.

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End room. I'll have to remember that. :Thanks3:

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Great info .love the photos do you remember the beds [silly question ] but where they the new soft sleepwell beds or rocks like lots of thai beds I

have heard about .people have said the beds in thailand are hard .I like A soft comfotable bed .the place looks wonderful

I like nice things a few bucks more is not going to kill me as life is short and I am in my late prime LOLlate. 50 's

i like that it is girl friendly and has a good location .also If i may ask you or any board member who has been there the pool

is it ok to take a honey by the pool with out making her feel uneasy .I could give a shit about me but I still think

about the honeys ! I think the world of them they work hard to make you feel like a king. Jmho. Yes I am a big softy LOL.

..Anyfeed back is helpful Again thanks for the truly wonderful photos And review..

Reargards from the cappy .[we all have to grow old but we all do not have to grow up !!]

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If you're a Marriott rewards member, then staying here on points is probably the best way to make use of your points. I love the Marriott too for its location and services. I can't believe that just a short walk I have access to both second road and beach road. It just doesn't seem like that when you stay here. I mean I've stayed at the Hilton too and while the Hilton has much more modern rooms, it like the other hotels nestled between Beach and Second don't have that tropical feel that Marriott has.


Plus Marriott breakfast buffet is pretty good too but a bit pricey if not included in the price of the room. Also mentioned before, no problem bringing multiple guests in (unlike the Hilton).

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Bmoc . Great idea. have not to much of there points

but i have a ton of Amex points .And the prices seem very fair .compared to the states .

so why waste my points i like to use them for free air fare .

and every thing i see about this place looks good in my book .if there are cons have not seen any

here as of yet ?

still on the planning stage And i want a high floor and a sea view life is short and this is my first Rodeo LOL.

Again any help with this is very much appreciated

Regards from the Cappy .

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Bmoc . Great idea. have not to much of there points

but i have a ton of Amex points .


AMEX Membership Miles do not transfer to Marriott points, but you might be able to use "pay with points" option (I don't know how that works).


I've had my AMEX for over 20 years and it was my first "mileage card," but, in my opinion, their program now sucks. They have lost their partnerships with just about anyone I fly (used to have Continental and Southwest) or anywhere I stay (losing Priority Club in June), so the points are virtually useless to me.

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Footypjman great idea Thanks

But I will just pay on my card .and save the points .If I wind up going to the Marriott Still looking at my options it is still confusing

to me ?? And the place looks so cool.???

And you are right Amex has had A few changes and partners have changed continental is no more a shame

I do use it lots to fly on Lufthansa All over The world from New York or New Jersey Airports it is very easy To get

I have a way to book it on miles I learned how.

And get it almost all the time .I have a ton of miles saved on Amex

.Again thanks for the info .Very much appreciated...!

if your there when I am there I will . buy you A beer or two or three LOL.

Regards from the Cappy

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great hotel stayed 2x now room i had last month was 4600 baht a night only stayed 1 week though as spent time in cheaper hotels to because lack of $$$.Can`t wait till my next trip.That suite room looks brilliant by the way would love to stop there for a few weeks.Thanks for pics tuscan

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Great info .love the photos do you remember the beds [silly question ] but where they the new soft sleepwell beds or rocks like lots of thai beds I

have heard about .people have said the beds in thailand are hard .I like A soft comfotable bed .the place looks wonderful



Beds are the western style Marriott beds -- very comfortable with a nice big fluffy comforter.

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Great Information and Photos. I have been trying to decide for days which hotel to stay at for my trip next month. So I just booked a Terrace Suite with Breakfast :) hope it lives up to all the hype.

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