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Dancewatchers VIP Studio Room #18-860


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Hey Guys,


Dancewatchers VIP Studio Room #18-860 looks like a pretty good room for 2000Bt... Has anyone tried that room yet or are they any reviews posted? Thought I might give it a go. Looks more fun and cheaper than the Marriott...





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Looking for the same info ...... Come on guys anybody got any good feedback. Looks like a great place. Somebody must have some firsthand knowledge ??

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In December 2009 I stayed at Dancewatchers VIP room. It might be the same room or a identical twin, just renovated or a similar room plus a go-go pole.


The bed was super confortable...really, like one of the best I have ever had anywhwere...my GF would sleep until 12 (instead of the usual 1100am!)..sound system good...TV was great...the view was just a very small balcony..but that was OK...if you stay more that 5 days, I guess it goes to 1800 bht...find that somewhere else...a great thing of the condos...you can bring 1-50 girls..it is your place...the guards check IDs and that is it..allot more freedom...I do not need to pay someone to great me when I walk in the lobby...good food..good pool..go for it...D69.


The guy that runs Dancewatchers is OK..it is Tik's husband...no the sexy thai girl is not the real boss!...just remember there is a laundry fee and a cleaning fee when you leave...but even with this it is a good deal...kup...

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I stayed in a similar room on a couple of years ago for amonth. All the rooms look pretty much the same, some slight differences in the fit out. Overall happy with the setup, no hassles with the guards bothering abouts IDs at all, just walked past, except for the first time I arrived to take up residence when they asked what I was doing.


Note that the entrance hall has multiple shops and multiple laundries, and the quoted laundry, Honeys, is on the pool side of the elevator shaft, not the main entrance/2nd Rd side. You have to arrange laundry and cleaning as required. Honeys did a good job, however it was a hassle leaving them with the keys when I wanted to wander for the day and into the night, so I just got them to do an occassional deep clean, as I found it easier to sweep and put out the garbage most days, unless of course you had a live in to manage that.


Beach Rd and 2nd Rd entrances make it convenient for Baht Busses, and Central Festival is next door, with the food hall on the basement floor being relatively cleap.


Very happy with the DW service, would consider again if I was staying for a month or more, but find a bit expensive for shorter stays.

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