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Flights from Phuket to Pattaya


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I need bit advice , if anyone can help be appreciated .


A couple mates want to go Phuket in May and have asked me to come along for the adventure.


I am not a real big fan Phuket, as I much prefer Pattaya for my mongering.


But cant pass it up as drinking with a couple good buddies and still be surrounded by sexy young Thai girls in Phuket is still good.


We are staying 10 days in Phuket, then my mates will fly home, and thats when I want to make a quick dash over to Pattaya for an extra week.


Is there direct flight from Phuket to Pattaya, or do I have to go Phuket to Bangkok and do the usual taxi 1500 baht trip.


I know there is and airport near Pattaya called U Tapao International Airport.


Ive done abit looking around on silkair, but couldnt find much


any ideas , please suggest



Fear and Loathing in Pattaya

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you lazy sod its only just over an hour to suvaarnabhumi

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Bangkok Airways fly direct Phuket to Utapao which is Pattaya's airport, but it's about 60km from town apparently.


Given that utapao is still not that close, I wouldn't specifically target that flight.


Bangkok airways does give you a little boutique lounge in the Phuket Departure Lounge which can be advantagous, otherwise just choose the flight that best suits your time / price combination be it Bangkok or Utapao


Else you can go on the overnight comfortable bus with good legroom for about 1200 baht. I think the Recline is pretty good for sleeping too as there is only 6 seats on this bus. Standard bus is 900 baht

Went to Pattaya 26 times in 3 years, and now back in Farangland married to a girl I met on my second trip I miss the mateship that I developed in my time in Pattaya, and a lot of Addicts boys are a part of that. Not a big forum user these days but like to look in now and then

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ok thanks Bell Ringer


I will have a look at bangkok airways


not sure about the bus trip thing

Fear and Loathing in Pattaya

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