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Aftonbladet 26 Dec - "Pattaya - Drömresmål för sexturister".


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Well, its one side of Pattaya for sure. But then again I would say that you could make the same case for almost any large tourist city. I still have not to this date seen the whole old man with an illegally young boy. It is of course tainted from a certain angle, they want to find the biggest monger of all. Also it doesn't really factor in any views from the thai girls. On my last visit in Pattaya I got the same feeling I as I had on the 14 July in Canne, france. Roughly the same mentality with the girls.


I don't know, its a toss up.

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For non swedish readers.


To the infamous Pattaya in Thailand traveling Swedish sex tourists to buy young women - and children.

PATTAYA. The resort has become prostitution's dream destination.

Pattaya Thai women are hoping to make money. And Western men to have women's bodies.

- There are more than just sex, says Calle from Skellefteå.

The clock is approaching midnight.

"Walking Street" in Pattaya are in full swing.

Men throw themselves up against us with laminated pieces of paper, which lists what kind of entertainment we can offer.

It says exactly what women can do with their genitals.

Cigarettes, bananas, ping-pong balls. Everything is included.

Outside the go-go bars are Thai women in small uniforms and trying to lure us with cheap beer prices and willing women.

Inside one of them, Tiger, is Roger; 65. He lives in Pattaya and know exactly where he should go to get what he wants.

- I've been with every girl in this room, he says, pointing to the young women dancing half naked on stage.

They have numbers on the silvery paljettrosorna, to facilitate for those who want to choose. Anyone who pays a fee of around 600 baht, about 130 crowns, to the bosom composition may include any of the women out of the club, either for a short time, or for an entire night.

"You have to check"

Roger has selected a girl. He has paid to be with her all night.

- I am 65 and fuck with more younger girls in a week than a 30-year old doing in a year, he says.

In front of us turns women to dance along the poles. Some of them do it with enthusiasm, to the beat of the music. Other wiggling lazily on the hips (pattaya shuffle?). A naked girl standing in a bathtub, waiting for men to come along and lather her.

On a different, larger bars, lower on the Walking Street, the women still wearing underwear. There, we meet Calle, the 25-year-old from Skellefteå.

- We have been in Pattaya for a few days. First we went on this kind of ping-pong with the girls, you know ... It was too much for me. The girls here do of course everything he says. It is the first time he is in Pattaya. "You have to check," he says of how he ended up on the go-go bars.

Have you tried to buy a girl? - Yes. So. No comment, he says first. After a sip of beer he looks around and continues:

- Or, okay. I did that first night. She is here. He points with his elbow on the Thai woman sitting next to him.

- Now we have become a little more private. She is amazing. It is more than just sex. We will probably stay in touch.

"I have a girlfriend"

Opposite sits Calle's friend, with his new Thai girlfriend beside him.

Their third friend, Bob, have changed the table.

- I do not do those things. I have a girlfriend, he explains.

When we ask how it happened when his friends met his girlfriends he notes:

- Just throw some baht for them so they follow after.

A few hundred meters away from the main street is the boardwalk.

There are women in a row.

Some are putting on her makeup to look like children, others are children who have dressed up as women.

Some are also men who become women, known as ladyboys.

Now and then pops up the men at their side. Only when they take them in hand, or directly on the butt, changed women's facial expressions. The newly formed pair go away together.

Hand in hand with boys

- Some men just want to have company. Especially the elderly. They are tired of traveling alone. They want the company, go to the movies or eating in a restaurant with someone. They can not be bothered to chase women, says Johan Lökken, who worked as a tourist police in Pattaya for nine years.

Others go further.

25 Swedes have been in the last year called for by Thai or Swedish police only in Pattaya, said Police Colonel Chusak

Panusumpon the Immigration Department in Chonburiprovinsen where Pattaya is included.

- The majority of them have been guilty of sex crimes. It is then that they bought sex from minors.

It is not just women that are for sale in Pattaya.

Along the promenade are also older men hand in hand with Thai boys.

At hotels, they are not welcome. There are strict standards of conduct: "Sex with children is illegal in Thailand, and gives the longest possible prison sentence," reads the first order point of the hotel we check into.

First runner-up will be the usual "No Smoking".

Both prostitution and sex with minors is illegal in Thailand but the Thai police do little to stop the abundant sex industry.

- It is only in the streets that I may intervene in the case of apparent prostitution inside the bars, I can not do anything, says tourist police Johan Lökken.

"Sounds like dirty old men"

But Ulrika Wikman, who runs the Swedish hotel Scandalic with her husband Lennart "Lelle" Axén are opposed to Pattaya described as a sex tourist place. - Sex tourist sounds like dirty old men who go into one place, buy a girl, pulls over her, and leaves. What is happening here is not worse than when people go out of town hotel in Halmstad and picks, she says.

"Serves really good"

Golf hotel has made himself known to let employees sell sex to the guests. Even Lelle himself has told in several newspaper articles that he buy sex in mixed.

- Everyone gets to meet everyone. We do not interfere in it, says Ulrika Wikman.

She says the focus on sex in Pattaya is part of Thai culture and to the domestic market, where Thai men buy sex of Thai women, is far greater than the tourist supermarkets.

- Sex workers earn really good money. Many come from the uneducated poor provinces and can earn 2000 baht (about 440 crowns, editor's note) in one night.A maid earns 5500 a month and is available up to two days a month.

The new sex tourists coming to Pattaya are often Russians, says Johan Lökken.

- I do not know what Pattaya could be without their go-go bars. Without them die city of tourists. I do not think this will go away.

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Surfade precis in på Aftonbladet.se och en av huvudrubrikerna är en artikel om Pattaya.




Så vad tycker ni, ger Aftonbladet en bra bild av Pattaya? ;)


Under en bild på Afrikanska "freelansare" på Walking Street, står följande:

VäLJER OCH BETALAR Utanför go go-barerna längs Pattayas walking street står lättklädda thailändska kvinnor och manliga inkastare och lockar med billiga priser på öl och ”villiga” tjejer. Aftonbladet har träffat flera svenska män som köpt kvinnor inne på stadens klubbar.


Säger väl allt om det reportaget! :Think1:



When no money... she no give honey! 


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"It's more than sex only", so the title is not too bad. As You can read above, text is more. But not much exaggerating, that's the way it is.

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