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best place to party in Pattaya?


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Walking Street is the most extreme.


Other are:

Soi 6, 7, 8 and 13 between beach and second road. (Around soi 13 are a lot of fags and homos, be warned.)

LK Metro

New Plaza.

Second road between central pattaya road and pattaya north road.

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I like Tipp Plaza beer bar complex, and there's Drinking Street.

My Pattaya budget is perfectly adequate as long as I don't spend any of it

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I have always found that you can check out a few other places besides Walking Street earlier - Soi 6, etc and then head down to Walking Street around 12:00md to start enjoying the night clubs. it just depends on what you are looking for. I like to have a few beers and listen to some bands, etc and then head to loud and wild night clubs to party through the night. Best nightclubs are in Walking Street.

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Hi, I'm a new user to this site, I've been advised to come here by my regular website www.youppie.net. 5gives loads of information about our favorite passtime around the world, but in french.


I'm planning to make a trip through the countries south-east of asia, such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

I'm gonna hold at least a week or two in Thailand, Pattaya (of course!) :Party1: , but could do with some advise for planning my stay.


Which time of the year would be best? I'm planning around september-oktober. Is that good?

The hotel should be a 3-4 stars, no more than 30-45€ per day, i don't need big luxury, but nice clean hotels not asking questions about ladyfriends. :)

How much does the rate for short and long time? I've read that ST is around 500 THB, and LT 1000-1500 THB. Is that also correct?


Last but not least, what are the best places to start (I like'm young -but legal-, lovely body and doing blowjobs)? And what's the best way to engage conversation and especialy things NOT to say! :laugh: I wouldn't ruin my chances! lol


Thanks already for your replies, I appreciate any help.


Ah, btw, I also'd love to do some diving and enjoy the culture, but I suppose I can invite a local nicy to share time with me for that lol!





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LK Metro can get boring after 2 or 3 visits. Much same same in my opinion.

To live it up a little go to Soi 13/3 and visit Classroom and Kitten Club.

Then further up walking st to Windmill and Xcite.



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The good beer bars is IMO off Walking Street, but the nightclubs are at WS. I usually start off at some beer bars at soi 7, 8, or Buakhaow area.. and ending up at WS later at night.

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Thanks for the advise Loverboy and Carnegie. I could do with some change indeed, wouldn't get bored! ;) I sense that the nights will get veeeeery long! ;)

Thanks Minet, I'm not under the same name there (hard69, I know, didn't have a lot of imagination when I chose that pseudo!). And yes, we can get very tenacious when it comes to our fav' passtime!

When are you going to Pattaya? Keep me updated (plize!)

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Any answer other than Walking St is wrong. THE place to party is Walking Street. There are several disco/nightclubs on Walking St. Everything is on Walking St at night.


I agree.


iBar / Insomnia is the top spot in my opinion :)


LK Metro could also be ok if your not into discos, as there are only gogo's and bars there..

Play on, player!

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Last trip had most fun around LK Metro,Soi Diana, Soi 7 and 8.


I only went to Walking Street to eat at the seafood places.


nidbar on Soi Diana was my favourite bar, the owner was a really nice bloke, gave me alot free drinks and the girls are alot fun

Fear and Loathing in Pattaya

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If money is not the object, Climaxx on Beach Road 3, Pattaya Nua.

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hi guys, i been going there for 6 years now and norm stay in AA hotel soi 13, its ok because they let you get away with murder! (near enough!!) and not a bad price at being on the beach with a pool for 800 per night in april, but to be fair its a bit of a shit hole and im looking for some where better and cant be asked to be going round checking out every hotel so any advise would help .. looking for some where with a nice bed bed, cable tv, and maybe a sofa or living area and a pool with sun all day-ish for around 800-1500





f**k it...lets do it!!

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