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Taking a Camera and Laptop


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I plan on bring my laptop a Apple along with a Nikon DSLR camera. Besides common sense how "safe" is it to leave in my hotel room? I'd assume in this day and age people travel with these items all the time, but as we know this is LOS and I read about some crazy "do's" and "dont's" on this forum.

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Never had an issue bringing these items.


Have left them out in many Rooms with no problems. Taken them out in day and early evening all been fine.


Would I carry around these goods late at Night or whilst Drunk No.


Would I leave them around whilst doing ST or LT with Guest in room ? Most of the time No.


Items could be placed in case or safe instead less temptation for the Girls.


You will be fine . A Netbook rather than Laptop may be better as they fit in Safes better

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Good advice, had 0 Desire to take it to the bars, mainly typical routine:


take some pics in the AM or afternoon

upload them to my laptop

save edit

leave camera laptop at the hotel

hit the bar

pick up some ST/LT

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I need access to my email when in Thai, but never took the laptop, just dropped into an internet cafe once a day and that way didn't get too tied up with bullshit from home. now have an ipad, its ideal as its small enough to put in safe - downside is I now check my email at least twice a day, upside is I have my own entertainment on the flight.

as for camera I have a little point and shoot olympus, its waterproof to a couple of meters and I get to take some fun pics in the pool. if i get away from the bars at all I take the camera but otherwise it's in the safe and if I see something photo worthy in the bars or street I use the phone.

I've done a few trips now and each time I carry less with me, anything that might be a hassle gets left in OZ.

I can have this at home............................or this in LOS, thats why I go


post-25755-0-87905900-1355607024.jpg                   post-25755-0-06858900-1359758265.jpg

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It depends on where you're staying. As GM said some room safes are a bit small but many hotels have safes available at the reception area - okay if you only use your laptop once or twice a day.


I always make a point of locking everything of value in the safe when I go out or when I bring a guest back to the room.

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I always lock the laptop into my suitcase or alternatively in my safe as it is a notebook. Camera i never bring as i use my blackberry.

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always left my laptop out in the room .. maybe 10 trips now i never tried to lock it up or hide it, if someone steals it .. good excuse for a new one :)

O you who turn the wheel and look to windward, Consider Phlebas, who was once handsome and tall as you.
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I always lock my netbook in my big bag that I store in my wardrobe when I go out in the mornings and when I have bargirls in my room.

Camera I always keeps with me in my backpack when I'm out in the daytime and locks it in my big bag at night-time, if I'm not going to take outdoors nightscene shots.

When out swimming I always put my dirty underwear on top of my backpack, to deter anyone from snatching my backpack ... worked so far! :D

At night I never bring my wallet, just some money in my pocket.

Never lost anything in my room during 24 years of traveling!



When no money... she no give honey! 


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In general, if you pick up the girl from an establishment, then your stuff is pretty much safe, since the girl knows people can find her. If you pick up someone on the street, then be careful. One exception is if the hotel you stay at requires the girls to leave their ID at the counter, then you should be safe.

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I do not want to scare anyone, but please be aware.




I guess we should never hand over any items unless taken to policestation first after this....


One individuals freedom ends where another individuals freedom begins.

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