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NFL Gridiron 2011


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OK, for those interested.... I've set up the ESPN NFL Gridiron Challenge for the upcoming season. It's totally free and I think this is about the fifth of sixth year that we have been doing this across the different Pattaya boards. All are welcome including my English friends who are looking to get back at some of us Yanks that beat them from time to time in their beloved EPL games.


Here is a paste and copy of an email that would be sent out from ESPN if I was inviting friends one at a time. The link should work but let me know if there is a problem.


This message is from Shilo's Prowler who is challenging you to play Gridiron Challenge on ESPN.com.


This game challenges you to build a roster of pro football players consisting of 2 QBs, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 1 Kicker, and 1 Team Defense, while staying under your team's $50m salary cap. Best of all, it's FREE to play.


Get in the action now:






Group: Pattaya Wannabes

Password: Pattaya



A couple of quick side notes for returning players and the new guys.


The game may seem easy at first. The opening prices for players pretty much allows you to start with whoever you want. Seriously, I was able to pick the number one and two player at every position (except the Kicker) and still stay within the original budget cap. So the good news is that you can start the year with pretty much whoever you want on your team. But going forward the players values will go up and down based on performance. This makes it REALLY hard once little injuries kick in or we start dealing with the BYE weeks. Buy a player at say 6 mill and he does well for several weeks, his price will move up to say 6.7 mill and then comes the BYE week.... do you hold him and take 0 points for that week or do you trade him for a lesser player to get points that week but know that you can't afford to get the original player back...


Good luck to all,


Shilo (the guys who has the avatar that reflects his two favorite passions in life)

Men lose a lot of money chasing women, but seldom lose women while chasing money.

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So far we have 8 players signed up with a little more then a week left before the start of the season...


In the past we have averaged about 15-20 players so should be a lot of last minute signups.


Good luck

Men lose a lot of money chasing women, but seldom lose women while chasing money.

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  • 2 months later...

Well, we're into the 9th week (the half way point) and the Barfine Cobras are in 1st place...1069 points 98.5%


My Shilo Prowlers are hot on his heels (2 points back) in 2nd...1067 points 98.4%


cashpix who has lead the league for most of the season has "dropped" to 3rd...1055 points 97.6%


and Packer's Repeat is still in the hunt at 4th...1048 points 97.0%


Like past seasons we have 22 players and to win this league you have got to be one of the best on the site. Those percentages mentioned above means that to be in the top 4 of our league you need to be beating 97% (or better) of all the players across the ESPN site.


Now is when it'll get interesting.... we're in the BYE weeks when players need to decide if they are willing to keep a stud player that the bought early in the season and take a ZERO at that position for the week. Or sell him for a lesser player and hope they can juggle their lineups based on weekly matchups.


Bottom line: to win this league you need to be one of the best of the best. Good Luck on the second half of the season.


NOTE: if anyone is interested in still joining the league then the info at the top of the thread is still active. You won't have a chance in hell of winning this year but you'll be able to play, see how the game works, and be ready for next season

Men lose a lot of money chasing women, but seldom lose women while chasing money.

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Well, with the Giants win over the Cowboys, we come to the end of another regular season of NFL football. And we end another GREAT season of the Pattaya Wannabe's Gridiron season. Like pass years, this was a VERY competitive league.


I'm proud to announce that this year's winner was your's truly :Beer1:

My Shilo's Prowlers set new records with 2279 points, a ranking of 94th out of about 220K players across the ESPN site with a 100%.


It was really close for 2nd with Belem edging out Mikey's Packer's Repeat 2140 to 2139 with 98.4% rankings.


A a dead heat for 4th between Kumphawapi and Barfine Corba's with 2124 points each and beating 97.4% of the site.


Honorable mention also has to go out to djfranke (96.9%) and cashpix (95.2%)


The simple math says that this league had a third of it's players (7 out of 22) that beat 95% of the 220,000 plays on the site.... now that is competitive.


Thanks to one and all for another GREAT fantasy season.


And for those who missed out but might still want to try their hand we're going to have our first post season Gridiron game. It's open to anyone and it's totally free:



Men lose a lot of money chasing women, but seldom lose women while chasing money.

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  • 1 month later...

Just a quick closing note:


Thanks to everyone that played this year.


The Post Season Gridiron came down to the wire. After a poor opening week where OC Mikey scored in the middle of the pack, he came back strong in weeks 2 and 3 to lead the league and take a commanding lead into the Superbowl. But he put to much faith the the 49ers so entered the last week with half his roster sitting at home watching the Superbowl like himself. It opened the door just a smidge to allow jringh's team ANY GIVEN SUNDAY to snatch the victory by 2 points 492-490.


Thanks again for all who played.... let's do it again this coming fall :Beer1:

Men lose a lot of money chasing women, but seldom lose women while chasing money.

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