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How much money do I need for 10 days.


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Hey Guys.


I know you hear this question alot but how much money do I need to stay there for 10 days.


I might just have 5 drinks per day( I know ladydrinks cost) but Im looking to fuck alot. I mean in massage parlours if possible( any suggestions)

Pick up 2 freelancers to do anal with and rimjobs.

Pick a ladyboy.

I'm looking to have sex daily 2 times.

I want to also have a normal massage like 3 times while i am there.

Maybe have a sexy young girl as my girl-friend( how should I do so.

And If I like the ladyboys i might do it 4-5 times while I am there.


Please enlighten me

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1 ST with BG or FL : 500 + LD

1 ST on soy 6 : 700 + 300 + LD

1 ST with gogo : 1000 + LD

1 LT with BG or FL : 1000 + LD

1 LT with gogo : 1500-3000 + LD


You have to count BF : 300 to 1000 depends of hour and place.


Normal massage : from 100 to 300


I don't know LB price; never went with one.


Don't forget to eat there ;)

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I spend 5000THB per day and it seems consistant..Accom i pay 1300THB per night in August Suites,So 6,500X10=65000THB..and thats shortimes,Massages,Longtimes,Drinks,Accom...Ladyboys mmmmm not into riding blokes :Fuck_Sheep::Grin_Jump1:

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since u said your not drinking alot id say about £100 per day, plus your accomodation should suffice, u may even come back with change in your pocket

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If you budget on 5000 per day & accomadation you will have enough cash for a good time, you,d be better off taking your trip as it comes and not preplanning it before hand"""[ you could end up dissapointed & only have 4 lady boys & not 5""", but that would,nt be a bad thing """"] enjoy"""

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  • 2 weeks later...

not so much....

but quite alot... :Laugh1:

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prices vary so much per day for every visitor mate all depends on you and your habits, bars you hang out in, area you stay in. best say how much you can afford to spend.

i have done trips and spent 10k a day and others i have spent 10k in one bar, all up to you pal.how much you planning on taking

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you should be drinking alot if your fucking ladyboys ha ha



HAHAHAH Classic mate!

We only live once....

So do it like your about to go out tommorrow...

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Dont forget to take a day off

or you wear out your balls

Fuck thats going to be a lot of fucking

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To get directly to your question Ed and I think you have gotten some great advice from some of the guys, I would agree with the gent who recommended 100 euros per day. I dont have any experience with LB nor their rates so I will leave that up to another expert on this site to advise your appropriately to that end. Again, 100 dollars to 100 euros and you should be just fine plus your hotel expenses. How much you ultimately spend will depend on your personal habits. If you dont get caught up our recommendations should hold up. Depending on where you are coming from your jetlag will cost you a few days of fun as well. Smile. Have fun, Amante

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If you only want to fuck and drink 5 drinks a day you dont need money to much.


But it is up to what you drink and where.


Happyhour beerbars beer is only 40 baht.


Mai tai coctail cost about 180 baht and shooters like tequila and gintonic 100 baht.


I think you will always have to prepare that you will spend money in pattaya more that you have palnned.


Because when get drunk+have jetlag and good feeling usually people dont think anymore how much money they spend.

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Difficult to plan ahead how much each day cuz each day could be different but think if you have rough idea of accom/food/drink and then have your "fun money" amount as well then should help. Also depends if you already paid for accom up front or looking to move hotels during stay/

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just got offerd a new job today and im fuken jumpen for joy will have just over 100 thou bht for 6 nights and im going to try to spend it all cnt wait thats around 16,600 per day i fell like god is looking dwn on me smiling saying go get em jimmy i love my life right now :)


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I can't belive no ladyboy addicts have given this poor dude some info!!!!



Come on ladyboy addicts enlighten this poor bloke!!!! :Ass_Lick:

ROCK OUT WITH YOUR COCK OUT post-1-0-16949000-1339010685.gif

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