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Traveling from Sukumvit to Pattaya


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Is it easy to make a trip in either direction?


How long does it usually take?


I guess I'm just wanting to experience both venues

to compare the different opportunities.


I'll be making my first visit real soon. Thanx.

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welcome to the forum

Sukumvit is main street bangkok,

pattaya is 1.5 hours from the airport,

it will be 2 hours from Sukumvit, could be more depending in trafic


by taxi :001_Sawasdee:

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You can use a Taxi or also the Bell Bus service (they even offer a hotel to hotel service and it's very cheap)

Bell Bus Website

My Youtube Channel about everything Thailand - TravInThailand

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BTS to Ekkamai bus station busses every 30 minutes 123baht-2 hours travelling time thats the cheapest way-UP TO YOU?


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Bell Bus = easiest/cheapest way to travel. 350 Baht pick up at your hotel in BKK and drop off at your hotel in Pattaya. Only thing you need to do is email for reservation and no deposit = great!

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i spent so much money on taxis the first time i went , will be considering the bell bus this time around ,in 3 months i got a bus once with a thai chic to bkk on my way home

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You know, Sukhumvit in Pattaya is the same as Sukhumvit in Bangkok so you could just start walking, there is a change of roads in Bang Pakong though, but just follow number 3 and you will be fine. Or you could just go to the expressway where Sukhumvit starts and walk that one south, that is the one that will become number 3 later on. Bring good shoes though, its a long walk.



(or use the Bell bus or the regular one http://www.pattayabus.com/en/ as others have stated I guess)


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I'm looking at catching DD's VIP bus to Pattaya on my next trip over (september)

Anyone taken a ride on this before? How was it?



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Ive always used the services of http://www.thelimopattaya.com/. 1200baht from BKK to Pats and 1000 back to BKK. nothing better than someone meeting you at the airport after a long trip. make sure you put the hotel address in the booking so there is no misunderstanding. Exceptional service I must say

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cheapest way - a bus from the bus station on the same street. the easiest - a taxi. the trip should take between 2 to 3 hours depending on the state of the traffic.

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