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Google Plus vs Facebook


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I have Google Plus and wanted to post offering invites if anyone wants them. The nice thing about Google Plus is that it allows you to maintain 'Circles' of different contacts which cannot see one another. You may have a circle of just family members, another of work friends and any additional hobbies or affiliations. I thought perhaps I'd create a circle with friends I meet up with in Pattaya. I don't currently include any in my Facebook profile as A) it's in my real name and B) all my Facebook friends can see all these posts. I might not want to throw my Pattaya activities in the face of my boss or family members.


So I was wondering what others do? Do you just limit your Pattaya activities to message boards? Do you have different Facebook profiles for real life and your Patters fun? Have you tried Google Circles to try to unify all of it? Do you just not give a damn about separating or shielding your hobbies?


This has been the bane of many college kids with mothers on Facebook.


I have created a Google Plus profile using my avatar handle but it's unclear if Google will allow fake names to be use. Regardless I have invites if anyone wants them. Just PM or post your gmail address.

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I have not met any members yet but if I did then I do have a little used mongering facebook profile that I have set up recently for contact details. PMs on here work too of course!


With google+, just beware that it is effectively in testing mode with the invited users at the moment the circles may not be as private as you think i.e. a certain newsfeed or image or personal detail could accidentally be accessed by another circle. Separate profiles is the safest bet in my opinion with any of these social networking options!

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I choose the first option. Although there is only a few select girls that I have added. If someone was to dig too deep they would probably be able to guess one or two things. ;)

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I leave my Pattaya Activities for the boards and a few select friends

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