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Legal Services in Pattaya - if and when required

kevin meacher

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Hello to you all,


Some of you may remember me from a few years back as the owner and operator of Jasmine Mansion and author of Riff Raffles. I am still alive, as this message hopefully testifies, and living in Pattaya. Since mid 2008 I have been fighting my divorce action and subsequent criminal charges made against me by my now ex-wife. I was comprehensively cleared of all criminal charges at Chon Buri Provincial Court in May of this year. Unfortunately the road to having the divorce court ruling enforced remains a long one and it is likely I will be in one court or another for a year or more.


Anyway, the above is just to let you know who I am. The point of this message is to give some unsolicited advice to any of you who have requirements for a legal services company here in Pattaya. This can be anything from a visa extension to work permit or business set up or any legal problems being experienced, be they civil or criminal. I am more than pleased to recommend to you my Legal Services company on any aspect of Thai law having found them to be willing to go the ‘extra mile’ for their clients.


I have been involved over the past three years with more lawyers than I care to mention and with varying degrees of competence, in most cases that should read varying degrees of incompetence. However, for the past twelve months I have been greatly assisted by my present advisers.


The first thing to say is that the practice owner is not a qualified lawyer although she has a working knowledge of the law far greater than many who are qualified. The company does have qualified lawyers working with them and cases they take on that require court representation are dealt with in conjunction with these people. Trust me the lawyers are good, very good, and none of this team treat you any differently just because you are a foreigner, this is something one cannot say of all legal practices here, especially in Pattaya.


There are many who will tell you that it is impossible to get a fair divorce settlement here or that the courts are biased towards Thais. The people who say that have either had poor quality representation or are simply talking about things they have no first hand experience of. Whilst the legal system and the enforcement of judgements is painfully slow the judiciary is, as one would always hope, completely beyond reproach and they rule on the evidence presented not your nationality, religion or skin colour. If you are fighting a law suit here you have to be prepared to wait, to be patient, and although that is often hard to do it is the only way it works.


Through my various trials and tribulations to date I have experienced many problems with the system and too many loopholes that enable parties to jump through if they are so minded. Whilst not something I can talk about specifically at this moment in time I am in meetings with the Thai Ministry of Justice that may result in a smoother process of law in the future, especially as relates to judgements involving foreign nationals. I will be pleased to advise the outcome of these meetings in the future should they offer positive results. However, these meetings are only taking place through the initial endeavours of my legal advisers and they have once again taken matters higher and further than I would have expected.


I know most of you will not require legal assistance, be grateful for that at least. However, for those of you that do, either now or in the future, I can offer you no better recommendation than to contact the company to whom I am referring herein. If you wish to send me a private message on this site to receive information or even arrange an initial meeting with me then please do so. I can give you the company's full particulars should you so require. As relates to divorces here I can tell you more than most Thai lawyers will ever know! I will be more than happy to assist in any way I can and you will at least have the knowledge that you have a trustworthy, honest and reliable team at your back should you proceed.


As I mentioned at the outset this is a totally unsolicited message and, as such, I do not think it proper to give a company’s information out over this, or any other site, without their consent. Thank you for reading this and good luck to you all.


Best Regards,


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Hey Kev thanks for putting that information out there.....


I don't know of any business that wouldn't like to have positive comments made about them put out there. You have been given the OK by the ROOT ADMIN to do so....


As for your personal circumstance i hope it all works out for the best and other information that you would like to share would be much appreciated.

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I can see you have been through the mill on this one Kevin, I guess the thing to do when its all over is another book with all the in's & out's of your experiences, can see it on the shelves now.

All the best mate.


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Actually a link giving contact details would be helpful,


Would be good to have a phone number on me on my next trip just in case (could keep it with with my medical insurance details etc.). All I have at the moment is the number for the Consulate in Jomtien - and they only work part-time!

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Further to my message of a few weeks ago a few things have moved forward. I am now operating on behalf of PTD Global Ventures, an American based company, as a facilitator. The general principle is that I, as PTD Global Ventures, can offer any expatriates assistance and advice regarding any area they may be interested in. This service is FREE of charge as I receive my commission from the operating company. I am available to talk to anyone from 08:00 to 22:00 any day of the week. I can meet with you anywhere that suits you although outside of Central Pattaya I will have to request my travel expenses are met.


To start things off I would advise you of the following basic areas whree I can be of assistance:


LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT - A document drawn up and registered with U.K solicitors - we also have solicitors in most European countries and the U.S.A. The cost is B8,500.


INVESTMENTS - If anyone has in excess of GBP10,000 available for investment I have access to a secure and fully backed investment that pays 12% per annum interest. The scheme is designed to finance lengthy litigation cases in the U.K and a financial bonus is available in addition to the interest should the case be succesful.


INSURANCE - Household, Motor, Health, Medical Expenses, Life Assurance are the basic products although almost anything can be considered - for example we are presently arranging Liability and Medical Expenses coverage for a security company who place armed personnel on board ocean going vessels.


LEGAL MATTERS - Criminal and civil cases, visa and work permits, company formations and so forth. All handled by a proven Pattaya based Legal Services company.


Whilst the company's I do business with will eventually talk to you directly I will, in the inital stages, be able to give you advice and direction - remember this is FREE to you.


I have over twenty years experience in the insurance industry, ten years experience in real estate, have lived in Pattaya seven years and, through my own circumstances, an unfortunately good knowledge of the Thai civil and criminal court systems.


For further information or to discuss matters in more detail please PM me initally. I will respond to you within a maximum of twenty four hours although likely a lot quicker. I will then be pleased to provide you with my email address and mobile phone number.


best regards,

Kevin Meacher

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Hi all :),

I am looking for an employment lawyer for British employment law, if you are one and if interested in a case please PM me :)

I am currently in Pattaya :)

Cheers :)


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Thanks for your info kevin. I hope I do not need this service in the future. I know consult a lawyer, take legal advice make big hole in wallet every time.Also I know can help when somebody have big problem.Once again thanks.

THAJEC Thajský muž TRIP 37 - 30.November 2018 - 28.1.2019



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