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Places I have never Been


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We have all been to Walking Street, Beach Road, Soi 6, soi7, soi8 and LK Metro…They are great places and justify a trip to Pattaya on their own but what about other places in and around Pattaya.


I have done the Nong Nooch tropical gardens and the Sri Racha Tiger Zoo and I can thoroughly recommend both places


What about other local attractions around Pattaya.?



I have researched a few attractions and wondered if any BM’ s have been there.


Three Kingdoms Park


Built in honour of their father 'Kiarti Srifuengfung' by his 6 children, the Three Kingdoms Park in Pattaya is a monument to Thai and Chinese culture, and the Chinese epic novel 'The Three Kingdoms'.

Inside the park there are 3 pagodas, the main one of which has 4 floors, from the fourth floor you get a magnificent view of the park, a strong breeze also cools you down at the same time.,

The three Kingdoms park also includes the longest corridor of hand painted tiles in the world, the purpose of which is to tell the story of the three kingdoms.

It won't take you long to walk around the park, 2- 3 hours is probably enough.

The 3 Kingdoms Park is one one of the lesser known Pattaya tourist attractions and was very quiet when we visited. The 3 Kingdoms park is laid out in the Chinese Feng Shui style and covers an area of 36 rai. Well maintained and highly decorative, it is also very photogenic so don't forget your camera.

Has anyone been there? Is it worth the 150Baht admission price?




Sanctuary of Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth is definitely one of the most beautiful Pattaya tourist attractions and has an authentic Thai look and feel. I would say it is the most beautiful building in Pattaya.


This place is made entirely of wood and Stands over 150 meters tall.


Looks like you can get there by speedboat and if you fancy it there are ATV tours


I think this costs about 500baht plus 200 baht for the speed boat but I have no idea where or when

Has anyone got more information?


Pattaya N.S.P. International Snake Show or the newly opened snake show on Soi Nernplubwan


Are either of these worth looking at? I believe the Pattaya N.S.P. Snake Show is 250 Thai Baht and lasts about 20 minutes.




Buddha Hill



I think they have one of these in most Thai city’s . Looks like a brisk walk up hill but maybe if you have seen one Buddha you’ve seen them all. Still I could use the exercise and if I let one of those little birds go I might get lucky that night..LOL it always seems to work in Pattaya

Is there anything else near this to make a trip worth while.



Maybe a trip to the viewing point as well


Pattaya viewing point


I walked up here from Mikes and definitely earned my beers that night…Good views but you need to pick a good day to get the best snap shots. You can catch a taxi if you prefer.




Pattaya Floating Market


I have been to Floating markets in Bangkok and learned one very valuable lesson…Take lots of small denomination notes….When you are stuck in a boat you can’t get away from the vendors as easy as you can on foot. The Boatman often gets a cut so he leaves you until you buy something…Gotta love the Thais.

I think they have a 130 meter ZIP line across the water for the more intrepid but I can’t find much information.


Is it like this in the Pattaya markets or worse? How much does it cost?


Got most of these photos from Pataya Unlimited

There are some that only employ words for the purpose of disguising their thoughts.



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I have not try this yet so I have no any personal experience, but next time in Pattaya I will try. Looks very interesting.



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FLIGHT OF THE GIBBON is amazing, i did it and i have fear of high places so it was a crazy experience. very recommended.


Buddha Hill - nice if you like to see shrines. i saw so many in bangkok so this one was just another one, and not one of the best. can skip.

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Flight of the gibbons is a great afternoon out been twice and will deffinatly do it again,the sanctuary of truth has got to be one of the most amazing buildings I've ever seen and another trip thats well worth doing if you don'nt mind spending abuot 3000 baht ahead is the full day trip on the catermaran three islands that you end up on a beech feeding the monkeys koh phet.

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FLIGHT OF THE GIBBON is amazing, i did it and i have fear of high places so it was a crazy experience. very recommended.


Buddha Hill - nice if you like to see shrines. i saw so many in bangkok so this one was just another one, and not one of the best. can skip.

I have never been to the "flight fo the Gibson" before. However, I am always looking for things to do. When my Philippine sweetie comes to town to see me I think I will take her there. Is there some constant activity going on the whole time you are there? Amante

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what do you meen by "constant activity"? you zip from tree to tree with wires, total of 21 lines if i remember correctly. there is also an open zoo before the entrance to the attraction, when i went there (organized from the hotel) the admission fee for the open zoo was included, also launch.

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