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The Hilton Pattaya Daily Buffet Schedule

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Pattaya Restaurants and Eating


Hello Guys, here's a scanned copy of the Hilton's daily 300 Baht Buffet I kept hearing about while I was in Pattaya a few weeks ago. I meant to go to the Hilton Buffet and try it out but I ended up eating at Flair restaurant near the top of the Hilton.


Here's the schedule for the 300 Baht Daily All You Can Eat Buffet at the Hilton on Beach Road Pattaya.



Tequila Reef Cantina Bar and Restaurant
Established 2001
Soi 7 Pattaya Beach Road
Tel:(038) 414-035

Pattaya: Tequila Reef Pattaya Restaurant




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Thank you for your information.To be completely honest It is unattractive menu for me. When I stay in Thailand I want eat first of all thai food.

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Me and the TG went to the buffet yesterday since it was seafood. There was a very small selection of seafood and the girl was very disappointed. I will occasionally try to eat some crab, but there was such a strong fishy odor coming from the crab claw I could tell it had been sitting around for awhile and decided to pass. They had some pork and chicken skewers which were excellent, cooked very well and the meat was tender. The desserts were truly exceptional. The restaurant is a true pain in the ass to find, you go to the 15th floor and walk toward the Flare restaurant and then take the escalator down one level. Not sure what the architect was smoking! My girl was overwhelmed by the place and became extremely uncomfortable. I went and got her some food which she really enjoyed. Not a place to bring a random BG IMO. Oh, it's no longer 300 Baht, its 340 plus VAT and service, basically 400 baht. We only had water (25 baht) but I saw a scan of a receipt on another site that a guy was charged 189 baht for a singha (not sure if large or small, but either way complete BS). I felt the service was very attentive and they had an attendant at the buffet line pointing out various items and opening up the lids. The view was of course outstanding.

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My favorite all you can eat meal HAS to be the buffet at the dust Thani . Absolutely delicious

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