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Home Run Bar and Grill Bangkok

Bruce Mangosteen

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A couple of months ago Mr. and Mrs. Axeslinger planned a trip to Ayutthaya. Knowing Lady Mangosteen is from there, they asked if we'd like to go with them. We gratefully accepted. It was also agreed that we should book into a hotel for a night in Bangkok and visit Stargazer in his new gaff, Home Run Bar and Grill. http://homerunbangkok.com


HR is a sports themed bar and grill with the decor accent on baseball. The basic plan of the bar is an open downstairs bar area with a separate upstairs dining room. The full menu is available in both areas of the bar.


You enter to a row of tall-table seating and a big screen TV.








A specials board just inside the entrance lets you know the daily specials and other news.




To your right is a pool table, and at the back of the pool table area is the bar.














Due to the long drive we were very thirsty. We wasted no time bellying up. :D








The boss held court when he could break away some time.




You'll notice that they've taken pains to make sure they have the correct glassware for each different style of beer and drink. To me, it's details like this that show the care the owners have taken to make the experience of being in their establishment as pleasurable as possible. This very close attention to detail is evident time and again during your stay in HR.


We ordered up some food. Axe ordered a burger. When I asked him for a review, he simply said, "The best burger I've had in Thailand. Period."




I happened to notice that the specials board proclaimed the day of our visit "Wagyu Wednesday", which meant two Wagyu steaks for the price of one. Fantastic deal. I ordered a rib eye, medium rare, prepared Cajun blackened for myself and a sirloin, medium, grilled for Lady M. I figured she'd be good for about half of hers. Boy was I wrong! :D


While we waited for our steaks, Lady M. took some pics of the bar area and upstairs dining room. First, the bar area from above:










Apparel is on offer. The shirts are of a very high quality and quite comfortable.




The upstairs dining area. Note the memorabilia on the walls. BTW, the place was still "soft open" at that time accounting for the few customers.








The boss of the kitchen popped out and posed for a photo.




The steaks arrived. They smelled fantastic.






Lemme tell ya what: Those steaks were fantastic! First, and this is important, they were cooked CORRECTLY. What Americans call a "medium rare" steak is a steak that is cooked so that the interior is warm but still red. That was what I wanted and it was EXACTLY what I got. The outside was grilled perfectly and the Cajun seasoning had the perfect amount of "bite". That was one hell of a great steak. I got barely a taste of Lady M.s steak she liked it so much. It was beautifully grilled and again cooked exactly correctly. Both steaks were quite tender with a strong buttery flavor. If you want to know what steak SHOULD taste like, you owe it to yourself to make a beeline to HR!


BTW, Lady Axe had the ribs and said they were delicious too. Clearly the food is worth a trip all on its own.


OK, dinner over, time to socialize! We went outside for a breath of air. A guy (whose name I've forgotten) was sitting out there and he recognized some of us from our pics on the boards (believe he said he was a member of Secrets), so we invited him and his girl to join us.










As it got later, the gaffer graced us with his company.




The pool table got some use.








The friendly staff is always standing by to check the tightness of your girlfriend's rack.




Finally, closing time. Axeslinger was very pleased with his bill, and after some CPR was able to pay it.




I'll be very honest: I don't remember the exact amount of my bill. It's certainly due to the passage of time since then, and has nothing to do with the barrel or so I drank of high-octane dark beers from around the world. whistle.gif


My impression is that it was around 3500 baht. Before you join Axeslinger on the way to the ICU, consider that we're talking Bangkok here, that was for two people drinking all night, I ordered TWO top-quality imported steaks and was drinking what would be expensive beer anywhere in Thailand. I thought this price represented excellent VFM.


The staff closed the security gate and locked the door. For some strange reason, we were on the INSIDE of the door at the time. So we decided to make the best of it. Things got rather ugly after that.






I'm sure we don't need to see a bunch of pictures of guys who were still stone sober after 32,098 more beers and Jagerbombs, so we'll skip to the conclusion. whistle.gif


Home Run Bar and Grill hits it entirely out of the park. Comfortable airy layout, beautiful decor, great pool table, well-stocked bar, attentive service, spectacular steaks and food, fussy attention to detail, well stocked bar, ...what the hell ELSE do you want?! :D


Home Run Bar and Grill. 253/2 Sukhumvit Soi 31 Bangkok. http://homerunbangkok.com (See site for map.)


What can I say? It's fecking great. Well done Mr. Stargazer! way2go.gif

Edited by Bruce Mangosteen

"If you only go around once in life, why are so many people dizzy?" - me

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Well, thanks for the overwhelming response! :)


You can visit Home Run Bar on Facebook: http://www.facebook....107675352627100


Looks good although where are all the customers!


This may get more views / responses in the Bangkok section of the forum. Please let me know if you want me to move the thread.


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Looks good although where are all the customers!


This may get more views / responses in the Bangkok section of the forum. Please let me know if you want me to move the thread.


Customers in the area have possibly gone to The Dubliner, Robin Hood or Bulls Head, all much more accessible than this place, which is a long way from Phom Phrong BTS station. And you're right - not enough happy smiling patrons (esp. females) in the pix

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