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Overstay Non ED Visa


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Hi guys,


26th december was the last day to extend my Non ED visa. My girfriend and me went to her hometown for a week, this morning we have gone to Chonburi Inmigration Station and,uh... S U N D A Y, you moron. What a letdown. I have been few times so angry with myself.


So my questions:


- After I pay the overstay fee (five thousand baths?), may I have any problem with this to renew my passport for another 90 days?


- They closed due to Christmas holidays until new year?





Thanks in advance.

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I thought it was 500 baht a day, not 5000...


I overstayed on my tourist visa by 2 days a few trips ago. Got a pretty stamp in my passport and paid the 1000 baht fine.


The next time I entered LOS I was detained and put on a return flight out.


Just kidding. Other than the 1000 baht there were no other ill effects. Get it taken care of ASAP and it should all be ok.

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26th dDecember wasis the last day that I am able to extend my Non ED visa.

Personally, I'd hire a private fighter jet & hope you survive the barrage of air to air missiles until you enter Laos airspace.


Then apply for a tourist visa.


Peace. :GoldenSmile1:

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On september, when I apply for my first 90 days, they add me a paper with the stamp. It talks about a punishment not exceeding 5000 baths (seems like I was talking about the worst scenario here) and additional 200 baths for each day. I guess this paper is to apply for an extension without the needed papers of your own thai school? Because the last they in the paper is 23th december. Like I said, 26th december on the stamp...



I don't really no if it's the overstay fee. If so, just WOW... But I was more worried about loosing my non Ed visa.


edit: El Cata, sunday is gone for me...


Thanks, robio!


pd: I am spanish (yeah, I should change the flag xd). My english sucks. Sorry :P

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i have overstayed 3 or 4 times by 2 or 3 days and there as never been a problem. but this time i came in on a 60 day visa and will be doing a visa run tomorrow.

but have been told that i can only get 14 day which will take me up to my flight home.

but is there any way to get longer next time as i do not think i will be get that flight.

as its to cold at home :001_Thank_You5:

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14 days is when you enter the country at a landborder. If you fly in you will get 30 days. (talking about tourist now, not educational)



That is how i understand, but maybe one of the experts will correct me.



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I went yesterday and I did my three monthly payment (1900 baths). No need to pay an overstay fine. They just don't care that I went one day later or because they don't work on sundays. She didn't even ask me about it.


Thanks for your help

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