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Advice please on how I could go about arranging...


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I'm going to be back in Pattaya again in a few weeks. I have been once previously, last year.

I'll only be there for 3 nights before departing for Phnom Penh.

I have L/T freelance inclinations.

However, on this particular stay in Pattaya, I would like a L/T BJ professional.

I would like to find someone with a friendly/fun personality, can converse well, only needs to be minimally cute.

Instead of repeatedly visiting the BJ bars, I would like to find my one girl for my visit early on and keep her with me, even if no FS w/ her.

I'd like to pay the girl for each BJ and see how much money she can earn in a couple days ;)~ (300 baht per? I don't mind overpaying for great service...)

But my main concern is how to arrange the barfine for her to leave her bar all day?

How much barfine would the manager accept to miss a girl all day?

Would Lolita's have a problem arranging this? Bliss? Anyplace?


Thanks in advance for any helpful advice,



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I find the content of this post hard to sswallow.

Pussy is sweet,

but so is honey.

So beat your meat,

and save your money.

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Just take a while to find the right girl, you don't want her to bite off more than she can chew.

My Pattaya budget is perfectly adequate as long as I don't spend any of it

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Maybe you could BF a gal from a BJ bar. :Dunno:

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I have never tried to BF a girl from a BJ bar long time. I don't know if you have been to Lolita's or Bliss but I think the best bet would be to go to Bliss.

Bliss is in a quieter area, people traffic wise. I would definitely 'sample' the girl first in the bar as you will not know her skills until you do.

The mighty Baht is a very powerful thing. I'm sure you couple BF a girl long time from there. Talk to the girl and ask her.

Most are open 12-midnight. I would think but don't quote me on this that you would not need to pay more than a maximum of 1000Bt for BF...this is the going rate for an early BF at some bars and I think in Soi 6.

Hope this helps.

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"Hope this helps."


Yes, thank you ThaiTrav. That is what I was wondering.

I know it is unusual to BF a girl long time from BJ bar so I have no idea the going rate or if this is easily possible.

Thank you for your informed guesstimate that 1,000 baht maximum should probably do.

That makes sense.

I am glad this idea sounds so possible.


Yes, I will sample the girl at Bliss first and ask her if she can go with me long time after that.


Thank you :)


Additional question if I may:


Last time I was there, I spent my last couple nights at a cheap hotel on soi 7 just across the street from the 7-11 on the corner 2nd road and soi 7.

It was only 400-500 baht per night, but OK quality. With friendly (and very Christian, based upon some posted biblical quotes on the walls) owner lady, I think.

Anybody know if this hotel is still in business now and good?

When I went there, they gave me no problems at all about lady guests.

I have no plans to make reservations anywhere -- just kinda planning to show up there.

Just wanted to confirm this hotel was still operating the same as last year, if I could?


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  • 2 months later...

Update: Well, this plan didn't exactly work out. But let me post some info for future reference and anyone interested.


The barfine @ Bliss Lounge is 1800 baht (not a made up number on the spot because an employee and the manager said the same number to me without first consulting one another). Then, there is the amount to pay the girl (negotiable)? But I never got to that point as the manager only had 7 girls on a Friday night and didn't really want to lose any of them. And the girls were most interested in asking "you want to go upstairs now"? So they like the set up where they get 300 baht per customer and stay in the rotation for customers rather than leave the bar. Was OK for me because I got good BJ there and later spent the night with bar girl from 2nd road.


Just wanted to inform now that I know.


And P.S. The name of the cheap hotel on the corner of 2nd road and soi 7 right across from the 7-11 is J.P. Inn. I do recommend for cheap place to stay because I like the people who work there.

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Thanks for the update JH3. Yes, it's a very high barfine but like you say the bar doesn't really want to lose a specialist girl for the whole day/night.


Still you got the best of both worlds, you got BJ then you got an LT later on. Hope you enjoyed the trip.

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I asked Bee from Lolitas if she wanted to go LT and the answer was no. She was happy giving BJs then going home. She said "you go Soi 6"

As much as I love all things Australian, I got to get me action of the asian persuasian.

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