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Family Marts

Guest Jene

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I consider myself a tolerant person but the service at Family Marts is, at times, too much to take. In the Budha Hill area (Prattamnack Road) often times the person behind the counter can't speak a word of english, nor understand it, and the area is packed with tourists who will usually speak some english. If the person behind the counter doesn't scratch their head when you speak to them, they're giving you a blank stare, or calling to someone in the back to help translate for them. And this on occasion has produced another person with an attitude who acts like you're bothering them. On other days they simply serve you while making insulting gestures at you while they pack your groceries.


Lots of other Thai people are not like this, and the service at other businesses is far superior. What is it with Family Mart?

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Which country are you in again?


These girls (& guys) are poorly educated & trying to make an honourable living. It would be all too tempting for them to work bar, especially in sex city. If you could see past your bigotry & intolerance, you will find that they are normal, hard working people.


You may even get an ST or 2 along the way.


Peace. :o

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Why don't you just go to the 7 - 11 then?


Or learn the absolute basics of Thai so they can understand you. Sa wah deeeee kaaaaaaaaaap.

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i think you were just "shitcanned"....bud these people are thai's....maybe we should learn basic thai, after all we are in their country


I just wanna get back to Pattaya.............


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Imagine yourself working in a supermarket in UK ,USA for a real minimum wage .

And the people that are coming in only speak Thai and don't try to speak the

language from the country they are visiting , don't wear a shirt , not even

say hello or goodbye , most of time they are drunk .


You woudn't get any respect from me to !!

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7-11 customer service rocks.

But out of curiosity what were you asking or trying to buy that needed them to speak English?

Phone card?-just use the fingers to show how much

Bottle of Alcohol-just point to it

what else is there that needs talking?


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