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Swiss tourist drugged and robbed for 200.000 in Pattaya


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Swiss Tourist drugged and robbed of over 200,000 Baht in North Pattaya hotel

4th March 2010.


Just after 2am on Thursday, Tourist Police assisted a Swiss Tourist who claimed he had been drugged and robbed of his possessions. This occurred at the Carlton hotel, opposite the Alcazar Show Theater in North Pattaya. Mr. Felix Ferdinand Erni aged 70 explained that he had taken a Thai Woman, aged around 40, back to his hotel room and following sexual intercourse, Mr. Erni was offered some chocolate. Moments later he fell asleep and woke up 3 hours later to find that Travelers Checks totaling 4,000 Swiss Francs which equates to around 120,000 Baht along with cash amounting to 150 Euro’s and 800 Swiss Francs was taken. Security Cameras at the hotel are currently being checked and Police are attempting to locate the woman, who they suspect may have left Pattaya following the incident.




source: www.pattayaone.net

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I hope at least it was Swiss Miss chocolate... :001_Thank_You5:

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He was drugged? At 70 Yrs old and most likely drinking it's easy to fall asleep especially after sex...Sleep drugs often knock you out at least 12 Hours...


Whats he doing with that kind of money in his room anyway?

No place on the Planet like Pattaya..Don't let your meat loaf

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gee I thought it was a smoke not chocolate after sex .........:001_Thank_You5:


Not that I smoke .....why eat chocolate after have sweet thai pussy..........

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id love to no how the woman got all the money was it in a safe i doubt it so that just means that the swiss man had all that laying around in his room for the take as much as i do feel sorry for him i cant help but feel its his own fault for not securing everything in his room safe


and as for the chocolate thing i dont know if its just me and my suspicious mind but my alarm bells would have rang when she offered it to me but as i said i do feel sorry for the guy never nice to hear of these things happening to people and i no would hate it to happen to me

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Sorry to hear that at least he will get 4k francs in TravChqs back.

But if its a decent rated hotel they should have plenty of cctv monitoring+footage.

Btw im sure he put everything in his safe, i just find it strange...

Watch out for scams in LOS !! The biggest one is, when you come to Thailand "your in pocket", when you leave you've been sucked dry!



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Another good reason to take precautions....


Take her pic with your phone. Send it to your text message or email. Lock up phone, camera, passport and money in safe. Simple.


Now if he gets drugged then at least you got a good pic of the girl and hopefully track her down. If things were in safe then its gonna be difficult to get to.

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Well the travelers checks cant be cashed by the Thai women anyway can they!!!


Also the checks are refundable if you report them as stolen and have the serial numbers written down


Anyway at 70years of age i guess he is seen as a very easy target!!!

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