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Please Appreciate Your Caddies


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Please appreciate your Caddies

I had decided this week to not a have a whine at anything but had to change my mind after a trip out mid-week.

I oversaw some of the most offensive behaviour towards a caddy to date and that really made me want to hide and ashamed to be considered a Farrang in this beautiful country.

I am always reminded that we as foreigners in Thailand are “Guests” that is no different when you are out on the golf course.

The verbal abuse towards the caddy in question was not within our own organisation but a group that were in front of us. I am not sure from which bar or operation.

I am certain that fellow golfers really need no reminder that we should always consider ourselves very lucky to have the services of caddies when playing here at what are very menial costs.

So why do some golfers feel that they should be used as the target of there own inadequacies when things are not going so well.

Always remember the golf club is in your hands not the caddies so if you do not like their opinion on a shot etc. then don’t ask for it.


On a much lighter note I want to offer my personal thanks to the management of the St. Andrews 2000 Company Limited who sent out an invite to the golf organisers in the Pattaya area to hold a meeting and discuss a better way forward for golf on their courses during 2010.

I attended and represented the TRGG along with some sixteen or so other organisers.

I must say I was duly impressed with the frankness of the chairman on the day Narongdej Sinthukiow at the outset for an abject apology to those in attendance for past inadequacies in the way that problems had been allowed to occur and then badly handled over past months.

The tone of the meeting was very constructive and not obstructive.

Not everyone agreed with all discussed but I left the meeting optimistic that the future at Green Valley / St. Andrews could only improve if the management does what it said it would do and listens properly to any problems or complaints that may occur and deals with them appropriately.

But I am reminded that it will take “cooperation from all of us involved in organised golf”

to pull together and make it work.



If you want any further information about the golf outings played by the TRGG please contact Fergus Brennan on 0860567019 or call in to the Travellers Rest in Soi LK Metro.



Reporter Barry Hooper

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there is no excuse to abuse your caddy, your the fool with the club in your hand.


even though i am a newbie to pattaya, i have played about 7 or 8 different courses and most of the time i think i play like shit,but the caddies love watching someone who can play the game, and fuck it, i am there on holidays having the time of my life, who gives a fuck about the golf, i am there to have fun and most of the time the caddies love having a joke and more than likely taking the piss out of me with the other caddies.

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Most caddies do a great job and we agree that no one should blame or raise there voice to a caddie. You hit the ball so if it goes wrong its your fault and no one elses. And dont forget tips should always tip your caddie.


FYI i saw some information from the caddies perspective on a page a few days ago have a look. - http://www.golfthink.com/fairwayfoxesblog.html

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