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Miss Walking Street cancelled


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Sorry guys, Miss Walking Street has been cancelled, because it seems that not one single bar owner wanted to put one of his/her girls into the pageant.


We spent a lot of time putting this together and some considerable funds as well.


It would have been great publicity for the bar owners, considering the navy landing in town...


Not sure why the bar owners rejected the idea, as it wasnt put together with no funds, no consultation with the Thai authorities etc. I do suspect our contact man may have not presented the pageant well enough to bar owners, but thats speculation.


Again, I do apologize to anyone that was interested in seeing the bars top ladies, strutting their stuff and we hope to have another attempt at convincing bar owners to perhaps let the girls compete in a pageant that would attract international curiosity, via blogs, youtube etc.



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Arriving on the 25th Feb and will decide Miss Walking Street for you :GoldenSmile1:


Shame it's not going ahead as it would have been a bit of fun.

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very sad it,t not going ahead, would have been

great to see who was picked for the winner.

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Damn, I bought my outfit already :GoldenSmile1:

Have you read the forum rules?

Please resize your photos!


Sitting here now in this bar for hours,

whilst strange men rent strange flowers,

I'll be picking up your petals in another few hours...

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Damn, I bought my outfit already :Cry3:


You win by default then seeing as not one other person entered.


Congratulations Miss Walking Street 2010 :Bow2::Oops1::Bow5:

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Congratulations to all the PA members who entered in this forum...

Perhaps next time we can do it for real.

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Sorry to dampen spirits..........


I am very aware of the potential pitfalls of the promotions business...........but, see the statement put by the organizers, especially the highlighted bit.


Making a public statement that they will "report the non supporting businesses" is crass in the extreme. This is quite outrageous in my book.



Thailand Holiday Homes, the organisers of Miss Walking Street 2010, have decided to cancel this proposed charity fund raising event.


Despite repeated attempts to meet with the owners and/or managers of entertainment businesses in the Walking Street business precinct and in spite of leaving information and collateral material at every establishment they felt to be suitable ambassadors for Pattaya’s major nighttime entertainment precinct, they have failed to achieve their target of 40 girls.


Accordingly, the organisers will be contacting the extensive list of legitimate Pattaya businesses who had generously donated an extensive range of goods and services for the charity auction, along with media, officials and the crew of the USS Essex who had all thrown their support behind this event and advising them of their decision and instead will focus their philanthropic endeavours in areas that do not evolve around business owners who cannot be contacted. At the same time they will inform these people of those businesses who had agreed to support this event, thereby honouring their commitment to them. Thailand Holiday Homes wishes to thanks those Walking Street business that agreed to participate in this event, in particular, Utopia Lounge, who ha agreed to host this event and put considerable effort into it.


The organisers regret that their endeavours to host a charity fund raising event in an area of business that they gain no direct or indirect benefit from have come to a premature end and are disappointed that the considerable amount of money that would have been raised and donated to the Population and Community Development Association (PDA) will not now occur.


Thailand Holiday Homes will make it’s own, albeit considerably smaller, donation to the PDA as well as provide it with details of which establishments in Walking Street declined to participate in this event.


Posted on behalf of Thailand Holiday Homes.

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Some of the bars / go-gos already have ties to charities e.g Secrets and the Pattaya Orphanage - maybe they resented the approach. Perhaps it would have been a better idea to contact the bars / go-gos first to see what the feedback was before touting it to the 'legitimate Pattaya businesses'? And...if it was couched in those terms, I'm not surprised it blew up in someone's face. Are we also to believe that the US Navy isn't aware of the entertainment scene in Pattaya ? I have to agree with whitespider about the tone of the statement.

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Perhaps the tone and some of the assumptions could have been handled better.

It does come across like your effort is the only charity in the world and its everyones duty to jump on board.

As has been said many of these guys have their own methods of helping charity and perhaps felt they were being pushed into doing something by someone who thought they where non legitimate businesses.


personally if I was organising this i' d have spent some time myself going from bar to bar drinking with the owners and floating the idea. Not as a done deal but as a concept that I invited feedback on.

When you know the guys by name and have plenty of genuine interest then you go forward.


It seems perhaps you did all the right things with the 'Legitimate business', and just assumed that bar owners will jump on board at the end of the project.


Perhaps the girls shyness and fear of new/offical stuff. I can't imagine many of them would have the confidence to enter a beuty pagent. Most of them seem to specialise is thinking themselves really attractive to drunken foreigners and also not beutifull. A thought process i'll never understand.

Perhaps if they knew it was hosted in a gogo and very simlar to normal working they'd be less scared.

But i can imagine if a bar owner just told a bunch of girls theres an offical miss-pattaya (like miss world) and would they like to enter, they'd be scared senseless.


Anyway maybe i'm wrong.


I'm sorry it didn't work out. its obviously a very good cause.

But perhaps you guys need to work on building up links with bar owners.

I can understand your pissed at them now, but the fallout from this won't help you in future events.

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i run a beauty pageant every time i go out in Walking Street


and i give the winner some money to see her out the door in the morning...


you should see what other prizes i give them....


hey any bar owner that want to give me a stunning girl for the night can PM me....


please photos of the girl will be needed so that i can pick another winner for the night....


if you really want to see a some stunning girls that work in these gogo just get the latest copy of afterdarkasia.com


the bar owners seem to like putting smoking hot girls in there mag

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The thing that concerned me is that the poster was using stolen pictures. One of them is a famous Thai actress. I thought that could cause serious problems for the organisers.

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People and businesses are free to do as they like.

They make they own business decision and know better than anybody else how much money they have and how they want to spend it.


Just because somebody else has an idea and wants them to participate in that, doesn't mean they have to do that.

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wish it would have worked out, tit!! :001_Thank_You5:

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