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AccessAmerica travel insurance - good results


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I just received my check from www.AccessAmerica.com from a trip last year when I was hospitalized with an infection (IV antiobiotics, etc). The claim process was a hassle, but mainly due to my "primary" health insurance company.


You first have to submit your claim to you primary insurance, and in my case SEVERAL MONTHS LATER my USA insurer (Assurant) finally applied my charges to my "international out of network" deductible (a separate category with a $6,000 deductible). :001_Thank_You5:


During the wait AccessAmerica sent me a letter saying they had closed my claim due to no response.


But once I did get the response from Assurant, I just faxed their letter along with the hospital receipts to AccessAmerica and they reopened my claim and sent me a check for the full amount a few weeks later.


So the claim process can be a hassle, but mainly due to first having to deal with your primary insurer.


Given how easy it is to rack up serious medical bills, I highly recommend spending a few extra bucks on these guys your next trip.

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Thanks for the report. I always buy travel coverage before I leave the country, but I've never had occasion to use it (knock wood), and I've always wondered whether they would actually pay-up if I did have a claim. Good to hear they actually came though for you, I'll make a note to look this company up for my next trip abroad.

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I highly recommend C.S.A travel insurance. Compare any other travel insurance with these coverages they have.



You have options of from max of $250,000 to 1 million policy for emergency.


My trip with friend for maximum 1 million coverage for 3 1/2 weeks was $104. per person.

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