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Sad thing, I'm out of Pattaya now... :P But I had a good time though. :P


Remember that thing? Drinking till 06 am, going home with a bar girl and waking up about 02 pm? I've been to Pattaya 8 days and 5 looked like that.


Where do you guys get your «breakfast» after 02 pm? I love thai food, but I can't get a single bite for breakfast.

There was a nice restaurant (saying something like sports bar) at Soi 6 where I could get some red beans, sausage... But I think this is way to much (on the plate and on the wallet) for breakfast.


What and where is your breakfast in Pattaya? (And don't tell me something like »a singha at sabai land». Already tried it. :D )



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Beans for breakfast???

"This little incident on the aeroplane throws into relief my single status, that at times leaves a gloomy space of frigid loneliness and a craving for intimacy, a hollow within that echoes a quiet desperation when in the silence of those cold grey London nights and which I felt all the more keenly in some of those moments in LOS when a lack of true intimacy is apparent in the financially fuelled sexual congresses of the P4P scene. However, these are only in moments of weakness and self pity and would not impel me to find sustenance in a need fulfilling relationship ……….Hell!!! If I were to be given a choice, I’ll take the often pseudo short-term romance of the P4P scene over the risk of the insidious death of marriage"




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Beans for breakfast???

oh yes, full English breakfast.Sorts you out for the day.But if you eat it everyday your heart will stop. :)

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mmm anyone else have problem eating eggs in thailand.......they seem to not last too long in my system......

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mmm anyone else have problem eating eggs in thailand.......they seem to not last too long in my system......


First time I went to LOS, which was in 1994, I ate some eggs at a bar in Soi Cowboy. Had the runs my entire trip for the next 7 days in Pattaya. I haven't eaten eggs in LOS since that time. When I make the big move to LOS next week, I guess I'm not going to have a choice. I'll let you know when the eggs stay in my system and are properly digested.

Read more about the adventures of zaphodbeeblebrox in Rayong at www.zaphod.pattaya-blogs.com

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Suggest you do your food shopping at Foodland. You should not experience too many problems.


If you shop at Carrefor - good luck.

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Pig and Whistle Soi 7 and Robins Nest Soi Diana for me.





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If you shop at Carrefor - good luck.

Why is that?

I've always found Carefor excellent

*WARNING. The above statement was prepared in a factory that uses irony. It may contain irony. It cannot be guaranteed as irony free. Readers with an adverse reaction to irony or irony based products should consume a pinch of salt before reading. Readers who have are known irony-deficient should seek professional help before continuing*



'I'd like to congratulate Chris Pattaya on being the smuggest cnut ever shat into God's creation', Unknown Mango Sauce contributer.

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Googies in Soi Day Night (off Pattaya Tai) offers over 100 breakfasts.


From Full Irish (like English only bigger lol) to varying American and Continentals (French, German, Swedish etc).


Also you can have Meusli, fruits, croissant, toast etc.


As you can imagine with 100+ to choose from there is something for everyone there.


For me I especially like the fact that the OJ is "western style" not the dark coloured sweet stuff you get in a lot of places.


Its a Gay cafe - but the customers are mixed. Clean and good service too so long as femme looking waiters in hairbands doesnt worry you.

Advertise on Pattaya Addicts. Send me a PM for more info'

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Caddy shack next door to the old harley bar... with out any doubt the best english breakfast in pattaya....

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English breakfast in Jimmy Macs, on Soi 6...............................................then when youre refreshed from the night before......youve only yards to walk for a proper waking up!


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Canterbury Tales Cafe, Soi Chaiyapoon, just off Soi Bauhkow.

Full English Breakfast served from 8am till 10pm.

2 eggs 2 bacon sausage beans tomato, 2 doorstep toast and marmalade, Tea or Coffee and orange juice aall for 75 baht

As above plus black pudding 1 more sausage and fried potatoes for 95baht

Also Thai food available cooked on the premises as well as evening meals etc.

We have some really good sport weekends with 3 screens 1 large screen so look forward to the new Football season.


Map here to Canterbury Tales Cafe.


Canterbury Tales Guesthouse ... email; canterburytalescafe@hotmail.com



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Recently had a GREAT breakfast for only 99B (large sign advertising it) on Soi LK Metro, across and to the right of Lolita's. Can't remember the name of the place but the food was VERY good and plentiful. A nice, quiet place as I was the only customer.

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Try The 18 Coins hotel opposite Sutus Court on Soi Bauhkow , just along from Soi Diana towards the market direction .. Not alot of people know about this one but the breakasts are excellent . Never had a bad meal here , all good any time of day .


Also Juice in Soi Lenkee .


Forget about the 75 baht and 95 baht places , go for quality , for an extra 30 - 50 baht you can get much better . We are still talking buttons for a meal .

You can be on the right track and still get hit by a train .

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Had a few good breakfasts at a place called "juice". It's on the next road down soi buchoew to the right from where cantubury tales is (opposite the top of soi dianna ). G.F. owns bar near canturbury tales and she reccomended this juice place (its where her girls take their farang boyfriends for breakfast!).

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the sportsman on soi 13 or the Queen vic on Soi 6 would get my vote.

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      The meetings is a chance to get to meet each other,  I plan to be at every meeting, I also have Dean from Dive bar that has offered to help out with a crawl after.
      The meetings will be  Monday  6 pm - 8 pm each week.  (The improvised bar crawl will commence at 8 p.m.  Dean will make his own plans for that.)

      Due to low numbers of people in town, I will start the meetings in our bars to help our girls and managers, please check back often incase things are changed.  I will be sharing the love around town later, but Soi 6 is first on my list (including bars that are friendly competition)   
      If bar owners want us to have a meeting at their bar,  they need to have a minimum of 10 girls.  I'm not dragging people to empty bars for favours.
      Please help us invite other members, it takes a while to get momentum.
      Monday 6 pm - 8pm  (then bar crawl after)
      21st March - Playpen Soi 6
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      2nd May - (next bar we have open)
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      23rd May - (next bar we have open)
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      13th of June - (next bar we have open)

      I look forward to meeting people again.
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