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Dancewatcher VT2A vip room review


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I had the pleasure of staying in Tik's VIP room a few months ago. As you can tell this is mostly a positive review, so lets start on the negative points first.


It is in Jomtien. Pure and simple the roads suck, but that should be fixed soon. Getting on a baht bus was simple, but getting bounced around in the dirt and stuck in traffic was something I was planning on leaving at home :Birthday_Cake: Realistically its a minor issue and only takes about 10 minutes to get to Walking Street.


The view is, not spectacular. (sorry about the rain, it was the rainy season! :GoldenSmile1: )



To the left of this picture is the pool, but it is not a pool view by any stretch of the imagination. I like to sit outside on the balcony and relax with a cigar, so watching the pool from the comfort of my own room would be nice.


I had no water at first.... I gave Tik and the dancewatcher a call. We assumed it was due to the pump in the building, which had been shut off for maintenance. No such luck, so he went around trying to figure it out. Turns out one of the neighbors had some people working on their condo and shut off the water to the VIP condo accidentally. Of course you would think that once they discovered they shut off the wrong apartment they would come back and re-enable it, but no such luck. That was all sorted perfectly, no harm no foul. (earned me a free breakfast as well)


Ok now on to the positives!


It is in Jomtien. :HappyBDay1: Yes both a positive and negative, the area is much more quiet. Not once was I woken up from the thumping overdriven bass of a bar bar and the pace is SLIGHTLY less frenetic if that sort of thing gets to you. There is plenty of food around, a money changer and atm right outside and of course lots of bars.


The building facilities are very nice, with a decent breakfast place in on the first floor, two mini-marts and the big pool. All of the people at the difference places were happy to see me come and go, at least that was my impression, so it was all good. It is a fully guarded building as well, which is always a nice service.


The room is what you see in the pictures. The bed is fantastic, the AC is cold and the computer has fast internet. You have seen the shower I am sure, and it never had problems with water pressure (after the initial snafu of course.) Refrigerator, cold. Hob, hot. Pots and pans... Unused by me :Chokdee: All in all some top notch stuff in the room, nothing to fault there except for maybe not having nicer stuff on the balcony. Oh and they even have a medicine cabinet in the bathroom with medicine! If you wake up in the middle of the night after that last fried you had disagrees with your stomach, the last thing you want to do is have to run out to buy something.


There is also a ton of alcohol available in the room if you are too lazy to go out and get your own. A good selection of movies, a home theater setup and everything else required to watch thai soap operas at all hours of the day on a big flat screen is even included. :)


All in all a very nice place. I wish it had a sea view or at least a direct pool view, but for what it is and the prices being offered I would rate it as good value for your baht. Not to mention that Tik and DW are genuinely nice people and I look forward to seeing them again.

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i have found only one problem with Tik's properties.....


and that's trying to find a time when one you lot are not already booked when i try....


damn you lot



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Sorry, only have the one picture from the room. One other one looks exactly like the photo dancewatcher has on the site so that doesn't really help. The other two photos I have looking right and left I can post, one is completely out of focus though. It decided the railing was much more important than the rest unfortunately. I forgot I had selected my lower focus point unfortunately :(

view (1).jpg

view (2).jpg

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Sorry, only have the one picture from the room. One other one looks exactly like the photo dancewatcher has on the site so that doesn't really help.


A link to the site would be nice.

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The rates are on the website I believe. I was in before high season so I got the off peak rates. Otherwise just email DW or Tik and they will give you the details.

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hi guys the wifi that you can buy from the VT2A office...how are they? reliable? decent speed?

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All of Tik's V.I.P. rooms have internet and high speed. Luxury studios have them as well. Standard to budget rooms, some have them and some do not. The internet you buy from the VT2A office is slow at best. Hope this helps Link to the V.I.P. room that he stayed in http://dancewatchers.com/V.I.P._Condo_Jomtien_View_Talay_2A_dancewatchers.com_luxury_condo_rental.html




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Hi, very intersting! can you give us some more notes on the costumes

and how the blue light sets the mood? looks good so far.. do you

also got some pictures from inside the room?

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Thanks for the review. I like Jomtien and would like to stay at VT2A also. I have stayed with Dancewatcher at VT6 in Pattaya and the room was great and service excellent.

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