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Handheld Convertible Tripod.....Report


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Modding a tripod to handheld one


This for the INCA model AT-102 photo-video tripod……..





Ok opening the box only a carry bay and the item is in a plastic bag………..


Ok lets start with the camera plate ……….





Folded back the rubber handle to expose the self tap screw there are 3 on them, use the right size Phillips head as we can reuse them so try not to strip the head they in tight…..


The camera plate fitting that connects to the monopod should just pull out……….


Now for the other end you need to use a hacksaw to cut about 10-12mm from the end of the pod this will allowed the screw and rubber feet to be removed……….


With pair of pilers or multgrips squeeze and remove the clip that holds the foot stand then pull apart the legs of the foot stand away from the pod………


As you can see we need to make the end of the pod little bit bigger so the thread on the base camera plate fitting will fit ………





Look for something that will open it up and try getting the indention out of the sides ……


becareful as it very soft …..I use an bolt and an screw outer that was the right size……if you damage it you can cut a bit off with hacksaw and try again………..


By being careful and checking always it will it fit in….yes it tight which you need …..





After doing that drill small hole so you can screw the three self taps into the plastic fitting..


To finish it off either black spray paint or wrap black tape around it to cover damage and holes from foot stand……..


Where the handle is find a plug to fill it…. I used a spray can top that just happen to fitted inside it ……..




That’s it …


My link to test video





some pictures of it finished.....


I haven't drill or put screw in as yet or paint or use tape to cover damage so you can see























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