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Percentage Difference in Cash Spent From BKK?


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Hey all,


Looks like I'll be between contracts in late March and will have 4-5 weeks to spend in LOS. Looking forward to it big time! I'm trying to decide whether to spend the time in BKK or Pattaya. The thing is, I'm kind of a city guy. I like walking around the streets for hours on end. Yeah, I know it will be hot but that's not a problem. Big city + nightime is what I like.


That being said, I'm not going to have an unlimited supply of cash. Adding up accommodation with the women, how much more do think it would take me to do the same things in BKK than I would Patts? I'm generally a bar/pub type of guy. Don't like discos. I'm not sure if I could deal with a small town like Pattaya for 5 weeks, even with the, ah, "distractions". :001_Thank_You5:


Obviously this board is geared more to Patts but disregarding the amenities of both places, are we talking a 25% increase? 50%? I can see short/long times are already going to be much higher.



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pattaya is alot cheaper,i spend alot of time in bkk,beer is more accomodation etc,i love pattaya still lots to do there ,as its not far for you to go to patty if you are in bkk just go and spen a couple of days and see.

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I think 5 weeks holiday in Bangkok are too much, even for a city guy.

If I were you, I would visit them both: Bangkok and Pattaya!


Maybe start with one and half weeks in Bangkok somewhere close to Nana and Sukhumvit Road.

Then two weeks in Pattaya to get some fresh air and see the difference. (Bangkok can get really hot in April.)

And at the end one week in Bangkok for shopping and short way to the airport for you fly back home.


The main difference in price will be caused by your hotels.

hotels in Bangkok tend to be more expensive (20-30%?).

In both places you need to find guest friendly hotels.

Otherwise you will pay 500 to 1000 THB for a joiner it they are allowed at all.

The alternative are short time rooms. At Nana entertainment centre they have some for 300 THB.

This November I stayed at the Dawin in Bangkok and at the Baboona Beach Resort in Pattaya just to name two.

Both were at about 2200THB per night for nice and modern rooms.

(Baboona has a great view over the sea. That is why the price is about the same.)


Also the girls in Bangkok are generally more expensive. (+30%)

The Gogo bars where they work tend to be more classy in Bangkok but funnier in Pattaya.

One Bangkok speciality are the soapy massages.

Please try one! You will never forget it!!!biggrin.gif

And do some sightseeing in Bangkok. There is not much to see in Pattaya apart from the girls...

But you will find out: Hanging around at the beach and waiting for the night to come can be very relaxing...


If you are someone who eats in restaurants calculate with +30% for Bangkok.

If you like eating at the thai food stalls like me, the price for food will be about the same low level.

Don´t worry about too fews bars and pubs in Pattaya. There is much more choice than you can handle.

Pattaya is not just a small town it is sin city!!! In almost every way.

There is absolutely no chance of getting bored at nighttime!!! (Maybe at daytime there is...)


You can try the search function of this page to find some more information about both places and the transfer.

There is lots of useful information hidden on pattaya addicts.

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Well, Bangkok is a BIG city, with a hughe problem of traffic-congestion.

If you wanna do both, Bangkok and Pattaya, then, goto Bangkok during weekend, less traffic-jams, and

goto Pattay during weekdays. Even pattaya is big enough to walk around alot, just goto northh pattaya/nakhlua.

That's a walk of a few hours, walikng to jomtiem wil take over one hour.

And, then you haven't seen the side-streets of pattaya, or the area behind third road/sukumwit.

Walking in Bangkok during weekdays wil just give you traffic-jams, airpollution and dangers crossing the roads.

About the prices: when you stay in Bangkok it wil cost you doubble of your stay in Pattaya.

In pattaya you can have everything for 2000/2500 bath a day, Bangkok wil be 5000 bath at leats.

That is, if you wanna have some "action".

My advice: stay some time in Bangkok, some time in Pattaya, and then descide where you wanna stay the rest of your hollidays.

The woman in Bangkok are more beautiful and a lot more expensive.

That doesn't mean there aren't any beauties in Pattaya: just depends on wich lady(s) you wil loose your heart, the Pat's ladys or the BKK's ladys.

In the early days ( i am going to Thailand for 30 years now) it was the most fun in Bangkok.

These days, going to Bangkok is as a holliday out of Pattaya, but, just a short holliday.

Even after one day i am fed up with the Nana Plaza and soi cowboy ladays because the only thing you can do with them is goto your room and fuck them.

(soi cowboy and nana plaza are the major red-lights-district in Bangkok, Pattaya is a whole red light)

In Pattaya you can have take your lady out for a dinner during daytime, a visit of some market later, and a show in the evening.

In bangkok you can all forget about that because of the traffic-jams.. some times ik takes less time to walk somwhere as it takes

for the same time with a taxi.

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Alright guys, this is great info. So we're looking at about 30% more it seems. I get it now and Pattaya seems to be taking the lead in my decision.


Question regarding the women and daytime activities. Do a lot of you guys find that you can keep a chick to hang around with a bit in the day? Or set up a series of phone numbers for day "date" activities? Like let's say I just want to catch a movie and leave the fucking for another time (or other girl!). Possible?



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You pay the lady and the bar where the lady is working for the time she is spending with you.

A typical barfine at a Gogo-Bar is 600 THB per day. (For Beer-Bars it is less.)

Normally a lady will leave you in the morning, but if you are nice to her or pay some extra maybe later.

If you want to book a lady for several days, she will give you some discount. Her bar won´t.

How you spend the time with your lady or ladies is <Up to you!> as they say.


In Bangkok you might go to the cinema. Put for Pattaya that is a very strange idea as you will find out.


Normally you do not need telephone numbers of girls for daytime activities.

There are always some beer bars open where you can find company.

Or visit Soi 6 during the day if you want to come directly to the action.

You might collect the numbers of some freelancer you meet on Pattaya Beachroad.

But most of the time there is a reason they are freelancers, so better stay away from them (or be very carefull) during your first visit.

Think twice and twice again before you give a lady your mobil phone number. (Maybe get yourself a Thai prepaid phone card.)


When I am in Thailand most of the time I do not go to bed before 2.00 or 3.00 a clock.

And I guess it is the same with most Pattaya addicts.

So, there is not too much time left for daytime activities.

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Combine both places as 5 weeks in BKK is really too much. But for exploring the nightlife in BKK too the fullest you will sure need 2 to 3 weeks as the standard Farang sites aren't the only ones worth to visit. Take a girl for a few days with you and go to the more Thai orientated nightlifescene, it will be worth the efford i promise you!

A good girl gives you happiness and a bad girl gives you experience both are essential in life so enjoy every girlfriend!

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if you want a percentage BKK is 50% more expenssive than Patts. Spend most your time in pattaya and be a few days in BKK.


I am a long hours nighte walker like you i know what you mean, i love it too but you can do the same in pattaya too. Pattaya is also worth walking around the only difference is in pattaya you will see way more tourists and way way way more girls waiting for tourists. Bangkok you see more of lots of people and real traffic till the morning etc ect


But if you are on a budget you are better off if you stay and relax longer in patts and go to bangkok for a week in ttotal.


pattaya especially girls are cheaper and also the accommodation but with some research you dont have to pay much more in BKK, but generally it is more expenssive than "SIN CITY "lol.



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themosch is absolutely right, but having a thai girl with you the whole day may cost you a bit extra but it is worth it. If you are lucky with the girl she might even help to cut your costs substantially with some of the stuff ( food ,accomodation, barfines lol, lady drinks and you than dont be a cheap charlie and bu her a dress etc lol) so you can buy her a few things lol

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