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Conquering Thai places


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Smile Hut Sattahip




Last night I went to Meng with whitespider, which is near the Sattahip lake, its a Mor Lam place but, I go there about once a week on average, their are some beautiful ladies in there one in particular was a coyote girl, she was (oddly) wearing pink knickers/hot pants. Most of the girls in there are a bit shy and weary about farang. They wont approach first.


The hot coyote girl didn't speak to us until later on and then she showed a lot of interest once I spoke Thai to her. This place has ok food with a large menu (in Thai) and cheaply priced drinks, never been ripped off in there. (only seen 1 farang in there before, apart from taking bar crawls there, A first class navy officer sat with us and took me to his car to show off his DJ equipment... then he pulled the hot girl over for me, she was very sexy and stunning from far away, didn't look too nice 3 metres away, then looked amazing up close, pretty weird but it gave me some trouser movements.


The police went around closing the whole of Sattahip at 1 am last night, the police came in and pulled the plug and the lights went off halfway through our beer, never seen this before in Sattahip, of course Vega (Sattahip Nightclub) and Smile hut (coyote place) were untouched. (3 am closing daily) The Thai guy was telling us about a brothel full of Chiang mai girls just past the hospital 1200 baht LT. I was asking him about ST rates and he kept saying a comical sounding NO NO NO. It was too late for us to visit the place, but I wasn't going to expect much.


Anyway he asked us if we wanted to go Smile hut which is a very intimidating place with a lot of security. We politely said no, then we thought, what the hell, he said there are lots of coyote girls in there. We arrived there and we sat outside due to inside being way to loud, he nipped inside and got us two very very sweet young ladies, I was instantly amazed and loved up and all experience flew out of the window, I couldn't believe such beauty in Sattahip, they were 18 year old coyote girls in hotpants.... this is when mistakes began to happen...


Mistake 1. Getting a hard on over a fit girl, and forgetting the rules that i have developed from experience

Mistake 2, buying a lady drink in a Thai place where the owners/workers are not friends....

Mistake 3. not asking the Thai guys how much lady drinks are and then asking the prices from the service first

Mistake 4. not checking the order.


Thinking that being accompanied with a decent, well spoken and dressed Thai guy, we dropped our guard, we ordered a beer each at 80 baht each... then we offered to get the girls drinks, we had planned to get rid of 2500 baht each by the end of the night, we were out to spend it all. (its not much money for a night out in Pattaya but it is in Sattahip) A minute later, 2 tiny spy drinks each for the girls arrived.... i checked the bill for that 600 baht, (ok 150 baht a drink is ok... but they ordered two each for the girls) the Thai guy was genuinely horrified when I told him.... me and Andy decided to leave then and there to make a point, we paid up and left our full beers. I didn't want to create a fuss, so i told the Thai "friend" on the way out that we were actually discussing visiting the place nightly or at least twice a week and now they have lost our custom, hopefully he points there mistake out for them. The Thai guy quietly told me that Thai men pay 80 baht for lady drinks, so it was a double shaft in the ass.


As pointed out above we were partly to be blamed... we should remember at all times not to have too much fun in Thai places that we don't know... you have to conquer a Thai place first... we have done that with many.


How to conquer a Thai establishment?


The best way to do this... walk into a Thai place.. no lady drinks for at least the first 10 times, buy a cheap beer and tip 20 baht.. when the food carts come round buy generously.. become one of them... if you buy lady drinks in a Thai karaoke straight away, they will treat you like a slot machine, always pulling on your handle, until you shit out a bomb. Sometimes you want to buy ladydrinks, but you have to resist the urge. I rarely buy ladydrinks in Thai places, I slip 100 baht under the table. That way I don't get all the girls fighting to sit with me. I can spot a greedy girl from a mile off, they don't get cash... or drinks.


Treat the managers/owners with respect, they are the ones that will fiddle your bill, most of the service staff are just innocent victims... Tipping service staff thinking you will be protected doesn't help much in most Thai places as they wont dare stick up for you.


Speak politely and act like a polite Thai, smiling with every situation.


How am I going to deal with this insult of being ripped off?


Thais don't understand that we aren't all rich... even if I was rich, I don't like to be taken advantage of. I must admit I take it personally, to me, I was insulted in that place, everyone seen it, total loss of face, but because we never lost it, we won that situation, (in terms of face) but I am not going to react personally, Last night I walked away angry.. I wanted revenge, i wanted to tell all the staff and hit the person responsible... I never shown anger... but i was more angry that I have lost another place to drink... but this place is worth trying again.... I am going to get even but in my own way... I want to give this place another go... so I can go there more often, having hot coyote girls near my house is too much to walk away from. The staff probably thought we were on holiday (didnt have enough time to talk Thai etc) and that it didn't matter... This is no excuse, but hey its Thailand.


The plan


I will get an apology out of them in the long term... I am going to go back there again and again... but I am going to work on it the best way I have figured. I am going to go back there, with a only 20 baht notes...


1 drink at a time per day... 80 baht... no tip


No lady drinks


Polite to people and patrons.. alot of Thai customers are happy to introduce you to the boss/police/others as they want to show you off as there pet farang. Once we get some respect in there.. I will tell the owner/manager what happened.


Normally I would pay 5-10 baht a tip, (for a single drink) but I will be knocking it off the 220 baht owed. I would say thats 2 months worth of tips at the most... we will be even and on level ground soon! Providing I stick to these rules they will learn, when they don't see us as a bucket of cash they wont treat us like one. There are alot of farang around that i see getting angry in Thai places, ok it may help short term, but if you have a problem later, they will gladly watch you get a good kickin.


Rubbish Night?


After Smile Hut, we went to Vega nightclub and watched the coyotes dance, (Im addicted to this daily perve sessions... coyote girls sure dance better than gogo girls) then decided to have a 7eleven party, we ended up buying drinks for random people, (a old drunk claiming to be mafia, a young tomboy) and finished off 3.00 am to 4.00 am spent with Smile Hut coyote girls for one hour sitting on plastic chairs outside 7eleven.. we made good friendship with them over 1 hour and agreed to meet them for dinner the next day, they were very sorry about how we were treated, and I hope that a message gets through Thai style.... So we should be able to conquer this Thai place so that other farang visiting me can enjoy it.


Yes just another night but we did turn it around.


Thanks to all the stray dogs turning up for the 7eleven party, they had a good chicken feast curtious of the coyote girls mostly. One of the girls even offered to buy me a feast, me and Andy were gobsmacked over the generiousity shown by these girls, it balanced out our faith in Thai people again.



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Thank you for the interesting story and insight.


I also hate the two teir pricing structure in Thailand.

And feeling like you are getting ripped off wherever you go because you are a foreigner.

It starts to wear on me after being in Thailand for awhile.

And I have to check myself to keep it in perspective and not freak out about it.

Knowing that if a thai person or anyone else comes to my country they pay the same price as me.

That is frustrating.


You handled the situation well, and living there you have the time to get them back in a clever way.

For the rest of us tourists we have to suck it up and take it as lessons learned.

And create long lists of places to be avoided for future visits.



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Top stuff matey, you a true master of the Thai smile,






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Bryan "What Colours your Dog"


LaaMok "I was bored once and had time to waste. i decided to try and unload without touching myself or rubbing, i think about 4 hours later, the yogurt truck crashed."
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Good job Clap.gif and sounds like you found some stunners there.


That happens to me sometimes in farang places Cry3.gif ...I know I'm going to get fleeced left and right next month, I just need to use my accumulated knowledge to prevent it whenever I can!

I am addicted to Pattaya Addicts, View New Content

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And create long lists of places to be avoided for future visits.




I am trying to eliminate all the places to avoid.. Thai places I am prepared to work on, but I only give up on farang places where the managers tell complaining customers to do one.



Top stuff matey, you a true master of the Thai smile,


Yeah one day, maybe next lifetime!



That happens to me sometimes in farang places Cry3.gif ...I know I'm going to get fleeced left and right next month, I just need to use my accumulated knowledge to prevent it whenever I can!


The farang places, it happens on a smaller scale, I almost never get problems in gogos. But the Thai places just can't resist it, but its our job to make them understand that we are not rich, even if we are! They think 2-3 lady drinks added on your bill is so small that you wont care, they think that we have so much money it doesn't matter to us. At least the Thais in farang bars understand that we are not all rich.

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Went in there again last night... the birds are top class! Left a 10 baht tip lol

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Good report we need more like this. I like to go off the beaten track and visit different regions every trip and you think you meet the more friendly real thai people. But every now and again you let your guard down and they will have you over. It is normally only a few hundred Baht added to the bill but they just dont seem to realise or care how much it offends.

I like your style no tip until balance paid off. hahaha.


Keep up the good work Big C

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