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Webdesign - Tip 3 - The Bluff


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The biggest bluff on the internet is skills.


There are professionals and backyard blunderers.


If you have a business, its always best to go for a professional.


Some people make a website and therefore call themselves webdesigners.

Some people know how to add meta tags into a website and call themselves SEO experts

Some people know how to load Photoshop and call themselves Graphic Artists.


For the layman, its hard to know who is full of crap about skills and who isnt.


For a pro in any of the above fields... well we can spot them a mile away.


Business who have used one of these backyard blunderers, lose faith in the above skills and rightly so as their business is not what it could be via online.


A client of mine, contacted a designer (before meeting me) and asked about a website to sell items.

He was told that its best to have the site in HTML and use an editor to make changes to the products by changing the code... LUDICROUS !!!

I was also sent the URL of this designer and his graphics where that of a real blunderer. His graphics had "fuzzies" and the colors didnt harmonize with each other. It is quite obvious that this designer made a site "once" and is now offering his "lack of skills" to anybody. A designer needs to know how to at least make some form of dynamic site.... Blunderers dont know this.

In some respect, this is a good tipoff that the person doesnt know what they are doing as many blunderers like to stick to harsh reds and blues. (I dont know why they do that) and can ONLY OFFER HTML... Heck.. Give me a day and I cant teach you HTML...


Then he contacted me and I advised that the site is better to be databased.

This would enable data to be added, edited or deleted at the clients whim, via the website itself, without any need for anything complicated. Needless to say, I got the contract :GoldenSmile1:


I am not an SEO expert, so I would not be in a position to comment 100% on this subject, however I do know that some "claims" are misleading. I do however know that "Laa Mok" is a bonafide expert and I hope he fills in the gaps here, as it is an important subject.


Graphics can take a few hours to a few weeks to make. Blunderers will steal from the internet and hand it to you as their own work. If their website looks like its been put together, peice by peice and there is no distinct similarity in the design, this would indicate that they are just cutnpaste type people. If the design looks WOW and their site looks like stink... that would be the best indication that they really have no idea how to use Photoshop.


I hope my tips help people make an informed decision and I wish you the best of luck in finding the talent you want :Beer8:

Best tip ... Too cheap is always the worst move you can make.... Your business deserves better !

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