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advice needed


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Hi Everyone - hope i am posting this in the right place and sorry if this subject has been covered before....



I'm due to arrive in Thailand in the next couple of weeks. I have a 12month Non Im "O" type multi entry visa...


My impression was that i could stay for 12 months - i have a return ticket booked, but someone has told me that i have to leave Thailand every 90 days and do a border run ??


is this correct ? if so, cannot i show the imigration people that i have enough funds to last me 12 months and that i have a return ticket, so i can hve a 12 month stay ?


Apreciate your advice....

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Someone told you???

here are the facts as per thaivisa.com


An alien must apply for a non-immigrant visa "code O" at a Thai Embassy or Consulate abroad before entering the Kingdom. Duration of first permit: As warranted by this visa, permission is given for a period of 90 days. Duration of extension: The Immigration Office will grant him a maximum extension of one year at a time.

Requirements for an Non-Immigrant "O" Visa overseas:


(1) Foreigners who wish to stay with family in Thailand must provide the following documents:

· If you are a former Thai citizen, proof of Thai citizen such as Thai passport, Thai identification card, Thai house register or Thai birth certificate

· If you want to visit as a spouse or family member (son or daughter), proof of relationship such as a copy of marriage license or birth certificate with a proof that your spouse or family member is a Thai citizen

(2) Foreigners who wish to perform duties for the state enterprise or social welfare organizations, to receive medical treatment in Thailand must provide the following documents:

· Letter of invitation or acceptance from the concerned companies/ organizations or institutes with business registration or business license

(3) Foreigners who wish to be a sport coach as required by Thai Government, to be a contestant or witness for the judicial process in Thailand must provide the following documents: Letter of invitation or acceptance from the Thai Government or concern organizations Visa.



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The 12-month visa gives you the right to make multiple entries into Thailand during that period, but you must leave the country every 90 days. If you do a border run, you visa/passport is stamped as a departure on that day, you cross to Cambodia(or other country) and get your passport stamped with a Cambodian (or other) visa lasting one month. You then cross back into Thailand and get your passport stamped with a re-entry date and that gives you a further 90 days.


Your 12-month visa will have an expiry date of 12 months from the date of issue. In my case this is 23 February 2010; however, if I was to do a border run on that day and then re-enter, my understanding is that I would get a further 90 days. Thus, the visa can be managed to last for approximately 15 months.


For the Westerner, the border run system may be a source of frustration, wasted time and extra cost; but it is an integral part of the visa deal. Its rationale may be little more than a job creation scheme for border communities giving them a regular source of income. How I wish we could apply something similar in the UK for all our visitors.


If you want chapter and verse, the best authority is:




The general rules for visas are found here:




The relevant rules for 12-month visas are found here in the section headed:




and includes the following:


For Non-Immigrant Visa state SINGLE entry (fee £45) or MULTIPLE (fee £100). Single entry Non-Immigrant Visa is valid for 3 months from date of issue and allows a single stay of 90 days max from date of entry. Multiple entry Non-Immigrant Visa is valid for 12 months from date of issue and allows any number of stays each of 90 days max from date of entry.

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