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l.k. metrople, l.k. pavillion, sunview place, opey de place and more.


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my mate is looking for a condo or a nice serviced apartment at the moment as he wants to relocate to pattaya from bangkok for work purpose and play time opportunities. his budget is not great at up to a maximum of 20,000 b a month and he insists on a swimming pool. so today we went looking at various condos and serviced apartments and the following is my report.


first we went to l.k.pavillion, on entering the building you immeadiately get the feeling that the place is going to be good. the furnishings in the reception area and the bar and restaurant look expensive and tasteful .


the reception staff spoke good english and were polite and courtious.


we asked to see a studio apartment and a one bed apartment. both were tastefully decorated and furnished , though the studio was small , but probably adequate for a short stay,problem is my mate is looking at a 1 year deal.


the 1 bed apartment was nice , again very well decorated and with quality furnishings , i really cant fault it ,if im honest .


im not slow to praise my own apartments at thew rockhouse, and i use my own apartments as the yardstick by which i judge other peoples apartments.so im going to confess that the one bedroom apartment in l.k. pavillion is better equipped than my place though not as big as our apartments even with its seperate bedroom and living room.the dowside im afraid was the cost. far too expensive in my honest opinion.


studio 2,000b a night, 12,800 per week and 28,000 b per month. you are then charged for water and electric and internet use. i dont know the water rate, but the electric rate is published as 7b per unit, and wireless internet at 1000b per month , which in my opinion should be free.


we were offered a slightly cheaper rate when we said we were looking at a 6 month to 1 years stay , but the room was still far too expensive.


id estimate the room to be 30 square metres and id tell you that if i was going to stay there then 10,000b per month would have been my highest bid.


the one bed apartment was actually quite nice, well furnished and with good quality items,, i liked the place, but again its only downfall was the price.


nightly rate 3,500b, weekly rate 17,500 b , monthly rate 45,000 b, same charges for water, electric and wifi connection.


id estimate the room to be probably 60 square metres , and if i was going to stay there then perhaps 23,000 b would have been my final bid.


we then went to look at the rooms in its sister hotel the l.k. metropole . again as soon as you walk in you can sense a good quality about the place, the reception is impressive and so were the rooms if truth be told, but they were as far as i could see identical in size, style, furnishing and decor to the rooms at the l.k. pavillion.


so its no surprise to you that im saying the studio is far too small for a long stay though nice. the one bed exactly the same as the one at its sister hotel, i liked it and would happily stay there. same problem only even worse was the price.


studio rates were 42,000b per month and after we told her we wanted a long time rate she told us she could give it to us for 27,000 b per month including water and electric, but with internet still at 1000 b per month.


my idea of a fair price perhaps 12,000 b a month.


the one bed apartment she quoted 54,000b per month, and as a long term deal 33,000 b.


my idea of a fair price perhaps 25,000 b.


we then walked over to oprey de place, what a joke, we asked about the suite , she quoted us 28,500 b per month, no discount for long term and said she would only take month to month bookings.


we looked at the room , laughed and said no thanks, it was a bog standard cheap to mid range hotel room, worth about 12,000b per month , and nothing special.


we then went to sunview place on soi buakhou, they have 3 types of room at 850 b a night, 800 b a night and 700 b a night.


the rooms were nothing to write home about, i would certainly never entertain the smaller room at 700 b a night , more like a 350 b a night room.


the bigger room was a little better, though still disappointing as id been in the bigger rooms a year or so ago when a friend stayed there and man have they went downhill badly in just a year. they werent very fresh looking and were not worth 850 b a night as only 50% of the size of the rockhouse and no where near as nice.


from here we went to bayoke, a fairly new apartment building , we quite liked the rooms , they were fresh , clean and ok. problem again was the price of 21,000 b per month and she would not give and discount for long stay.


my price for that value would have been perhaps 14,000 b per month 15,000b at tthe top of my range.


we then went to mosiak apartments, over in soi day night, very nice from the outside and with first class security , intercoms for entry , well camera covered and with security guards .


we again viewed a studio and a one bed apartment, the studio was very nice but just far too small , i could not have stayed in it for that reason only.


the one bed was also nice, not quite as nice as the l.k hotels but very nice just the same.


the studio was 10,000 b per month, probably a fair price i suppose and the one bed was 19,500 b per month , maybe a little high , id say 17,000b maybe 18,000 b would be a fair price, but they would not budge, not even for a 6 month contract. in fact they said the apartment prices rise by 33 % this november.


we then went down to jomtien to lookat a few condos in view talay 5 and view talay 2 , nothing special , but a few ok condos for rent.


my friend alan then settled on a condo at view talay 2. a studio condo of 41square metres at 14,000 b per month. the salesman from northern thai real estate is a friend of mine and knocked 2,000 b off of the asking price for rent from 16,000 b down to 14,ooo b.


the more i see what my competition is charging for there accomodation the more i realise i am giving my apartments away far too cheaply.


i will leave the prices alone for the coming year, but i think i will need to re evaluate them for the next year.

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I lived at LK Pavillion for 8 months. It was a nice place. Maids were good about cleaning up.

27000. + utilities were high. had to run the AC most of the time. another 2000 bt.

It's close to town but not too close.


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I agree those prices are high. I think buying a condo, if you are staying for a long time or a regular visitor is a better option at those prices.

No man is a hero to his valet.

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Why not offer your mate a room at your apartments if they are cheaper and better fitted then most of the others.

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Picture_020.jpgPicture_024.jpgDSC00607.jpg[] Some prices have got a bit silly.


The owner of 'Phillis gaff' in VT2a is offering fully serviced studios at 17000Bt down I believe and that includes utilities for longer lets.


BM Tony ( Elway69 ) has just moved in but he has got a very nice high floor corner unit I think .


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Why not offer your mate a room at your apartments if they are cheaper and better fitted then most of the others.


because i have no availability and because he insists on a pool.

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I have stayed at the LK Metropole 3 or 4 times now. I agree with Murphy very nice but expense.

Stayed in LK Metropol for ~20 days in March and was happy with the service and the rooms. No wifi internet and you can buy internet access in the room and you pay by the hour which was a bit expensive (do not remember the rate). They also overcharged my MasterCard and I think they owe me something like 5-10k bath since they could not fix it when I left since all electricity was out. I haven't bothered to email them to fix this but will fix it when I go to Pattaya in July. I will do some checking but might end up at LK Metropol again.



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