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Has Koh Larn changed in 3 years


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Some of the mozzies have died and been replaced by others, some of the fish have been caught and eaten but have been replaced by others and there has been a bit of building renovation; but basically, despite all the scare-mongering about global warming, holes in the ozone layer and pillage of the earth's natural resources, Koh Larn is still where it was, is still very beautiful with excellent beaches and clean and cool waters and is still very much worth a visit or two after three years away. It's still 20 baht each way on the ferry too.

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They still haven't fixed the ablutions, so it's your choice basically...


Only been once myself, had a great time and even had a swim in the sea! Defo go again.

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If you can read russian you'll have a great time :P

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Just jump on the vodka train & start drinking on ya way there you'll soon speak russian!!!

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a quick question about koh larn, does anyone know how much they charge for jet ski rental? is it time restricted? i'm interested in renting there and visiting that other island nearby, or would that be too far away for a jet ski?


edit: never mind, i found my answer from a thread on jet ski's that is pretty recent. around 800 seems to be the norm for patts, and maybe 1000 for KL, and it seems to be on 30min rentals. which is pricey if i want to ride out to an island and lay on the beach and ride myself back. i guess i'll just have to move here and retire to do that on a regular basis ;)

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