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Right I've decided to get off my ass and start learning to read and write Thai. I've been using phonetic Thai for using with my teacher for the last 8 months and its helped with my pronounciation alot but I know I am just delaying the inevitable.


Could anyone point me in a direction of useful resources which are easy to follow in learning the alphabet? I'm looking for something pretty simple and explained pretty well.


Theres so many resources but its difficult to know whats good, so thought I'd pick a few peoples brains and find out what worked best for them.



My understanding of women goes only as far as the pleasures.

-- Michael Caine (Alfie, 1966)

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I used www.learningthai.com they have alphabet cards with the sounds on them!

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I tried memorizing the alphabet to start, that didn't work at all as there was too much to it, I still forget the rarely used characters now.




That's the first thing that I used that actually clicked, it gives you English words with script spelling and explanations of the sounds and the way to read. It splits the characters up and tells you the sound for each like,ทอม, ท = a T sound, อ = a 'or' sound and ม = an 'm' sound. Within a short while you should be able to create short words like this.


I think I then checked out manee:



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Nice one guys. I've actually found a decent resource which has helped me memorise the alphabet by associating pictures and a story which each of the low, middle and high class constonants.


I've pretty much got the low and middle classes remembered already after a day. Suprisingly effective method to learn each letter and the various start and end letters of syllables.


I've got the Manee books in pdf format already which I think will be good practice once I get the alphabet locked down.

My understanding of women goes only as far as the pleasures.

-- Michael Caine (Alfie, 1966)

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Reading newspapers, books, and magazines is one of the best ways to learn a new language. LangLearner has taken the liberty of collecting reliable and relevant content from foreign language news feeds. You can visit and learn online Languages. I'm learning Languages with this tool, and it's very helpful.

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great website

me too have learned to speak thai ,from books and what people say to me ,or how to say it right

now i got to learn to read and write

thai a,b,c seems so hard at first

to many letters and so many vowels

and diff tones too

the 5 mais are bad enough

well that website is great

show a thai word and point to each letter and explain what it means ,sound

i have seen thai words for food in big c and tesco lotus

all alien to me

thai dictionary strange too

no gaps between the words is mad too

also signs when out on my bike

well thanks for sharing

time for me to put pen to paper now

kop koon krap

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