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Travel from Pattaya to Chang Mai and back again


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I'll be traveling to Chang Mai wtih Thai lady from Pattaya. I just found out that Pattaya Airport doesn't fly to Chang Mai, but will have to detour to Bangkok International Airport for the direct flight. That would mean around two hours by bus to the airport plus the one hour pre-flight check-in. What are the other options from Pattaya???


Thanks in Advance



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You can take a taxi to BKK, that way you will save a little time and it goes at the hour you please. However the time gain - as it seems your concern - will not be that great. Don't think there are other (read: faster) options to get to CM.

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A 12 hour bus ride? :Blow_Up:

Have you read the forum rules?

Please resize your photos!


Sitting here now in this bar for hours,

whilst strange men rent strange flowers,

I'll be picking up your petals in another few hours...

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I've always fancied getting the overnight train there.........1st class sleeper though.

A mate did it and said it was a great craic

Wake up in the morning refreshed and in Chiang Mai, too !!!



No bad grammer or spelling mistakes here !!!!

Its the all new language i have invented called "Typonese"

Copies of the book and DVDs are on sale and are availible at the main desc at the exit sine

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If you want a leisure trip you can take the train from Pattaya to BKK. Leaves at 14:20 and arrives at about 17:40p

From there you can catch the overnight Sleeper train to CM. Overnight train takes about 12-13 hrs. Always decent trip for one time.


There are 2nd class sleepers and 1st class sleepers. Ive done both in the past but actually prefer the 2nd class sleeper. The first class sleepers are private rooms however, you sleep from left to right and it didnt seem as comfortable as the second class sleepers. On second class sleepers you have 2 seats facing each other and it converts into 2 bunk beds and you sleep the same direction as the train and for me thats more comfortable. 2nd class sleepers also have curtians for some privacy.


Taking the train is fun and everyone should try it at least once. You can open the windows and look out at the scenery until the sun sets. When the sun sets you can order some food or booze and enjoy the ride. I usally pack some "Pork on a stick" and some sticky rice for snacking on, however, they serve food onboard and the ocassional stops will have vendors running thru the train selling all kids of ready to eat food, fruit and drinks.


On the trip back I would recommend taking a flight from CM to BKK and then a taxi ride back to Pattaya.

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All the other options take a lot longer and, as I can't see the Thais physically relocating Chiang Mai so that it's nearer to Pattaya, that's the price you have to pay for visiting a beautiful Northern Thai city. Enjoy the journey.

When a man is tired of Pattaya, he is tired of life.


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