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when บ้าง is used at the end of a question


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in Mary Haas Thai English student dictionary


"when บ้าง occurs at the end of a question, it suggests that more than one item is expected to be mentioned in the answer"


example given


คุณจะซื้ออะไร (what are you going to buy ?)


when i look up บ้าง on the thai-language website the example for เป็นอย่างไรบ้าง has the definition i expected (how's it going ? how do you feel ? how do you do ? what's up ?)


from what i understand, you would use เป็นอย่างไรบ้าง when you are talking to someone you are aquainted with. a little more baked in it than a สวัสดีครับ.


a "what's up ?" in the states you can say to just about anyone (although it would probably not be a polite thing to say to an elder). response could be anything from a unpsoken recogniton like a nod of the head to a long winded response.

a "how's it going ?" or a "how do you feel ?", would expect a little more than a unspoken recognition.

a "how do you do ?", really don't hear anymore.


i'm still a little bit confused to what the expectations are in the reponse to เป็นอย่างไรบ้าง ?

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To be honest with you บ้าง is a word I very rarely hear spoken

Same with the phrase เป็นอย่างไรบ้าง, which I tend to translate as "How are things?"

I suppose that thinking of the word บ้าง as "things" sort of makes sense.


บ้าง also means "else" as in ที่ไหนบ้าง têe năi bâang, "where else?"

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Thanks Loong,


"How are things ?" makes perfect sense.


I used to struggle with บาง and บ้าง and your explanation pretty much wraps that up for me. felt like the thai-language website really didn't nail that down.


now i'm curious to see how may times i hear เป็นอย่างไรบ้าง next time i'm in town also.

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on that same note, what's a proper reply to...




i always end up replying ยัง or กินแล้ว because i don't know any better!


maybe the best reply is just a plain สบายดี ? or maybe something like สุดสบาย if you are the enthusiastic type? which then could be an answer to เป็นอย่างไรบ้าง too.



i find บ้าง a useful word in a variety of situations, basically when i'm asking about something and i expect a list of stuff in reply

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not sure a question like กินข้าวรึยัง could have a more exotic answer, it's pretty much yes and no (กินแล้ว or ยัง) then if you wanted follow it up with something else. Not sure how สบายดี would even work as a reply?


I've always thought of บ้าง in the 'more than one' sense and that's generally the way i've heard/used it. e.g.


ไปไหนมา - where have you been?

ไปไหนมาบ้าง - where have you been? (more than one place)


I usually use ม้่ง, but then i'm a pikey one who just copies thai's :Agree:

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so when กินข้าวรึยัง is used as a greeting, you should just reply กินแล้ว/ยัง?

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so when กินข้าวรึยัง is used as a greeting, you should just reply กินแล้ว/ยัง?


yeah, it's just an opener as far as I know, a bit like "hey, nice day today isn't it".

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yeah, it's just an opener as far as I know, a bit like "hey, nice day today isn't it".


ye, exactly, but it makes me think, what reply is more appropriate กินแล้ว or ยัง, when you think it is just banter, like "nice day today, isn't it?", you would most likely affirm, or when asked "what's up?" you would probably reply "i'm cool"/"i'm good", or "how are you?" with "fine, thanks, you?", etc. always replying on a positive note and never really subjectically answering the question or going into personal details.


กินแล้ว - is slightly more positive, at least you're fed

ยัง - maybe you've been starving for days or on the flip side, let's grab a bite together and reminisce


i remember having TGs calling me and they'd open with กินข้าวรึยัง and i'd answer, "no, why? u hungry? u want to grab a bite?" and they'd be like, "oh no, now i stay isaan, can not" and i'd think, what an odd thing to ask then!

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I'm starting to view กินข้าวรึยัง (the greeting) kind of like someone learing english might think when hearing "cut down the tree then chop it up".


actually i didn't even realize it was greeting until recently on this forum. now when i hear it, i always respond with กินแล้ว (even when i haven't has something to eat, ahhh!)


i'm guessing that i may be over thinking and that i should be responding with กินแล้ว or ยัง even though the ยัง repsonse seems a little bit awkward

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ye, it seems like there should be a default answer to กินข้าวรึยัง like กินแล้ว, just like you would say "i'm good", ยัง does feel awkward

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I use this word quite alot with questions with my teacher and she with me also. Its just to expect you to expand on your answer without giving a "yes" or "no" answer. I also use it in greetings almost all the time.


Bpen yaang\ ngaii baang^ - Hows it going?


Poo_^ maa_^ koo_ngV koon bpen yaang\ ngaii baang^ - How are you parents?


Tay ruub\ aray baang^ - What did you take pictures of?



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