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Tonys Food Court

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I have been there 4 times during different times..Seems like it is mostly dead..Little afraid to eat there because the slow rate of food turnover...Usually Tony has money making ideas but I dont see this as one....

No place on the Planet like Pattaya..Don't let your meat loaf

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I go past there nearly every night and never see anybody in there, dont know how they can keep open. Really poor location to get any foot traffic and when the town is quiet as it has been all this year its going to suffer even more. I see the night bazaar didn't last very long.

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Last time i was in Pattaya, May/June time he was doing an interview on one of the local newspaper TV channels (cant remember if it was on fat Kolov's or fat Howard's)

Reading between the lines of what he said, you got the feeling that what he REALLY was saying is "i think i might have dropped a rather large bollock with this place" He used words/phrases like "soft re-opening" and "low key celebrations" etc

There is a LOT of bad feeling towards the guy for what he did to the original vendors in there, and quite a few people both Thais and farangs are waiting for him to fall



No bad grammer or spelling mistakes here !!!!

Its the all new language i have invented called "Typonese"

Copies of the book and DVDs are on sale and are availible at the main desc at the exit sine

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There is a LOT of bad feeling towards the guy for what he did to the original vendors in there, and quite a few people both Thais and farangs are waiting for him to fall

What did he do to the original vendors?

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Always thought Tony was a fraud... he appears t be all about pattaya, trying to save the soi dogs etc.... But in my opinion, Tony is all about Tony.... I have heardmany stories about his ultimatedesires and believe me, whats best for pattaya ana Thailand are not high on his list..... Never go to his venues, never set foot on amy of his property and mever will.

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Got ripped off in his bar on Walking Street 10 years ago and never set foot in another one of his venues again! Also please read the stories in the Pattayamail about his dog rescue centres not feeding or cleaning out the dogs! He said he was struggling financially, did he sell his Ferrari? i think not. enough said about this shyster! i stay only 100 yards from the food court nobody ever in there apart from a few thais, i bet he has roped in the vendors on long leases so they cant get out of there.

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He's a smart cookie and rich enought to pay the right people to do his thinking.


I'd bet he signed up all the vendors on longterm contracts. Probably got the bulk of the money up front as well.

Even when no one visits he's still getting paid and not particularly bothered about drumming up new buisness.

Thats the way he runs his condos.


They've probably got new plans for the place when they current contracts run out. Maybe another publicity blitz and dupe some more trusting souls into longterm buys or maybe something new.


I know nouthing about the guy in person, but he's pretty sharp in his buiness dealings.

His nightclub is the biggest baht trap in pattaya, and I find it hard to beleive he'd ever miss a trick for raking in money for making sure Tony is okay.


I'd suspect his stories of financial hardship are a PR gimmick so he can seem an average joe like the rest of pattaya and not some money grabbing millionaire who'd walk right over you to get at your last baht.

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My tilak & I were there during Songkran for the much cancelled 'reopening'.


I remember the constant adverts - free food, free beer, free music etc. featuring that American Jerry Springer lookalike guy with the glasses.




Bad location. We had to take 2 60B mototaxis to get there.


Free food. Free shit food. Draught beer was good though, we hammered it.


Place was full of balloon chasing Germans.


We sat at a table with 2 of them. Nice guys!


Free music. Good band, bad speaker system.


Went to Tony's disco last night BTW, my birthday! My tilak said good / cheap for pool here.


My tilak said don't worry I'll order the drinks. 175B for a jug of beer for the girls, but they charged us the falang price 375B.


Music was Indian, hence the place was full of Indians. No problem but not my kind of music.


Pool tables were shocking. Every one had sellotape or beer stains on them.


At 4pm, we thought the place was closed. They ushered us into a sideroom where the party continued. Police, what police?


All the best. :001_Thank_You5:

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Tony is a very successful businessman a lot of people are jealous of his him because of that & try to put him down. Personally the two times I have spoken to him I found him to be OK.



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Tony is a very successful businessman a lot of people are jealous of his him because of that & try to put him down. Personally the two times I have spoken to him I found him to be OK.



Yes, people are often jealous of people's success. I'm not one of them though.


I'm just relaying my experiences, which by nature tend to concentrate on the negative.


Having not been back since the opening party, I'm sure his food court is very nice.


However, his disco is frankly shocking.


My tilak said that they charge Thai ladies half price for drinks because 'Tony want many Thai lady in disco, because have Thai lady many falang come with big money'.


This brings back memories of the 'wonderbra's enter / drink for free' policy we had in the UK before.


Equality = bullshit. Sorry just have a bee in my bonnet about this, not to speak of the falang / thai price!!!


For example, Ripleys advertise 800B on their website, but when you arrive they say 'No 800B for Thai, falang 1100B'.


Happy new year. :)

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Hey El Cata my remarks weren't aimed at you or anyone in fact. I was merely stating a fact as I see it.


Happy new year to you too I'm just about to go jump in the swimming pool now GoldenSmile1.gif



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Tony has the worst reputation in Pattaya. Never heard a good thing about him. No one should ever do business with him.

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I had a few breakfasts there in November. The 60 year old Thai lady that makes the pancakes would flirt with me which was good for a laugh. There would be one or two other customers - surely not enough to pay the rent.

Most recent trip report: Cambodia/Thailand/Myanmar 2012

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To be fair to Tony's disco, its the standard policy in most of pattaya discos to let the girls drink half price.

They want to milk us falangs for maximum money but only one thing brings falangs and thats hot litte brown girls.

Its a game of cat and mouse. The falang try and get the girls to order drinks at 'half price' and the servers usually bump the girls up to full prices as soon as they start hanging out with a falang. Girls with a falang also pay full prices apparently.


I don't think Tony can really be singled out on this, and as a policy it does work. I'd rather they gave the girls a discount if there was more of them.


But there are plenty of other sharp practices at Tony's Disco you won't get at other places, frequent 'mistakes' on bills, and a customer service policy that amounts to "we know we fucked up, but its your job to pay because we don't give a shit and someone will break your legs if you don't".

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I don't know about Tony's nightclub but I have been a member of his gym for 3 years and have no complaints whatsoever.

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When you're a succelfull business man there are always people who had a bad experience with you .

But that's mostly because the businessman is a little bit smarter than the people who he is dealing with .

Why take a long term lease in foodcourt , the first time a came there i can see that's a place impossible

to make money . The same with the restaurant in the same block . It's empty for a long time now , and

that's not because it used to be so busy there . And Tony is waiting for the dumb ass that's gonna show up

one day that thinks he can do the job .

Nobody is forcing you to do business with him , just think and do your math before you start something .

And i think Tony is doing ok at the moment , Mercedes 500 sl , 500 slc , Lambo .

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