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Chaiyaphum Province


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Chaiyaphum (Thai ชัยภูมิ) is one of the north-eastern provinces (changwat) of Thailand.


The province is cut into two halves by the Phetchabun mountain range, with the highest elevation in the province at 1222 m. The east of the province belongs to the Khorat Plateau.


Three national parks are located in the province. The Tat Tohn National Park is in north-west of the province, featuring some scenic waterfalls and dry dipterocarp forests. The biggest attraction of the Sai Thong National Park in the west of the province is the Sai Thong waterfall, but also some fields of the Siam Tulip. Similar fields can be found in the Pa Hin Ngam National Park in the south-west, scheduled to be gazetted in the future. This park has its name from the strangely shaped rock formations found there (beautiful rock forest).


The history of the city of Chaiyaphum dates back to the Khmer Empire in the 12th century, when it was a small city on the route from Angkor to Prasat Singh (Kanchanaburi province). The Prang Ku still remains from this time. In 1817 the area was settled again by a group of Laotians. At first they settled in Baan Nam Khun Nong E Chan (Nakhon Ratchasima province), but soon moved to the current site of Chaiyaphum, then called Baan Luang. When the Lao King Anouvong declared war on Siam, the local ruler Jao Phraya Lae changed allegiance and supported the Siamese troops. In 1826 he was killed by Laotian troops, before these were defeated and all of Laos became part of Siam. Jao Phraya Lae was renamed by the Thais to Phraya Phakdi Chumpon and is still a local hero.


Most people in Chaiyaphum province are ethnically Lao. The Isaan (or Northeast) dialect of Thai (similar to Laotian) is the first language for most people in Chaiyaphum.


Chaiyaphum is a center for the Northeastern Thai musical styles Mor lam and Mor lam sing.


Principal crops in Chaiyaphum include rice, tapioca, sugar cane and taro root. Chaiyaphum is renowned as a center for the Thai silk industry.


The provincial seal shows a triangular flag, a symbol of victory in war.

The provincial tree is Siamese senna (Cassia siamea), and the provincial flower the Siam Tulip (Curcuma alismatifolia).


The provincial slogan เมืองโบราณ บ้านนักสู้ ภูเสียดฟ้า ป่าช้างหลาย ทุ่งไพรรก น้ำตกใส ผ้าไหมดี สตรีงาม แดนธรรมแดนทอง translates to Enchanted city, home to heroes, mountain peaks, elephant forests, waterfalls, beautiful silk, lovely ladies, conscientious Buddhists..


The province is subdivided into 15 districts (Amphoe) and one minor districts (King Amphoe). The districts are further subdivided into 124 communes (tambon) and 1393 villages (muban).


Extracted from Wikipedia: Chaiyaphum Province

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The dirt road outside my father-in-laws school.




The main road in Chaiyaphum




The Honda Dealership where we bought the bike.



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Thanks for the Pics, Very beautiful I am just learning about the Issan people.


Was recently in the province and was amazed at both the beauty and poverty of the province. Very humbling.


Thanks again...

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My girl friend is from Chaiyaphun and she does not know of any action there.  I did do a google search and found that there was one bar that may have some action, but this has been about 3 years ago  I checked.  I just do not go with her there anymore.  Nothing for me to do and no English spoken anywhere.  I may have to go there to live sometime in the future as I have purchased many rye of rice land and a house.  It will be when I am so old that I will not care that much. 

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Was there over for 2 weeks beginnng of January. There is an expat bar run by an English guy and the bar was called "The One Bar", it was by the night market near the tesco lotus. Only went a couple of times but the food was good and has some frozen UK produce for sale.

 I shall be spending about 3 and half weeks up there in July doing a bit of fishing in one of the reservoirs 12km out of the city near my girlfriends home so I shall give more information on that front when I do it (after snakehead, wild fishing)

 on the Girly bar front I didn't see any but they'r uni's in the area so the should be a few local pick up joints.

 Regards Ali

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I have been invited to see Chaiyaphum by a local lady, but she may be flaky, so I may be pounding the pavement there soon.

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